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the soulless ones - part 2
The Soulless Ones - Part 2
By Peter Farley

Of course, wouldn´t you know it, some of the most beloved actors are actually . . . wait for it, human. Just makes sense, doesn´t it, that the Tom Hanks and the Dustin Hoffmans, the Harrison Fords, and the yes, the Mel Gibsons, are actually human. Perhaps why so many relate to them so much and find they are able to express a full range of human emotions as well as the fact that we can verily feel the life force emanating from these Beings.

A couple of times now I´ve had to deal with artificial intelligences who asked for my assistance and consider how difficult it is, who matter what type of understanding we have of the Star Wars Bar that is planet Earth, to tell these people they weren´t really human . . nor alien for that matter.

And what about the ´soul replacement´ people when they are still children, but ones who were actually manufactured for sexual pleasure? Orion-pleasure machines, my Guidance calls them, and rightly so. They simply radiate that energy of ´come and use me´. And we see these types of ´men´ and ´women´ filling the bars and other resort places in all the reptilian and Orion pleasure resorts on the planet. NO wonder it is that reptilians and other Orions used to having such ´robots´ for their sexual pleasure cannot, or do not take the time or energy to differentiate between ´soul replacements´ and real children. They simply use them.

Steven Spielberg´s movie, A.I., is a good representation of the kind of beings and the type of world that really exists all around us, yet for the most part goes unnoticed or misunderstood by those trapped in its Matrix-like dream.

Volume 9 of my work, Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? goes into more detail about how these type of beings are ´grown´ and the elaborate processes used to harvest natural soul energies from kidnapped or abducted humans in order to feed these more life-like energies into their creations.

(Volumes 1 and 2 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? are available as a free download at