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the tough road of healing
The Tough Road of Healing

I don\'t think I have ever seen a channeling that covers more issues for us as individuals, as eternal beings working out hard spiritual lessons, and as a race facing the ultimate test of togetherness in taking this planet through its ascension process than the following. Every one in this group has past life issues such as the ones mentioned here and need to take a deeper look at who and what you are and why you are back here in this lifetime with a chance to make amends for what has been done in the past. Time is growing short to deal with these issues, just as Sue Ann did, just as Peter did, just as many others have described in past postings.

It also addresses in a very kind way what Guidance has me as an individual following only my Highest Guidance has to do sometimes to help people face their difficult lessons and trigger them into learning responses. Most often it comes down to someone\'s ego standing in the way of forward progress and Guidance tries desperately to find some way to get he person or persons involved to take a look at their ego defenses which are holding them back from active spiritual progress and to serving others as they should. Many times it comes down to someone blaming Peter\'s ego instead of looking at their own issues as Guidance had hoped they would. In the healing room any time a client tries to turn the session around and say the healer is only seeing their own problems instead of those of the patient, then the session must end because the client is not ready for healing, not owning up to their own issues, not facing those first of the twelve steps about admitting to their role in the causation of their own problems.

Secondly there is the issue that each and every one of us tend to judge others by our own standards, rather than try and step out and see something from a different point of view. It\'s difficult for some to imagine a situation where a person such as myself can see and/or know everything going on with a person\'s life spiritually, or if need be, physically, emotionally and mentally as well, from anywhere on the planet whether I\'ve ever met you or not. It\'s being totally in the flow, and I can tell you how I got here and guide you to get here as well but you\'re the one who has to do the work not in the way you think you should get it done, but in the way that Spirit wants it done. This comes back to the old saying that a Spirit gives us the lessons we need, not the lessons we want.

I doubt that there have been two words in the past 10 years I have written in articles or in personal communications that are not channeled from my Guidance. Hence when They have me use a \'derogatory\' term, it is there as this channeling explains, to test a person\'s reactions or more usually as a last ditch attempt to trigger them and to get them to take a more serious look at what it is they are doing or not doing spiritually to get themselves and all of us out of here.

I thank Mike for this wonderful piece of work and the honesty and clarity with which it has been channeled. . . Peter

They had me remove you from the group, Mike. You need to channel for yourself why They might have had me do this, and ask your Guidance about the problem you had with the Pleiadean \'drop\' in your consciousness your Guidance once talked about and how this is affecting you right now. Basically ask what you did that brought you back here to deal with some issues left unresolved. And then let\'s talk about it if you care to get it all resolved . . .

In regards to the above communications I would like to ask the Lyran Team why I was removed from the 4truthseekeers group?

Dear One,
We understand your question and can give you information concerning your question.

Because the group is a consciousness and not just a bunch of individuals one person can have an affect on the entire group in either a positive or negative way. Your indecisiveness in going to Florida as They requested through Peter to you was bringing too much of a negative energy into this consciousness and this was not going to be tolerated at this critical junction of the mission. This was also done to help you focus on the issues you need to deal with at this time to help get you over the hump so to speak and on with the mission of your life and the issues you must face and come to grips with in this lifetime. You have more questions don\'t you?

Yes I do and thanks for the opportunity to continue this dialogue. My next question has to do with the Pleiadean \'drop\' in my consciousness, what is this about?

We understand you question and can shed some light on this subject. Timidity and passivity are not traits that will hold you in good stead in these present times. We know there are times to walk away and ignore certain situations, but then there are those times when force is not only necessary, but is mandatory and could be the difference between life and death. Peter called you a derogatory name the other night and instead of getting in his face, you chose to let it go. This was actually a test to see what you were going to do and how you would handle confrontation. Because of your many Pleiadean lifetimes you have adapted many of their traits. Some of these traits are very good and have served you well. Others not so good and can be an actual \"Achilles Heel\" for you. This family of traits consisting of the above mentioned timidity and passivity and the shedding of these traits is one of the reasons you are here on Earth. It is a critical lesson for you to learn when to fight and when to walk away.

More questions?

\"They\" had to have known of our family\'s\' travel plans made weeks ago scheduled for the end of July and the fact that I have started a new job, why would I have been put in this difficult position of having to make a choice about going to Florida at that particular time?

They did know of your travel plans and new job. This was not the issue though as the real issue was a matter of trust and commitment on your part.

These seeming obstacles were there to act as a magnifying glass to help focus on you problem of not trusting Guidance to lead you step by step in every situation. This was pointed out in another communication from Us, this matter of trust. They knew your answer from the beginning, but you didn\'t. We understand also that this trust issue has been an issue with you in the recent past only different terms were used such as listening and following the voice of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost. We also know that you have followed the guidance given to you by man and have been greatly disappointed and let down as a result of these misguided individuals. You must let go of the past. Learn from your mistakes and go on full speed with what is ahead for you. The ride will be a lot more fun, exciting, and scary at times, but it is better than a milquetoast existence. You had wondered about the level of commitment needed to reach the higher levels of Guidance. This Florida experience graphically pointed out what that looks like. This was better than any kind of written or verbal description of commitment could have been. At least
now you know first hand.

From now on in the event you get a directive from Guidance it would be better on your part to say yes. You may not know the how or the why, but it will be your genuine willingness that will make the difference in your life. You be a willing vessel, let \"Them\" handle the details.

You have more questions.

Yes, just one more for now, thanks. I would like to ask what I did in previous lifetimes or what unresolved issues I have that has brought me back here to this present lifetime to deal with and resolve?


We understand your question and can give you some information about this topic.

You were brought back \"kicking and screaming\" so to speak not wanting to come back this lifetime. There was even a time that you remember when you were quite young that you attempted to abort your time here. One of those times that you do remember was when you fell and hurt your neck. The doctors thought you had broken your neck. This fall was no accident as a part of you orchestrated this event in hopes of ending your mission here early. There was intervention on your behalf from higher levels and the mission was saved. There was another time when you were even younger that you drank furniture polish and had to have you stomach pumped. While you were too young to remember this incident it was also an attempt to keep you from your mission on Earth in this lifetime.

The reason for your resistance to coming back this time was that you have been in this situation on Earth before and on other planets when they were in similar circumstances to Earth at this time. You knew this was going to be a difficult lifetime and it was kind of like, \"been there done that and got the t-shirt\" type situation for you. This lifetime is not so much about you as you have overcome and dealt with these types of issues in other lifetimes, but it is about waking others up to the realities of what is happening on Earth at this time, specifically the ascension process of Earth.

There are though unresolved issues that you are dealing with as well and you have put off dealing with those for many, many lifetimes. These issues stem from the time when you were on this Earth in your Lyran form and assisting in the seeding process on Earth. This was the time when you were Hephaistos Thor, the Falcon of Lyra. We have already spoken to you of him in an earlier post. We chose not to say anything more about this entity until you woke up to the fact that you and he are one in the same. You now have come to this realization and so we are free to shed more light on this subject. This is not a pleasant memory for you as you have it completely blocked from your memory. But, now is the time for you to remember those long forgotten memories so that you may deal with them once and for all.

It is true that you were a traitor to the Lyran race as you sold your allegiance to the Sirius contingent on Earth at the time. You were promised a great deal from this group in particular that you would be put in a very high position of leadership, authority and control over planet Earth. You were to be granted the power to control the seeding process still going on at that time. In return you gave the Sirians key information about the Lyrans and their plans, purposes, and locations of key Lyran command centers including the Mt. Shasta location. You were also instrumental in setting up a key power point in what would now be the Florida region of the United States. Guidance was allowing you to be there when this key grid point switch was flipped. This would have all but cleared up your karmic debt you incurred so long ago. All of this lead to the destruction of the Lyran contingent on Earth and help to establish the Syrian base of power on Earth for the next many millennia. Once you saw what the Sirians had done you knew that you had been used and betrayed as well. You had been promised that the Lyrans would be allowed to leave the planet with no harm done to them.

Once the destruction of the Lyrans took place you vowed that you would not help the Sirians with their plans for planet Earth. The Sirians then imprisoned you and ultimately executed you.

This is just a thumbnail sketch of the events of that time. As you re-remember this time you are going to have more questions and we will be here to answer them. In the mean time know that this is the lifetime to remove this debt from your slate. You will be given other opportunities to wipe the slate clean. You have long been forgiven of your misdeeds by the ones you betrayed, now is the time to forgive yourself. We are here to welcome you back to your Lyran Family. That is all we have for you at this time.

Your Lyran Family!