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The Staff and the Serpents
The Staff and the Serpents
From Where Were You before the Tree of Life?
Volume 9 --The Origin of All Things
by Peter Farley, with Andre Gonzatti

These are the ones that attempt and often accomplish control over
Vril energy - the Staff.
The Staff is the Pillar of Energy that goes from the Grid and into
the Heart of Gaia.

In the Inner Earth, there are some lost Beings intending Dark
interference, but the Spiritual Hierarchy reigns supreme over the
Agartha Territory. ARTOLA is strongly present around Gaia's Heart,
He shields Her from attacks coming from the other darker hierarchy.
This dark Hierarchy will often use the Octahedron Crystals to shoot
fear and other types of negative energy down into the Heart of
Earth. Although ARTOLA shields Her from these, they still present a
threat and must be dealt with.
The Pillars of Energy come up from Gaia's Heart and into the Grid
flow around Earth, but then there are places where the energy is not
free to flow, places where it is then pulled out into detours
because of implants that suck the energy from other areas along the
Grid in the process of stealing the energy.

This energy stolen is then used and transported to underground bases
on the 3rd and 4th dimensions or sometimes even into the 5th
dimension (when the bases contain a portal to space, it allows for
the 5D level to come into play). This energy is often also shot into
space to other stellar sources, or used to attack Gaia Herself.
The wiring of the Grid around the planet is but a step into control.
The dark ones are connecting the Grid into the Heart of Gaia and
then Letting this Energy be connected to those that have the Keys to
unlocking the information flow through the outlets installed long

Some of the outlets were removed by The Council of The Light Masters
at the time of Atlantis. These Masters were able to remove most of
the outlets and the generators that were large and pulled energy
from Kochab and some Space Stations located on the 4th dimensional
level and which were connected to Nibiru as well.

Out of the 7 present Giant Merkaba Reactors, 3 were deactivated. 4
Remain today:

- One in the San Luis Valley;
- One in The Pacific, off the coast of the USA;
- One in The Bermuda Triangle;
- One under The Giza Pyramid.

Those were the ones that offered the most danger of contaminating
the Grid with Fear patterning and opening portals related to the
accumulated "Dark Thought" emanated into 4D reality.

The wings of the serpents represented in Thoth's staff, the
Caduceus, show how they control the Pillars of Energy, the Vortexes,
sometimes from aerial structures, by using the Octahedron Crystal

The symbolism of Thoth's staff also goes far deeper than this as the
Darkside has established control over Man's DNA and the way it works
and is limited. When they control the Light of the Planet, they
control the way in which the Planet works. When they control the
structure of the population, then they are able to manipulate them
through their genes.

Some people are born into "better" "freer" bodies which often enable
them to work outside the control of the Darkside. Often, though,
there are still implants placed in these people's auric fields that
allow for them to be controlled. Being controlled includes having
little or no will to change their reality and Life into something
better which they know they deserve and long for.

Intent is what links these people to the Energy of Light, and intent
is what keeps one away from darkness. The DNA that is more
enlightened simply has more connections to Creation and is better
able to reach into its Light. Whether it is used for Light or
darkness depends on intent, but again, it is intent to reach out
that takes one into the Light and to the Power of being Free.
Developing DNA functions is useless if one intends to stay inside a
box of self-will, it brings better perception but of a more
corrupted type. It is this corruption that only enforces the view
of self-will as being the only way.

Besides the notion of a path into enlightenment - as being connected
to Creation; there is also the notion of to which side of Creation
one is truly connected, if it is to Light or dark. This determines
the arrangement of a person's DNA.

Some enlightened people have Light DNA, and are powerful and free.
Others have enlightened DNA, but are linked to darkness and this may
give them certain knowledge and power, but this is not a power to be
free. It depends upon what maintains the harmony and balance state
of the DNA Structure.
The power of freedom only comes when one breaks out of the Serpent
Coil, beyond the serpent DNA, and incorporates a direct link back
into the Light and Sound. This link will allow the Being to channel
Divinity, Light and Sound of the Highest Level, and to bring healing
to its own fields and then beyond to the outside and to others.
Interacting with different energy forms is what gives evolution.
Interaction is recorded, learned, incorporated into the auric field,
into the Soul and its Library - sometimes called the Over soul as
the group of all incarnations together. The DNA is what becomes
connected to Soul and allows one to bring his Soul vibration into
the level where his body resides.
More advanced DNA means more connections to Soul, and to Creation,
as Soul is a part of Creation, on all levels including the Highest
level, where Soul is connected to FATHER.

The expression of Soul takes place through the DNA, and so the
powers to interact with Creation in a super-natural way is also
connected to how much the Soul is able to express itself through
that Being's DNA. There are those who levitate and who read minds,
change matter and travel through space and time with the power of
thought alone. Yet that is not brought about by a balanced
connection to Light, it is brought about only by the information and
the level of Soul-Creation connection that one is able to express
through its bodily DNA at that dimensional level.
One can be filled with information, such as Thoth is, and yet be of
dark intent. Others can be fully connected to The Light and still
have a less-information and a less-developed connection to Creation,
thus having less advanced ways to interact with it. One may be
connected but not balanced, while another is balanced and less
connected. Which is healthier and which will then develop into a
grander Being?

The first thing to choose when building a house is the soil on which
it will be constructed. Unless it is a firm soil, it will never be
safe to live in the house and there will always be a fear of ruin.
Information has no alignment, but intent defines the alignment
completely.[Children and even adults are filled with information
these days from the Information Society, but very few have the
intent nor the will to be able to process and use that information

Without the vibration of Love, the alignment of Heart with intent,
there is no way for the Light to truly flow in a balanced lively
way. Love is what gives life to Light, what shapes and makes it
move. The presence of such an energy as Love in a Being's auric
field leads into ultimate evolution and the highest level of
spiritual development. This Love for Creation is what propels one
into Service and into Mastership. Masters are the ultimate servants
of Creation and the highest level of Being, it is the highest level
of integration with the FATHER's will, along with active Work to
balance and maintain the harmony of Creation and of Light itself---
to heal with Love where needed so that there is only integration and
a steady flow of new Light into Creation.

When the Being chooses to interact through Light and service then
this Being's vibration will be of Light, and this will directly
reflect on how this Being's DNA is arranged. The non-physical DNA
has a higher vibration and a way to arrange itself and "change
faster", because of how time works differently at higher levels of
vibration. The connection to different energies and functions takes
place in the DNA [the process of ascension--without being charged
to 'activate' your DNA *laughing].

Chakras are composed of "parts" from a Being's body. These parts are
made of glands, neurons, organs, which are made of tissue - cells -
whose creation is guided by how the DNA is arranged.

Channeling Light will heal, will take the vibration of Light into
the DNA and then have this DNA enable the cleansing and flow of
Light through the Chakras of the Being. This brings healing and
harmony. Often, surrender ensues when the Being becomes connected to
Light at a higher level, and then it becomes completely connected to
Light, becoming a portal to this Energy and the changes that it

When one channels darkness through thoughts and the intent of
control and limitation of self or others, of lower vibrations,
lesser sensations, then the vibration of these energies is
incorporated into how the Being's DNA is arranged. The vibration of
the DNA resonates with how the Being thinks and behaves, and this
sometimes leads the Being into a prison that is hard to leave. It
blocks the passage of Light and often leads to health problems and
faster aging because of how the cells have a hard time replicating
their Light patterns. Light is what allows Life, darkness is what
steals and corrupts it, taking it to a lower level.

As one becomes closed within darkness there is difficulty to "see"
and reach Light because there is no intent to, and because it is
separated to a certain degree. But with intent to become healed
there is always the attraction of healing. There is always help to
those who pursue a way out of darkness and out of separation. The
form of this help is often certain healing so that the Being is able
to continue through its own actions and the following of Divine
Guidance. Intent is what allows for this path to be shown.

DNA is not the ultimate cause of one's behavior - what it is is
exactly the opposite - the result of how one chooses to act, and the
intent behind one's OWN actions.

-- The Council of The Light and The Intergalactic Federation's
Council of Education

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202