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the soulless ones - part 3
The Soulless Ones - Part 3
By Peter Farley

The Orions were greatly into experimenting on the nature of matter, using the knowledge they had acquired from the Alteans, those who were specialists in the ´nature of matter´. Their main pursuit was for more powerful and deadly forms of weaponry with which to enforce their agenda throughout this corner of the galaxy. Their work, however, also reaches to the creation of artificial planets or ´Death Stars´, the growth of many differing forms of artificial life-forms, and even to multi-faceted ways of both ascending and descending through the varying dimensions of Creation. Do you see a parallel here? It was because of this experimentation and the weaponry they were able to build that the war between Maldek and Mars was so effective in destroying one planet and rendering the other planet lifeless.

This is a passion the men from Orion brought with them to Atlantis, with almost similar results. The Nine mention an occasion in which they abused a radioactive substance known as ´heavy water´. They are referring to the pollution of many of their own water supplies with radioactive waste, much as the United States and other countries with nuclear capabilities also seem to have done. The effect this had on their people is similar to the one the radioactive pollution of our own water supplies and atmosphere is having on us today in causing sterility and abominable diseases such as leukemia and cancer. As Dr. Walter Russell explains:

"Radiation is the normal death principle. Every thing in Nature dies normally by slowly radiating its heat. Radioactivity is the explosively quick death principle. Radioactivity is man´s discovery of how the human race can die quickly, and not be able to propagate its kind for many long centuries.

"The Curies procured a few grams of radium from many tons of earth. Those few grams of dead metals would spread their quick death to every cell of your body if you put them in your pocket, but they would not harm you in the slightest if you slept upon the ground above them. The radioactive metals are giving out their quick death to the rocks in which they are embedded for the purpose of expanding the rocks into soil and water which mothers life. It should not be dug up from the ground to expand human beings into quick death. If you would have a good example of their purpose in life, which is beneficial to humanity, witness the great bare rock mountains of the west which are only a few million years old. Compare them with the soil covered, tree covered, very much older eastern mountains, such as the Blue Ridge, White Mountains and Catskills where the soil is deep above them and waterfalls and brooks are abundant.

". . . the greatest danger from the use of radioactivity is defective births and leukemia. That danger will creep upon civilization without any way of detecting it. One cannot go about with instruments to measure genetic damage, as one can do to measure the amount of strontium and other radioactivity which is still falling on the soil from year to year. We believe that sterility will be an accompanying effect, while abnormalities of living bodies will be secondary. It could not be otherwise, for genes are not basic in potency. There is something behind and underneath genes, and that is the seed. No human has ever attempted to explain the seed; therefore it is permissible for us to say that the principle of rebirth in bodies is not yet known on earth. We know it, however, and because of that we know the danger which has no meaning to those who do not know. The mystery has to do with knowledge of the purpose of inert gases in relation to the seed of things. . .

"Another dangerous misconception is evidenced in the commonly used term ´. . . releases an extraordinary amount of energy´. Energy is not released. What actually happens is that potential is released, not energy—and that means expansion. Atomic fission helps matter to explode instantly instead of decaying over long periods . . . the great simple basic fact is that all death is caused by expansion, and all life is caused by compression."