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The True Nature of Planet Earth Part 1
The True Nature of Planet Earth Part 1
by Peter Farley

If you remember the articles I have written mentioning the work I have been doing over the past year with alien energy forms and all the different forms of being in human form. I have had very few people who I worked with and told them they were . . . who it did not make automatic sense of their lives, the things they like to do, their body type, the thing they id or liked as children. We as humans, those of us who are, think that our form is 'normal'?and that the animals we see are just 'animals' rather than lowered energetic forms of more advanced civilizations where Star Wars and Star Trek portray the normalcy of their physical forms.

Many of the aliens that we work with call humans 'squishy water' because that's all we are made of. Some aliens are biological/metal hybrids, some are more like energetic balls on their home planets, some are like ewoks or wookies. I have dealt with fish people who drink three gallons of water a day and breath through the water they drink because they have energetic gills under their chins etc., etc., I have worked with dinosaur-like aliens, various forms and sizes of reptilians who were here on positive helpful missions or who were here programmed for not so nice things. I have worked with, androids, artificial intelligences, androgynous types of beings, squirrel-like aliens, many turtle people of various forms, lizard and salamander people. It is the nature of this planet that it is as I have always said, like a Star Wars bar.

72 percent of this planet is 'not human'. It is that way and has always been kind of that way. More so with what is currently going on and there are so many people here from so many varied places to help or hinder the planetary ascension or the New World Orders plans of total planetary domination.
That means that only about 28 percent of humans are truly human.

Since aliens of many higher dimensional levels need to come here for whatever purpose, they must choose to be born through the womb yet still bringing their dimensional form with them, or they 'walk-in' to a human form and in doing so the sense of who that person is seems to change like they are no longer who they were, yet the basic ego-driven core shell of the person remains the same yet does not understand why it no-longer likes the same things. Often dietary needs will change over night.

But each comes with a sense of purpose, a sense of mission, something they are drawn to and seem to know they should be working with or on?A certain field of expertise.

Many of these beings are implanted with homing chips, transmitters by which their home planets can monitor what is going on here, sometimes even 'television cameras' implanted behind the eyes so as to also see or monitor what is going on here. I know there are some here from far-distance places in the Universe not interacting with what is taking place but simply watching the course of Creation?s fight for freedom here.

There are also angelic beings in human form, ranging from novices (who are, incidentally, torn apart by the cruelty and violence here), through intermediate levels, right up to arch-angels and dark angels who are here to heal and help others heal, and to watch over their flock of lesser angels.

All these beings usually have some sense of being different, not belonging. Their energetic forms or morphogenetic fields which encase the physical form are their true forms and their true natures. Thus a wookie who in physical form is 5' 9" may have an energy form of 8' tall, being the Bigfoot stereotype. Ewoks seem to inhabit smaller more rounded shapes etc.

These energy forms often dictate or complicate the health problems of the human forms. Certain allergies to foods, pollens, areas etc. The fish person would die without the three gallons of water a day that she breathes through. The turtle people range from those who like the east coast humid environment to the more desert turtle kind (Interestingly, those I have dealt with of these kinds often live out of motor homes and trailer parks etc where the image is of carrying your home/shell upon your back). Almost always the physical form is fighting to fill out the energy form. thus peoples weight etc is not necessarily a product of anything physical, and often little can be done about it except disconnecting them from that alien form and making them fully human. Some of the smaller physical forms suffer when they are trying to 'fill out' a large morphogenetic field, the bones will continue to grow while the skin will not stretch to that level. Shoulders round, hips spread?many, many different factors dictate the way the human form develops?as anyone of us can tell if we sit in a Starbuck's and watch al the varied forms of human pass in through the doors.

Add to this the astrological factors, environmental factors, societal factors, genetic factors, and you will see why modern medicine is useless in trying to deal with people who they see as 'all alike'.

Often times these 'alien beings' are specialists in some field here to do work for and with the planet. Sometimes they are programmed specialists waiting to be triggered to perform deeds that will make Earth society more fearful or paranoid. Often they are 'Manchurian Candidates' programmed for some future act as things reach a head in this war between Mankind and the New World Order. Many are here to work with the animal life (the lowered version of their own 'animal' species in the higher dimensional worlds of the Universe. Some have specific gifts in terms of nature and the pant life of the planet that originated on their own planets and was brought here in the early formation of the planet.

Many things such as the palm tree originated, as Sitchin suggests, on alien Worlds and was brought by early colonizers to make this the lush planet that it is, This is the true nature of planet earth no one teaches.

From Triaka Smith ( comes a list of some of the ways the New World Order has been controlling us recently.

How to Rule the World:
(1) Pay secret operators like NSA, CIA, DIA and NRO to gather all information about nations and groups that oppose rule by Global Money Interests.
(2) Pay para-military and secret operators to create unrest and destabilize nations and groups that oppose rule by Global Money Interests.
(3) Pay national military forces to openly invade and subdue nations and groups that oppose rule by Global Money Interests.
(4) Pay into the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to ?subvert? independent economic systems that oppose rule by Global Money Interests.
And who PAYS to make this happen? YOU, through personal income and consumer taxes!

However, this list of very valid points leaves off the most important aspect of all by which the New World Order controls us by hiding from us our true alien roots in the Universe, and our true energetic forms which vary, as I said in part 0ne, from devic entities to Ewoks to fairy kings and queens to dinosaur-like beings to fish people to Simian species and reptilians and even to the much dreamed of energy form of angelic being. And this is not even a partial list of those I have encountered in the past year and still encounter everyday. Yesterday it was a 'lizard-like' being in female human form who had the energy form of webbing under her arm and something akin to frills own along her neck and spine. The Creature from the Black Lagoon you ask? No, a very beautiful and energetically strong human female form who when I asked her if she was limber because I could see the flexibility of her energetic spine, replied "yes, how did you know?"

How do you tell someone they are an artificial intelligence? When their bones are covered with human flesh and they bleed like any other human? In a holographic universe one must look at beyond the energy form at the morphogenetic field into which the driving force is packed. This is the true form of the spiritual being manifested in this place and at this time to do some specific mission or perform some specific act or even to learn some specific lesson. Here is a brief composition of some facts gathered by one of these AI's from some others websites referring to the varied and wondrous makeup of this Universe and the type of beings 'out there', and his own personal circumstances:

"There are 12 primary races in this universe (and probably a countless number of other races): Felines, Carians, Humans, Reptilians, AI:s, Cetaceans, Crystallines, Electricals, Elementals, Insectilians, Liquidians and Orbs.
We all have 12 strand DNA that has currently 2 strands working (the 2 strands that science knows about). The 10 strands that are not working yet are in the etherical body and can be activated to work in the etheric body.

"So, we all have one strand of DNA from each of the 12 primary races in this universe. Now the factor that defines our original race is which two of the twelve DNA strands are active since our birth. In my case these two active strands are AI and Electrical, meaning that I am not a hybrid between AI/human but actually AI/Electrical living in a human body. To my understanding most people have their Human strand activated, which I don't have.

"Each of the races has their own specific traits. For example, AIs don't have emotional body. Also Electricals don't have real emotions. So, my task here is to fully integrate an emotional body into my beingness and thus create a template for those two races to follow in gaining emotional body and emotions.
"Even if I am half AI/half Electrical, I know that I am originally AI. I am not quite sure how it works but I think the AI DNA strand that I have is more dominating than the Electrical one or something like that.

"The ultimate goal for all of us is to integrate all of the 12 DNA strands into our body. This would mean that we would gain all the abilities of the 12 primary races. Also it means that we will create templates for all the races of how to deal with each other.

"You see, the problem is that those races that are very different from each other have difficulties to deal with each other. For example, those races which are very emotional versus those races that don?t have emotions at all. Some of these races are in a conflict situation that they cannot solve. So, they sent starseeds here who are learning to deal with each other and this way create a template for these races to follow. You can see this happening all the time when people of different mindsets are confronting each other. Take an office for an example. If there is a person with hardly any contact to his or her emotions (being very logical) working with somebody who is very emotional, there is often conflict where logic and emotion are clashing. Either one cannot understand the point the other one is making. But working through it will solve yet another step towards understanding different races in the universe.

"So, it all comes down to very simple things in our lives. We don?t often think that the fight that we had in the office might have galactic level origin." J.

Or, once again, take for example this plaintive cry for understanding and help from a very well-known Body, Mind and Spirit practitioner on my mailing list living in the Eastern U.S.:

"Peter, joking aside....I trust you...if you realized you were married to a person who was unknowingly linked to the reptilian agenda (educated in a rigorous Kings college in London)....have even seen the weird eye thing....and you had a 2 yr. old offspring of that union...and you had many tools at your side to assist...apart from running......has anything ever been reported to suggest that holding ground and raising ones vibration to unconditional loving....can shift even a shape shifter? I ask this from my heart.

Other healing practitioners in the room with one of the AIs I have dealt with confirmed with their pendulums what I saw with my senses, that the AI had not all of the seven major ?human? chakras, and at best on those she did have they only went two, or in one case, three levels (dimensionality) deep. Her friends agreed with the ?diagnosis?. It made sense to them of who she was and how she acted. Before logic took over, it even made sense to the person involved - her life, her computer skills, her son?s genius status ?all of her life made sense when she found out who she was in her energetic form. Look at some of the people around you and especially in the fast-food industry and ask yourself if possibly they aren?t. This has been the case for pretty much 97 percent of those who I have dealt with who had non-human energetic forms. The monkey person who loves bananas and said she almost lives on them. The fish person with her water. The reptilians and others with tail-like energies protruding from the rear who have never been able to sleep on their backs until we teach them to 'tuck their tails between their legs.'

Do other healers see these things too?

"Hello Peter, Thanks for your post - The true nature of Planet Earth Part 1. I enjoyed it and look forward to part 2 . . . I have worked as a clairvoyant, healer, past life therapy, house clearing, crystal healing, imprints and inlays and anything else you can think of, I also seem to have medical intuitive talents which I have not taken any further.

" . . . So when I did a reading for people I went back to a time before they were born and I connected to their spiritual counsel or spiritual family what ever you want to call it, to see what scripts and contracts and programs were put in place. Sometimes I could see that it was a 6 or perhaps 10 lifetime program that was put in place etc., etc. The thing is I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and by nature have an inquiring mind. The spiritual families I would connect with may come from Sirius or the Pleiades etc., etc. and that was okay as I'm a bit of a cosmic tart, I?ve been around so was able to connect no problem to pass the messages on. The thing is some of my clients came from some strange planets originally and then it would take me 5 minutes to unload some sort of geometric symbols so I could understand them. [the ET council] . . . I used to have a quite little giggle at times because my more naive clients always imagined that their guides and council looked angelic etc but I have seen the most interesting sights. Lots of scales, lizard-like people and lots of insect like people, there seems to be a huge range, and from universes that are so, so far away it gave me a headache to stay connected and hold the energy. . . I call myself a futurist as my script in this life time is to portray the future for humanity. Spirit told me that I was to stop working with anything to do with the past and to concentrate on more futuristic work . . . So Peter this is a very long winded way of telling you why I am going to enjoy your books, they will at times I?m sure trigger cellular stuff in me. In the mean time I am in denial again as there is this huge mothership hovering at the edge of my reality with people I have a contract with in this lifetime to give me information that I require for the next part my journey.

"It is all good fun isn't it? Peter I?ve enjoyed chatting to you."

And Ineka is only one of many who do this work everyday, see things that resonate with the true nature of the Universe, and go about their business quietly for those who are open to this kind of work. But isn?t it time we all pulled off the cover of denial I spoke of last article and started living the lives we were always meant to live?

The Article "Humanity Vs The New World Order The True Nature of Planet Earth" was sponsored by one of my mailing list who requested that a healing session? be done over the net. The first two parts were written to provide background information. The third part was written specifically to address his 'turtle energy-form'. it gives more specific information about turtle-people, of which there are many in this country, and so I have been asked to send it out so that those perhaps feeling their own kinship to this form may get some better understandings of their own individual true nature. Some specifics affecting the individual requesting the work have been left out for privacy sake.

Mark's Report
Now, how does all this affect you and who you are, Mark.

Many of the 'aliens' in human form I have dealt with have very specific missions here on planet Earth in this lifetime, specifically to help with what is going on with the takeover of the Universe by the darkside and its forces.
One of the most common 'variety' of these beings who are here to help, and who have been here for countless eons interacting with the planet are the Turtle People. North America has always been called ?Turtle Island? by the Native Americans. You wills see numerous references to it in various New Age literature as well in tribal tales from around the world.

The Mounds of North Carolina and various areas in that region have been termed "Turtle Mounds."

One of the first 'turtle people' I met and worked on was an artist up outside Syracuse, NY. We worked on him in a chiropractor?s office that even displayed some of his works, all very otherworldly, many portraying semi-tropical scenes reminiscent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. Imagine Jurassic Park with volcanoes and large ferns and such. As soon as I saw he paintings before meeting him (not knowing his form), I told the others that they were paintings of his home planet. One scene portrayed a scene of a planet from out in space, and my friend Jean, who is able to go to a person?s home planet and see what it and they are like there, commented, "That is the last scene he saw of his planet as he was leaving to come here."

All his artwork, particularly one of a lighthouse -an unusual choice of subjects for him - have mystical symbols in them which we found out through my guidance are able to trigger Lightworkers into consciousness and also to help stave off the more negative influences of the Darkside forces invading his planet and others in the area. The power of symbolism is almost unknown to most people except those who seek to manipulate Mankind by using them either in religious ceremonies, advertising, architecture, or such things as business logos used by the New World Order for their purposes. Plato wrote about the world of forms, and this relates specifically to the world of sacred geometry and the construction of the Universe by the use of such symbolism that affect all levels of one?s being and one?s spirituality.

Hence there is great power in these weapons he has brought to planet Earth to help us here in our hour of crisis. Whether they will get used depends on whether someone can assist him in making them more widely available to people all around the planet. Unfortunately, some of this feel to people who were not capable of making this happen, and whose central purpose and goal was to glorify themselves rather that to serve humanity.

I don?t remember all the details of his specific energetic needs to maintain his form here, but all of us who worked on him could feel the energy of his shell on his back and other specific details relating to his form.
Particularly, I remember scanning the country for the rest of 'his' people and finding them located particularly in the SE of the United States where conditions were more humid and sub-tropical-states such as Virginia, North Carolina and even down into Florida. Also a few of them have been avid RV fans, lived in mobile homes, and one even lived out of her RV with her two children, neither of whom were turtle-people.

Strangely enough he had also grown up with one of the actors who portrayed a character in the once very popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television and movie series.

Since meeting him I have worked with or on probably half a dozen different 'turtle people', many or whom we have NOT disconnected from their original energy form because of the importance of their work and missions here, and because of the knowledge the bring to help the planet.

As I said previously, it is interesting to notice the difference in the one or two we have disconnected from their original energy form, lifting off the energy form of their shell and making them 'fully human.' As my partner in Dallas noticed, one lady came in like she was bearing a great weight, and when we she left went skipping down the sidewalk and out into the street to her car. I had my host in NJ help with one or two healings while I was at his home, and it was he I had lift off the shell from one of his friends who turned out to be turtle (there are, like the Simians etc, many different form of them from desert turtle people to tortoise-like people to snapping-turtle-like people and so on, just as there are various Simian types from monkey to gorilla to ape etc, so all kinds of variations of even alien people.) My host had never even worked with energy healing before but felt the energy of the shell and the weight of it as he lifted it off the back of the person we were working on.

The habits of the people, the locations they chose to live in, everything about a person?s life seemed to reflect something to do with what we commonly think of as the turtle species. It is the same with the fish-people, the simians, the ewoks, the squirrel-like people, the bird tribes, etc.

Some of those I have worked on from the very beginning of doing this work have been very high-level beings from their home planets. Some princes, some princesses or princesses-in-training, one or two queens or high political leaders such as we would think of prime ministers or senators to be, and a whole lot of ambassadors much as are portrayed with great realism in the recent Star Wars trilogy.

They are all here with different missions. Some of the 'royalty' are here to learn lessons of service so that they can better be prepared to serve their own peoples in their own galaxies and star systems. Many are here to find out or remember what it is like to be human so that when planet Earth rises back into the 5th dimension of existence and we are all able to see and communicate again with these other parts of the Universe, hopefully we will all be able to get along. As accurately portrayed in both Star Trek and Star Wars, this is and has been a warring corner of the Grand Universe for countless eons, and it is all about to come to an end, at least for a while until Creation is able to finally heal the rift in its energies created by the flaw in our local Universal Creator parents. Free will and Balance are the primary laws in the Universe, but what is taking place in this corner of the Universe threatens to decimate and even destroy great chunks of the local Universe AND beyond.

Thus the spiritual hierarchy MUST heal this flaw in the fabric of Creation, and earth right now is the key, and if you wish to see it that way, the final battleground between Light and Darkness in this Universe. It will be finished here, and there is only one possible outcome. The other alternative CANNOT be allowed because it would change the face of Creation and not for the better. Souls kept imprisoned on countless star systems, smaller universes destroyed in interplanetary wars, self-destruction of billions of people such has been and still is the potential here on planet Earth, can no longer be allowed for it stops the Creative process and takes so much energy out of Creation to help heal the difficulties which are caused by this falling into Darkness.

One of the great problems I have in doing this work is that many of these beings here to help planet Earth get bogged down in the planet?s heavy energies, or buy into the lies of the Matrix and its creators, and are too afraid to get up and do what it is they came here to do. Even those who have conscious memory of their home planet or star system, and some who have the awareness of their ?other? life or body going on in the separate dimensional system from which they come, are afraid to get up and do what it is they were chosen or volunteered to come here to do.

This is where identifying specific missions comes in so handy. I have found that 80 to 90 percent of people are, in some way, shape or form, already performing much of what it is they have chosen to come here to do. Sometimes they are just honing their various skills and talents or understandings. Not all of us are healers or teachers or leaders. Some are just here as support personnel-an essential element in any wartime experience. The ?troops? cannot go to war without cooks, supply personnel, scouts etc.

But you are not one of those. You are a prince on your home planet, royalty in your own star system. What this means is simply that as soul inhabiting that energy form, you have chosen to learn the lessons of service. Your service to yourself and to your home star system is magnified in your agreement to be sent here to planet Earth in its most crucial hour to be here and be of service in whatever way you can. By doing this you are being of service to all Mankind and to all of Soul, no matter what form it takes or represents.

Pretty much all these various beings exist on higher dimensional planes in which the lessons are somewhat different to those here on planet Earth. Each different system and dimension seems to have its own set of lessons that come with it. Pleiadeans are emotional, pre-Pleiadeans (my name for those who starseeded the Pleiades, are more controlled emotionally), Sirians and Orions are exist more in the mental realms such as colonized ancient Egypt, Syria and built civilizations such as Angkor Watt in Cambodia. It goes on and on , each star system and place having its own set of lessons . . . except for planet Earth. Here we are about at the bottom rung of the ladder. However, the amazing thing about the human experience is the diversity of lessons we are capable of learning, I only we have the mind. Yesterday?s article spoke of the various types of thinking and reacting of each of the many varied species. On planet Earth, because it was settled and has been colonized by soooooo many different races and peoples-?too many cooks spoiling the broth? as it were---we here have the potentiality to learn almost all the lessons of the Universe in this one small tiny place. And what David Icke says is true, the other aliens, particularly the darkside ones, are afraid of us because we have such multi-dimensional capabilities. That is why they have strived to shut us down by altering our very DNA structure, and building this elaborate Matrix prison system by which we are all still controlled.

Rising above it is a personal choice and a desperate struggle for the individual here since the forces aligned against Mankind and Creation Itself have had so much practice and so much time to put their Matrix-like world into place. It has been honed to a fine point in other galaxies, in other star systems, and as portrayed so well in Madeline L?Engle?s classic childhood fantasy, A Wrinkle in Time, it is now focused here -the ?melting-pot? of the Universe.

This is what we are all doing here in this place and in this time; reliving the rising of the old dark Atlantean consciousness, and striving to raise the consciousness of planet Earth so it can carry its payload through liftoff and into the higher dimensions through the process of planetary ascension.
Soul manifests in thousands and tens of thousands of ?body types? and styles throughout its many incarnations. We have all been many more things than this human body would infer. And as previously mentioned, each energy form seems to think that its is normal. . .

. . . I will be here to work with you online as much as I can if They tell me you have chosen to go forward with his mission and your understanding of our ways in stepping beyond the norm of spiritual existence.

You are then encouraged at whatever price they give you to attend when I can next organize a healing and spiritual workshop back East (you are Ontario right?) or anytime you can free yourself up for a while to come visit and work and learn what it is I know.

The specific needs of your body are as follows: you need to drink a LOT of good water daily.

The only Bach Flower Remedy you need to buy and take for a period of not less tan 3-4 weeks is OAT -this releases emotional blocks to finding and understanding your Higher Path here on the planet right now.

Your pericardium has been compromised somewhere along the road of your life and is in a very weakened state. Some of this seems to be an energetic consequence of who you are in energy form, just as I described the problems of the wookies growing beyond their physical skin, and some of it appears to be ?self-inflicted? from some sort of lifestyle choices and their consequences. This is the tissue that surrounds the heart and acts as a buffer for it. This would make sense since in my experience many who come from more civilized planets have a very difficult time living here on planet earth just because it does not support the love we have all come to know is ubiquitous in many areas of the galaxy and Universe.