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The trip to bountiful --the end of mormon power and support
1. The Trip to Bountiful --the End of Mormon Power and Support
by Peter Farley with Sue Ann Mikrut

It doesn't really matter what people think of me or whether or not
anyone believes one word or the millions I've written (even if they
do make perfect sense of a nonsensical puzzle). I having a blast and
it's not like I didn't invite everyone along for the ride. And of
course, the fun's not over yet . . .

The price of admission was just too high for most, the very
difficult and dangerous task of getting Self out of the way.

Before we left for Salt Lake City Guidance had me identify the place
Sue Ann would need to download the harmonic formulae she has been
keeping safe within her for a long, long time --many lifetimes in
fact. The place, not surprisingly, was Bountiful, Utah, just north of
Salt Lake City proper and the Mormon Temple there. We laughed, have
you seen that old movie titled 'Trip to Bountiful', about returning
home and the fact that you really can't go home again because
everything changes and is in fact in a constant state of flux?

Expecting to go but knowing full well how They like to operate, we
weren't surprised when instead Guidance had us leave 10 p.m. Friday
night to at least get started on the 6-7 hour trip. They didn't even
have us pack an overnight bag because we knew once the work was done
it would be turn tail and run as fast as we could away from the
scene of the 'crime'.

We made it a little over half way before pulling over to grab a few
Z's about 3 a.m. By 6.30 a.m. we were back on the road and through
SLC by 8.30 am and to the little suburban street corner where the
grid point download site was for Sue Ann to deposit the correct
harmonic codes. Oh yes, and because Sue Ann is not as trained in
keeping her mind off the work as she goes through her day, as we
approached SLC she needed to take the aluminum foil Guidance had had
her bring and make for herself an aluminum foil bowler hat to screen
her thoughts from getting out too far. Needless to say she didn't
accompany me in to the fast food restaurant to pick up some
breakfast. These codes would basically sever the tap root connection
the temple had to the central core of the planet while also locking
that down and passing along new codes to the Highest for safe
keeping until the planet is safely in and through the coming
ascension corridor.

After the download of the codes it was then my turn to sever the
feeder roots (energy lines) which radiated out from the temple in
many, many directions to smaller routing stations and condensers. We
did this by using a crystal; into which we had 'stolen' and
downloaded other codes from darkside people Guidance had showed us
controlled such codes. It wasn't that different from what I had had
to do back East at the Philadelphia Masonic Temple (see the 'Spanish
Inquisition' article and follow up). With the bag of these held in my
right hand and a very powerful energy crystal in my left to support
my heart chakra and energies, Sue Ann and I then drove the Beltway
road counterclockwise around the city, my body occasionally going
through big convulsions as the coded crystals hit the feeder lines we
were passing over as we drove. The 'critters' (energy line
protectors) I picked up were dealt with for the most part as we
drove, Sue Ann holding the limes we had been instructed to bring to
certain parts of my body as she then plucked the critters out of my
energy field from wherever they were hiding and throwing both them
and the limes out the car window and into the Light.

The circuitous route led us behind the Utah capitol building and
finally right down to the Mormon Temple itself, where it then ended.
The job was then done except for a female grid point Guidance
instructed us to open before we left the area.

Now I have had a long history of dealing with the Salt Lake City
Mormon Temple, and even more so since taking up this mission --
particularly since learning of my own role in helping begin the
Mormon Church, but never have I seen it so unimpressive, so brought
down to size, so flat and dull and seemingly 'lost in space' as it
did when we had finished the days work in Salt Lake City.

We left the area quickly, and except for a wonderful little visit at
the Young Living Farms down in Mona, UT, drove almost directly back
to Las Vegas, feeling in the air that everything had now changed.

Sue Ann's channeling of Aristenna helped put some thing sin
perspective for us:

Dear One,
You and Peter have been very successful in your work today. The Salt
Lake City temple is now permanently cut off from receiving and
transmitting any energy. It will soon run out of its reserves. Like
Peter said, it is not cut off like an island, even communication
between it and other main points has been effected.

Planet Earth is most grateful as her core is now changing
dramatically and quickly. She now has her own power returned to her
and is using it for her ascension process.

There is much shrieking and running about on the part of the
darkside in an effort to find out what happened and how to fix it.
They will soon realize it is not fixable as they no longer have the
technology to do so. Only Thoth does and he is no longer available
to them anymore.

They are very angry. The Spirits of the 7 Indian maidens you saw
while sleeping (sacrificed as part of the original activation of the
Temple) have been released. they thank you for their freedom to move
on. Many other trapped souls related to this devilish use of the
FATHER's temple technology have also been released. The prison doors
have been flung wide open. The darkside associated with this
monolith kept the essence of their ritual sacrifices as slaves to do
their bidding. Now so much rejoicing can be heard. The darkside's
whole energetic structure is beginning to fall down like a house of
cards around their heads. Relief, Love and Appreciation are
replacing anger, fear, and guilt.

With Highest Love and Appreciation for what it is you have done,
Aristenna and the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and Their Council of

And of course it wasn't yet over. Forewarned is forearmed and we
knew there would be more to do about shutting down the
backdoor 'escape tunnel/portal' in the living room of Sue Ann's

First we had to shut down a major grid line in a newly
developed 'posh' part of Las Vegas before going home. The point was
right in front of a Whole Foods Market (not the first time one of
their stores has been associated with major grid lines and points of
energy). Once this was done we were simply instructed to 'lock down
a lid over the portal/escape tunnel in Sue Ann's living room
(mentioned in a channeling the other day), a magnetic lid, one which
would remain sealed because it was held in place by the pull off the
planet's iron core.

Arriving back at Sue Ann's house there was a feeling of 'thinness'
to everything . . like the house was now strictly 3D, and without
all the competing energies working there and the dense dark portal
opened up in the garage through which Sue Ann's daughter was being

Instructed to rest we rested. More things to do tomorrow and at
least a three day 'house arrest' before I am again safe to take my
energy signature outdoors for any period of time, but hey . . what
did you do today? I ended what I helped to begin almost two hundred
years ago, one of the two darkest forces on the planet -- Mormonism.

Oh and laughing, Guidance found it appropriate to mention that the
little group of 'people' out there aligned against me right now had
been exactly the same one, plus one or two new additions, the same
one which, working with Brigham Young, had Joseph Smith and I and
some others assassinated in that lifetime so that they could guide
the future direction of the church into what it had become today . .
or was that, yesterday. History has only one story and it continues
to repeat itself over and over again until we all learn to get it
right. This time I did, and hopefully all of them will too one day.

Today Mormonism it is like Christianity, just another darkside
institution whose time has come to roll over and play dead, and for
those child-like programmed souls trapped into it to wake up, smell
the roses, get a spanking, and then get told to grow up and take
some responsibility for who they truly are and what they're truly
here to do -- help save Planet Earth and help lift as many Souls as
want to go into ascension.

Or not. I don't think much of the alternatives though. As more and
more of the darkside institutions begin to lose their power and
fall, so little is attractive about this old-time Matrix, and if you
don't like it now watch Stephen King's movie The Langoliers and
imagine a couple of thousand lifetimes of reliving one day at a
time in the dead energy of a dead and dying paradigm.

One thing to mention is that for all those who sent their energy
support to help us do what we did today (Saturday, Guidance said it
helped tremendously, particularly in invigorating my worn-out body
so that the 'critters' would no longer be capable of sticking for
very long. Sue Ann and I greatly appreciate it, and so do all those
who treasure true freedom and the Grander Light of the FATHER.

In service, Peter and Sue Ann.