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the top of the mountain
I will make it to the top of the mountain, Peter. That I can
promise to you or anyone else. I\'ve come too far, so yes I can say
this to you and know that it\'s truth. I\'m not \"perfect\", but I know
that I am strong and the reason I\'ve made it this far is because of
my trust, surrender and faith in God. I can also say I\'m happy about
how things have evolved in my life, because it\'s made me who I am
today and I would be much different if I had had an easier life. J.

J, you know, I hope, that everything is said to you with love for
your own spiritual growth. Just take it from that pov, I\'ve heard it
all before, and look how many people have come and gone from the
group who said they wanted to serve and be on the battle lines etc
etc, and I\'ve heard that thousands of times, and yet there\'s only one
or two who have done enough surrebder to keep moving forward. Even
SA whose been through this for a year with me everyday, cannot and
refuses to do it because it\'s just so damn hard to do. But trust me,
it\'s worth it in the end.

Surrender is like try, there\'s do or do not, there is no \'try\' or 99
2/3% surrender, just surrender. Just keeping on kicking at you right?
*S because if you don\'t move and move soon there will be no future
for you because right now it\'s still all about you isn\'t it? you and
your safety and your family . . what is it you do for Creation right
now? What concern do you have for the 6 billion other people on the
planet and their spiritual future, and for the danger the planet\'s in
without people like you to help it? Yes, I know right now you\'re
still working with Guidance to reconnect, but don\'t use that as an
excuse for very much longer because it doesn\'t take strength, it
takes caring and humility in order to surrender.