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the view from the bridge
So what was it like to be Noah when it started raining? What was it
like to see all those people who had so derisively mocke dhim now
lining up to get onboard the ark but not being allowed to and
perishing as the rains intensified. Once can\'t imagine Noah being
vindictive (since we\'re only talking allegory here anyway), but
every day I hear from people going down the path of following their
mind instead of doing the work to connect to their Guidance, and
everyday I get chewed out for what Guidance has me do -- slap them
upside the head one last time before they turn and leave down that
path. The message of spiritual responsibility, work and self-
sacrifice has never been a popular one on this planet. That\'s why
only 1-3% or people ever come close to even attemting their missions
let alone completing them.

Now as the times get tougher all around us (artifically created
chaos as the New World Order begins imposing its \'Order out of
chaos\' motto), people so readily look for an easy way out, never
realizing most of these \'paths\' are just \'honey-traps\' meant to
further lure them into staying inside the Matrix. Ask Sue Ann what
it\'s like trying to get out of the Matrix and the grief her family
and others and even her mind give her daily. Believe me, I know what
it\'s like because I\'ve been there done that, and the ONLY thing that
kept me sane through all of it was having Guidance right there every
step of the way, leading me, but also showing me the results of what
Guidance\'s suggestions brought in terms of results, both for me and
for those I had the opportunity to work with.

I\'ve always maintained a separate mailing list to the group postings
as well. These are the people I call fencesitters because they would
not \'join\' the group to receive the messages and be a part of a
community of like-minded people. Their minds keep telling them it\'s
all about them, and not about service or being with other people.
One by one they\'re now dopping away as their self-interests keep
them focused elsewhere --mainly on their own quite substantial egos
and their own relatively minor problems.

In all the other groups there are irresponsible people passing along
the New World Order-New Age channelings and preachings of \'Hey,
everything\'s fine - just continue taking care of yourselves because
this is all going to be as easy as pie - no need to worry.\" And you
know the only thing that makes that statement true that everything
is fine is being connected to a Guidance that is real, has
everyone\'s highest interests in mind, and can lead one through the
pitfalls of sticky honeytraps meant to keep us all enslaved to the

Hey, folks! it\'s not about to rain, it IS raining! That means some
people are looking for something a little more real than the pie-in-
the-sky God they\'ve been brought up with. However, for most of the
others it means looking for aanother easy way out that has nothing
to do with work, self-responsibility or serving others, it means
going up on top of some tall building to wait for the space-gods to
come rescue them. And if you\'ve watched Independence Day or Mars
Attacks you know what happens to them, don\'t you?

It\'s worth posting every week because it gets right to the heart of
things just as was old Ramtha\'s way:

\"There is an hour coming when higher and lower selves, one million
forty-one guides, all the dietary elements for enlightenment, the
quotations, the philosophy, the passages, the abstinence, they will
not amount to a hill of inedible beans. Look around at your world-
everything you see here will be unfamiliar in the new age, outdated.
And those of you who are so big and bold, won\'t even be cleared to
FL:Super C because you\'re locked up in metaphysical journeys that go
nowhere. Isn\'t that the truth?

\" . . . The opposition, if they can keep those that have desire to
serve in a tight circle, and looking within at all times, then in
truth they have succeeded, have they not?\"

\"What has all your chanting done for you lately? What has all the
burned incense accomplished, besides making your house smell good
and create a lot of ash that you have to clean up? And all the
candles that you\'ve burned? What have all your prayers accomplished?
And all your alms? Can\'t you see it isn\'t happening? Wake up! It\'s
only entertainment, just another fantasy. What\'s superknowingness,
pure and simple? If you know how to know you will be sustained-if
the whole of the universe threw up, you\'d know how to go with the
flow. Basic truth-we shoot basic truths at you!

\"It\'s really quite simple. Instead of praying for peace, be the
peace that you are praying for. Instead of praying for love, be the
love you\'re praying for. Instead of praying for health, be the
health you\'re praying for. In other words, be a light to the world;
be the example so that they can see that it works for you. Then
they\'ll try it. See how it works?\"

Well that time is here folks, and please don\'t yell at me if
Guidance has me slap you upside the head just one more time before,
with Love, They release you to go your own self-willed way. But
never say you weren\'t warned because this time, this unique
opportunity to save yourselves lots of grief and lots and lots and
lots of more lifetimes of simple easy repetitive lessons, by making
one simple decision to be spiritually responsible, will NEVER come
again like it is now - a unique and once in Creation elevator ride
to as high as you want to go spiritually, because this is the time
of a new Golden Age of unwritten proportions, if you step onboard.

ALL aboard folks! The ark is loading and it\'s for workers only.

In service, with love and humility in being able to serve, Peter