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the thought-form as slavery
\"...Blind trust and faith are related, but not the same. Faith is founded upon blind trust and that, in the blind trust of another, one has faith that they shall work in one\'s best interest or knows better than oneself. The slave race only knew Gods that were really mortals whom were not God at all, but a distorted human form. In order for the slaves to continue to perceive the mortals claiming themselves to be God, one would have to have faith that this is so. It is for this reason that this particular thought-form was added to the slave race in their genetic manufacturing...

\"...Expectation is so great in the current human dance that many humans never step outside of the expected norm for their particular life expression.

\"They have become prisoners to the expectations of others and their society of birth origin. In ascension, one ceases to function out of what others expect one to do or behave as another wishes. One becomes their authentic self. It is out of a state of authenticity that the whole paradigm of expectation ceases. In ascension, one shall step outside of the expectations of not only one\'s birth family, but also society at large (leave the Matrix). This is not to say that one shall commit a crime that is deemed punishable in your current law, but that one shall transcend the need for such laws in embracing a harmless state. . .\"

Hope for many of us, particularly as I have noticed in my home-country of Australia, now comes in the thought-form of winning the lottery or marrying into money or some fantasy of becoming which then suppresses our inherent ability to just BE. As things grow worse in the economy and at home, our dreams become more elaborate, and God becomes a means of escape rather than a means of salvation. The channeling continues:

\"...Indeed this caused slaves working in the dismal circumstance of the mines to awaken each day in hope of change only to go to work again under the same dismal circumstances.

\"And how many other humans in present time go to work under equally dismal circumstances, awakening to a new morning of hope, hope that it might one day all change and be the way one fantasizes it should be! But it never is. In order to change one\'s life, one must take action. However, taking action alone is not enough, for one\'s thought-form creates one\'s reality. Therefore one can leave the marriage to the abusive partner only to create another abusive partner in the future. Or one can leave the abusive boss only to create the same abuse in their next employer.

\"In order for life to really change one must alter the thought-form at cause of any manifestation, and in so doing another reality may emerge...hope as a thought-form was substituted in the place of real potential change, growth or evolution. In the current dance, humans associate change with a swing in polarity. This is not change, but just the experience of the other side of the same thought-form. One may perceive that being the master is better than being the slave, and an alteration from the role of slave to master as an improvement or change. But it is not change at all, and the cycle insures another lifetime as slave following the one as master in counterbalance...Real change is only possible through the act of ascending out of the current paradigm and embracing a new foundation of thought-form. As real change occurs, one ceases to experience the difficulties of the past. Why is this so? Thought-forms are holographic and draw experiences into one\'s life based upon the belief. As the belief shifts, the experience of life changes. One can transcend the thought-form dominion, and then leave the abusive partner and go on to create a loving and supportive partner in their place . . . Much of the current metaphysical movement is based upon hope. Hope that a new tomorrow shall emerge and god shall do it for you, or the aliens shall descend and restructure civilization, or that the angels shall descend and take everyone to heaven where it all will be perfect as one fantasizes about it! [As David Icke says, this is particularly the lie of the New Age philosophy/religion which seeks to nullify the necessity for personal responsibility and action].

\"My dears, no one can work one\'s way out of your thought-form other than you, and no god nor angels or aliens are capable of assisting in such a fashion. The belief that one shall have another do it for them is directly related to the Anunnaki, who bred the slaves to believe the Anunnaki to be God and they as God would \"take care of everything\"...

from Volume 6