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the source of all failure
Arrogance is the number one reason Lightworkers don\'t do anything in their
lifetimes. To define arrogance Guidance says, \'arrogance is the mind thinking it
feels, not feeling with the heart instead.\"

Arrogance, like false humility, tells us we are Lightworkers and that\'s enough
without having to \'prove\' we are Lightworkers. The mind fooling the mind into
thinking it is supreme and knows all and sees all and is sufficient unto itself.
We are \'spiritual\', we are \'indigo children\', we are \'enlightened\', we are
\'aware\', and all those other words the New Age and others so love to bandy
around without ever having to prove what we are by doing something for Spirit or
for someone else, only for ourselves.

Read again the article on working with the mind and the heart\\
and then go out and fall in love again even if just for a minute and feel what
it\'s like to feel through and with the heart rather than with the mind.

Arrogance is NOT standing in your power, knowing what you\'re connected with, and
doing what must be done in any given situation or saying what must be said to
someone under the direction of Guidance. That IS just being what we\'re all
supposed to be. The powers we can wield are awesome, and beyond anything any New
Ager can even conceive of, but you know what, that is self will serving Higher
Will when you would never use those powers for anything you weren\'t directed to
do. It\'s the principle behind most martial arts, you have the power but will not
sue it unless it is directed. Because you have it you don\'t need it. The power
to get yourself out of trouble is not great as the power of following Guidance
so you don\'t get into trouble in the first place. Understood?

Surrender is when you give up the mind wanting to be in charge (not giving your
power away as some think of it) but rather getting things in place according to
Maslow\'s Hierarchy of Needs where \'seek ye first the kingdom of \'heaven\' and all
else shall be added unto you\' is the rulle you live by. Then come emotional and
mental needs, then comes the physical needs. Remember RAJ\'s mantra for these
times and use it daily, \"I have what I need for today, I will have what I need
for tomorrow.\" Dealing with one person who just cannot let go of every shred of
the fact that she knows better than They do, it was sad because she works so
hard but has a great deal of arrogance because her mind tells her she feels
things deeply, but there is nothing coming from the heart. Mind has a thousand
tricks to keep its place of being in charge. You will probably experience every
one of them before you finally totally surrender. The only difference between
you and all the failures will be if you\'re striving for the Highest and Farthest
you can go in this lifetime and know it\'s all about other people. So, if Mind is
there stroking your ego about how well you\'re doing without also including what
you\'re failing to see, or what the next step in your learning process is, then
you\'re probably dealing with something lower than your true Highest Guidance and
you need to know, Creation is an ever expanding process and for even the Highest
of Masters there\'s always one more step.

In service, with love, Peter

P.S. From a movie I watched a part of last night, \"Action negates thought.\" If
you think too much as I always used to do, then the best cure for it is to
simply go out and get something done, preferably something for others. If we sit
at home alone all the time . . . well, most of you already know where that road
leads. You\'ve already been down that road so many times before. Time for a
change of scenery.