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the spiritual balancing of male and female
The Spiritual Balancing of Male and Female

Through Betsy: How can the male relate better with the empowered feminine?

Dear One,
It lies in knowing the feminine is not less than. Not just knowing in
the mind but knowing in the heart. The empowered feminine is strong
and enduring; creating and holding space. She creates atmosphere. She
allows flow. She takes the speeding train that is male energy
powerful and single minded - and caresses it, molds it, nurtures it. She
calms; creating space wherein it can grow and expand instead of racing
on a single track through the dark to exhaustion. She is the spiral, He
is the line. She is the ball, He is the cube. He is the power, She is
the ground. He is the seed, She is the fertile ground. He is the arrow,
She is the bow.

You cannot have one without the other. Together they make a complete
circuit, a whole, they produce fruit. Realize both exist within you;
the Mind and the Heart but also within the entire body mechanic, flesh
and blood, bones and tendons, organs and hormones. All of it is an
intricate dance of male and female energies. One pushes, one pulls. One
releases, one holds. Add to this what you already know about Light and
Sound, waves and particles, thoughts and water and cellular structures.
Feeling is held in the heart and one of the first things people learn
is to never show their hurt. More so for boys but also for girls as
well. How can you enjoy the beauty of Creation if you can not feel;
running away from pain and things you don\'t want to deal with because
you fear the floodgates will open and it will never stop. Well, It
really never stops if you don\'t confront those things. They will forever
be seeping and festering, always coloring your reactions with feelings
out of proportion with the situation. In your efforts to stem this
seepage your walls get thicker, higher, colder, darker... do you see
where this is going? Eventually your feminine heart energies atrophy.
You lose your ability to feel joy, happiness, Light, Love. You feel less
and less connected to the FATHER. You lose your sense of purpose. You
forget who you are and why you came. Most often it takes a catastrophe
to wake people up, to make them realize this is not the way things are
supposed to be. Just being awake is not enough. It is but one step. It
must be followed with intention, connection, forgiveness, and the
realization of what Love really is - the full embrace of the feminine
and total surrender to the Creator, the alignment of You with the best
the universe has to offer.

The masculine and feminine are not opposites, they are complimentary
like peanut butter and jelly, coconut and lime, lox and cream cheese.
Each by itself is good, together they are better. (allergies
notwithstanding) Some individual discretion in vibrational qualities of
various energies is in order as well. Just because it is a feminine
energy doesn\'t make it the best one for you. You are searching for the
highest vibrational feminine energy in alignment with the Creator\'s
will, energy working for the highest good. It\'s easy to see how low
level energies can be used for distraction by the darkside or for your
self out of avoidance.

Feeling the fully empowered and healed feminine energies is freeing
and comforting. There is no mistaking their higher vibrational
qualities.They are equal to their male counterpart and they work in

The male energies have been manipulated and bred to be dominant for so
long that they have run amuck with destruction, chaos and excessive
powering; the drive to have it all at any cost. Anything less was,
well, less. The feminine energies have also been manipulated, bred and
choked out for so long that anything remotely soft, comforting,
beautiful is stomped on. \"Don\'t want that weak, needy, clingy, sissy
type around here.\" In an effort to stand toe to toe with the guys the
women denied themselves their innate abilities to nurture, comfort,
create. It was all according to plan, drive out the feminine and you
separate the people - separate from themselves, each other, and most of
all from the Creator. Separate the people and you can conquer them, keep
them slaves. They are lost, bereft, without a paddle. They give away
their power clinging to wants and should haves instead of seeing the
here and now. All for one and none for all.

That was then, now enter the empowered and healed feminine, ready to
stand in her own power, a leader in her own right, bringing infinite
Love, compassion, and balance. This rings with a truth the heart
identifies with yet the mind is still so programmed and under the
influence of the matrix thinking that it is very hard to see and
accept the positive balancing that opening up to it brings. This is the
work, yet work is probably the wrong word as what is required is to just
BE, Accept, Embrace that which has been lost for so long. Jump off the
cliff, take the plunge, immerse yourself. Let it envelope you. Know and
feel the Love that flows from the Creator and through you. Through you
it can expand and reach others as you let the feminine work through and
with you. This is no loss of masculinity and even in the female she must
embrace the power that comes from the male. It is a unifying and
balancing of self to the way things were meant to be. To the highest
vibrations of Creation\'s intent. The two, the space and the seed, the
compassion and the force, the Light and the Sound. Together enter
wholeness. The Creator\'s dream fulfilled.

Knowing these things we must now look to the proper balance of things
and how they should be. It could be conceived that the male is raw
potential and the female is the catalyst, the female holding space and
nurturing the male seed. The true empowered female essence is the
foundation, the support, the creator of space to aid the male to grow,
form, and become. It is through the feminine that you can feel for
from her comes the abilities of nurture, compassion, empathy - the heart
energies. The male brings structure, mechanics, knowledge - the mental
energies. Without the heart energies to balance the mental energies
things turn to domination and chaos, power struggles and greed. You
might say the female keeps the male civilized. Yet too the male helps
give the female shape and focus. We have said many times that one needs
to stop with the mind. Stop over-thinking, stop forcing things to fit a
preconceived box. Open the heart, flow with love and feeling. Things
must swing back to the other side before becoming fully balanced. Grasp
fully the feelings of the moment. Be in the moment, not worrying of the
future or lost in the past. The only thing you can touch is this very
moment. This is the moment you need to listen. NOT you should have
listened. NOT you will listen. Just now in this moment and it is always
this moment. Tomorrow never comes and yesterday is already gone.
The men must realize that their maleness is not forfeited by this,
that they are still needed and are appreciated. Those that open their
hearts and allow the feminine to flow will be stronger for it.
Interaction with females in the flesh will need to be tempered by
vibrational quality. See them with deep understanding and as sisters and
mothers. Men can aid in women\'s abilities to reclaim their power by
showing love and respect thereby reflecting the feminine back to them.
Be willing to have them lead. Encourage it even. Be willing to listen,
reverse the usual roles or not as may be fitting for anyone\'s particular
mission. Just as these times bring outward physical signs of upheaval so
too will there be internal upheavals. It is the process of breaking down
the barriers. The more hearts open, the more people gather and speak
their truth with the highest intention in alignment with the Creators
will the easier it all becomes. Each will help the other rise just by
virtue of vibrational energy. This then echo\'s out like water ripples
So be it
with loving guidance
RAJ, Harene, and the Spiritual Hierarchy of Nebadon