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the soulless ones - the end
The Soulless Ones - The end
By Peter Farley

Of course not all Orions are ´bad´, nor are they all robots or artificial life-forms. Not all reptilians are ´bad´ either, and not all Pleiadeans are so-called ´good´. And humans of course run somewhere in between, usually they are just too heavily programmed to be either good or bad. That´s why there are so many fence-sitters among the bunch; people with lots of media-fed opinions and no real experience, knowledge or understanding. We were created as slaves and slave we have been, up until now.

The funny thing about organic chickens is that the requirements for them being ´organic´, I believe, are that the door to the chicken-factories be opened so many hours a day so many times a week. Of course, being chickens and being so used to their cozy warm sterile environment inside the factory, they do not go outside anyway, but at least the requirement is met. Sounds kind of like people too doesn´t it? Even when the gates to the prison are flung wide open none of us leave because we´re all too comfortable being taken care of by our creators and our prison guards.

And of course, like an empty dance floor, no one wants to be the first to get up and walk out the door for something might happen, doesn´t matter that that something might be something wonderful, we would be putting ourselves out there . . out there to be shot at, out there to be ´different´ from everybody else, out there as if we wanted to be leaders or, or . . . God forbid . . . free.

It is widely written about in paranormal literature that the biggest problem the Grays have in creating hybrid alien-humans is that they are unable to get soul to ´stick´ to the mixed Beings. This would be like crossing a cat with a dog and having the product live as both. Many other races in Creation work with creating artificial life-forms but very few have the audacity to try making them ´alive´, as such. This was the basis of much of the alien experimentation going on below ground at the San Luis Valley R&D facility (Colorado) wrongly associated with Dulce, NM. Again, this is outlined more in Volume 9 of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

The Russians have done research on the question of some of the moons of Jupiter being artificial. Science is catching up with what metaphysicians have always known about the Universe, only those who control and fund the scientists do not want any real information leaking out to disturb the complacent chickens. . . whoops . . . I mean, humans.

As the door to the ascension of the planet opens over the course of the coming year or so, many will have the opportunity to free themselves from the continued grasp of both the Orions and the reptilians. The only problem with that is if those who wish to be freed during this process wait for everyone else to move first then nothing is going to happen. It takes making that first step and then following it up with a second and a third and so on, and taking the heat for ´being different´, and taking the heat for seemingly not caring about others – the mind-game trap we all play on each other of ´if I can´t or don´t have the courage to be free, why should you?´

Stand up and move forward and do the necessary work to be free, or stay a slave and continue learning the lessons we´ve all been living through for so many lifetimes. It´s a choice and that´s all it takes, the choice to be a slave or the choice to be free. I and your Guidance wish you strength in its making.

In service, Peter