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the war against the people
The War Against the People
by Peter Farley

Now that the war for the grid and the ascension of the planet has
been won, the next war begins in earnest. That war is the war to save
as many people as possible-- particularly the high Lightworkers
trapped here in 3D thinking they are simply 'human', or worse still,
pretending they are human so as to avoid the responsibility of
getting up to fight.

Perhaps no video exemplifies better what the New World Order has in
store for the Western World than

Walmart: The High Cost of Low Cost
(also available anywhere as a rental DVD)

In it we see the rapidly approaching future or what most of us are
already feeling and seeing -- the dehumanization of the Spirit.
Everywhere one goes now there are less and less people doing more and
more work, or the absence of people in favor of automated tellers,
automated check outs, automated phone calling, automated . . . well,
you name it. And even when there are people, because of the way
management makes them act and treat their customers they may as well
be automated to boot. We don't mind so much a machine treating us
like sh.t, but when it's a human being being made to treat us that
way, then we should pay attention.

When once the Annunaki and the other alien overlords were 'visible"
to us while the planet was still higher dimensional we accepted them
as our lords and gods. Now that they are disguised with 'human'
clothes over their alien morphogenic energy forms we refuse to see
that nothing has really changed -- we are still their prisoners,
their slaves, their peons, the lackeys of these heartless, power-
hungry mad-'men'. These ideas of slavery, controla nd manipulation
are not only thoughtforms inbred in us as Karen Danrich's 2001
channeling of Mila descibes in the addendum, but also an actual
description of the 'physical/dimensional' state in which we find
ourselves currently living here on planet Earth with our own
projected human forms at the end of this grander cycle.

Prison planet is not the word for it. Slave camp would be better. And
documentaries such as the above one, Michael Moore's 'Sicko', and
many others should help us realize that fact. When our governments
talk about health-care all they are talking about is the siphoning
off of government funds to the large health care firms and hospitals,
and, more particularly, to the drug companies that form the very
heart of the New World Order's power base. Thoth's ancient symbolic
staff 'the cadeuceus' should be a wake up call to everyone about who
the doctors and other medical practitioners represent. Even Thoth
would agree to that . . . and does.

When the planet lowered into 3rd dimensional state our overlords took
on human 'clothing' in order to still control us and have us as
their 'batteries' and particularly for their newfound sexual
predilections. One entire race of people on the planet was even
genetically manipulated to become human-reptilian sexual surrogates
in order to continue the 'sons of God mating with the daughters of
Man' idea as explained in the Bible. Temples were created in which
the sexual practices could continue (see any of the volumes of my
book), the priesthood was created to be interlopers between us and
these alien gods, and politics (kingship) was created to maintain the
alien overlord control over the entire populace of the planet.

But now it is time to be free, and the war is coming down to our very
doorsteps, the only place most of us will even take notice of it.
Watch the Wal-Mart video and take a look at your own lives, and then
imagine that you were working there. One of the people who used to
channel the Council of Light in my own yahoogroup worked for Walmart.
He lived in subsidized housing and was always poor, but so
conditioned into a state of fear was he that when his Guidance asked
him to move on to a better place, a better town, a better situation,
he was too scared to move and baulked even at continuing his
spiritual progress.

This brings the war down to where it is personal. The New World Order
has always been killing us with thir chemtrails and their poisoned
food and their poisoned water and atmosphere, but these were more
intangible --the things which killed us so we didn't notice, which
gave us diseases such as leukemia, almost unheard of when I was
growing up. Now as common as dirt. As so many people ask, why do the
chemtrail sprayers not worry about spraying their own people?
Firstly, since chemtrails are made with reptilian DNA and designed to
mutate our DNA and stop it from ascending, for the most part it does
not effect them. Notice how it's not the graymen in their business
suits walking around coughing. Secondly, this entire war is not about
killing people, it is, as the Matrix movies so accurately portray,
about keeping us as batteries to feed their need for multi-
dimensional energies. Who would shop at Wal-Mart if we were all dead
or dying?

Get serious folks, the war is at your door and always has been. if
not, then you maya s well go out and get your own slave collar, their
on sale this week, cheap . . . at Wal-Mart.

In service, and at war . . . Peter

There are 18 self-perpetuating thought-forms in the act of ascension,
they embrace a new foundation based upon the 10 octaves of love.These
are the three referred to in the above article:

The thought-form of slavery effects humans in a multitude of ways. We
invite each reading this material to look at where they in their life
expression are currently enslaved by another. There is enslavement to
the job, to the family, and to the mortgage. There is enslavement to
friends that are not friendships of love, but one's of duty and
obligation. And there is enslavement to one's current place of
residence. All such enslavement is related to attachment between the
etheric body and the person, place or object that one is attached to.
Such attachment is gradually released as one lifts up in vibration
and ascends, causing the cords to be severed, allowing one to become

As one is freed, one may not pay the bills any more, or the taxes, or
one may leave the marriage, leave the family, and leave the friends
that they do not love behind, and move to a place that brings their
heart joy. And this all is the result of pent-up change from one's
ancestry. For your ancestry has been enslaved by the same "others"
and "region" for 30,000 years beloved! It is why perhaps the sense of
freedom that occurs as those whom are ascending release the bonds
that have enslaved them for so long is so great, so joyous, so
magnificent! Allow the joy as the freedom occurs, and know that you
are freeing yourself for all ancestries that have been enslaved by
another over time.

For some, the history of slavery has been more recent, as in the
African American story. However, understand that all humans related
to the slave race are enslaved, whether one's life dance is a direct
reflection of such an experience or an indirect one. How free are you
really? The current human dance is far from free, and even those of
great wealth are just as enslaved by their dance as the ones that
work to support their dominion. In the dance of slavery, all are
enslaved, all are imprisoned, and all that ascend shall free
themselves in due course.

This in and of itself, if great enough and by enough humans, shall
cause the breakdown of civilization. For what if the vast majority in
your country of origin refuses to pay the taxes beloved? Would not
the country break down in a year for lack of funds? If enough ascend,
there shall be a tax revolt, and this shall be a reflection of the
collective populations freeing themselves from their enslaved state.
Our channel shall not cause this, but rather the ascension of larger
numbers of humans global wide! As these thought-forms apply not only
to individual relations, but group relations and all of civilization
at large.

And what if large numbers of humans in their ascensions simply stop
paying on the mortgage and credit card debts? What then? Will not
your financial institutions collapse beloved? From our perspective,
giving and receiving is so far out of balance in the human dance that
a radical shift shall occur. Such is the nature of pent up change, to
the degree it has been pent up, to that degree of extremity the
rectification shall be. Your financial institutions are functioning
under a false umbrella of seeming wealth. The wealth is sustained
only as the masses continue to pay upon the credit, or continue to
use the credit, or continue to believe in the high cost of living and
housing and pay upon the mortgage. What if the masses suddenly refuse
to pay? What then? It shall all collapse. And humans shall refuse to
pay and leave such homes and debts behind the further that they
ascend, as ascension brings about freedom from all that enslaves
one's current life expression.

The thought-form of manipulation effects humans in many ways. In your
current dance, it is often deemed more appropriate to manipulate
another into doing one's bidding than directly communicating one's
needs. This is slave communication directly related to the slave
race, which were prohibited from directly communicating their needs,
wants, desires, feelings or experiences to the Annunaki. Indeed, the
Annunaki perceived the slaves as "pets". Pets do not have import
other than the pleasure that the pet gives, and certainly does not
have a consciousness that is deemed of great import.

Often the indirect communication occurs with those in one's life
expression of direct Annunaki lineage, for these are the ones that
one is prohibited from expressing to. However, there are so many with
direct lineage to the Annunaki, and often such humans hold power over
others or are in positions of authority of one sort or another. There
may be more than one of such individual in any ascending human's life
dance as there are so many with connection to the Annunaki.

The slaves had no power as the Annunaki as master held all power. It
is therefore the nature of those of slave inheritance to give their
power to those of the Annunaki inheritance in the life dance. Such
humans with Annunaki inheritance take power from all those of slave
inheritance surrounding them, and then utilize such power to inflate
themselves into positions of power or authority. Often such acquire
over time the position of boss, director, governor, president, or
C.E.O. The greater the direct lineage to the Annunaki, the greater
the power such humans have in the life expression.

As ascending humans clear their slave karma and thought-form, they
shall cease to give power to the authorities of Annunaki inheritance.
In retrieving the power given to authority figures, and if this
occurs en mass, all humans currently with power or authority shall
lose their power over time. Each human in power whom loses their
power shall then create their own downfall, their own removal from
office, or removal from the position of power that they had inflated
themselves into. Over time, all of the old form of leadership and
governance shall collapse allowing a new form of leadership to emerge
from those whom are ascending.

Your current leadership is founded upon manipulation in full. Such
leaders manipulate to attain their positions of authority, regardless
of how they may appear in relation to public reputation. This is the
result of the fact that the Annunaki manipulated for their power,
stripping power from the seeded Red Race for dominion over Earth.
Just like the Annunaki themselves, such current forms of authority
figures run veils of illusion that allow them to appear perfect or to
be perceived as what the masses wish to see in such a position. As
the power is removed from such authority figures by the ascending
masses, suddenly all of the dirty laundry under the veils of illusion
shall be seen in the current governance! And what then? Shall not
some countries impeach their presidents and overthrow their

Many have heard that the time is coming that the dance of the secret
governance shall be revealed in full. Such a dance involves most
humans of great power world wide, and will they also not be
implicated in such revelations? It is not our channel that shall
reveal such information, as she is not privy to such information, but
those whom know. Those that know will speak their truth at last, even
if it causes them to be assassinated. Why? Ascending humans learn to
stand in their truth and speak it. Those whom hold such secrets, if
they ascend, shall feel called to speak their truth. And what then?
Well, the cat will be out of the bag, and the masses shall respond
according to the nature of the revelation.

What if you discover that your governance is adding viruses to the
water to make the masses ill and keep them subservient? What if you
discover that your governance is utilizing vibration to hold the
evolution of the masses down? What if you discover that your
governance had information that could heal most diseases, but refuses
to share it out due to the desire to control the populace? What if
you knew that your governance held blueprints for technological
development that is magnetic and in resonance with Earth, but shelved
it for their own greed? Think this is not so? Look again. Lift the
veils beloved, and look. This is so, and soon those whom know it to
be so shall speak their truth and there shall be a mass correction
towards those in governance responsible for such things. They shall
be impeached and thrown from office and imprisoned for harming the
masses. Is this not how all change has occurred in your history? Was
it not the French that overthrew their monarchy and beheaded them?
Was this not a prelude to this time period ahead?

As ascending humans lift beyond manipulations of the governance, they
shall cease to be controlled by the current governance and financial
elite. They shall rebel en mass, and force corrections to the current
regime in control that harm! The current governance harms beloved.
They harm Earth through pollution, and they harm the masses in order
to keep the masses subordinate and under their control. There is
30,000 years of pent up manipulations and control of the masses in
your civilizations' karmic records of a parallel nature. When karma
is settled that has been pent up, the corrections equal the energy
held in check. Much like an arrow that has been pulled back and back
and back upon the bow, and is finally released. Does it not fly
further than all others? In a parallel manner, the karma surrounding
the control of human civilization has been pent up, and as it is
corrected, it shall explode and change exponentially!

Where shall such change come from? We foresee grass movement after
grass movement of protesters whom will not stand for the current
governmental control! Why? Because the masses behind such movements
shall ascend out of the subordination that they have been held under
for 30,000 years! They shall refuse to be manipulated into
subordination ever again, and shall demand equality for all. This
shall over time bring changes to every aspect of civilization and a
correction to the inequality and manipulations that has created
homelessness and poverty, hunger and war.

The current human dance is founded upon control. One is controlled by
the governance through the financial institutions, through the media,
through the militia, through the police, through the IRS, through the
CIA, along with all other positions of public authority. One is
considered a good citizen if one behaves inside of the rules that
civilization is constructed from. Is this not slave mentality
beloved? Indeed the Annunaki created laws for the slaves to behave
within, thinking them of lower consciousness than themselves and
requiring such a thing. The seeded red race didn't operate under such
laws, as in unity they were simply not required. In unity, one only
acts out of the greater good of the whole at all times, and in so
doing, the very things outlawed in your current paradigm simply do
not occur.

If one ascends, one moves under a new law, which is spiritual in
nature and of a far higher authority than any human law, which is the
law of harmlessness. If one embraces the laws of harmlessness, what
use is your current paradigm of law? Harmlessness is a state in which
one works in unity and non-conditional love with all other humans
along with all other species. The current paradigm of law will have
no use, particularly after the cleansing of those whom are not
ascending in earth's continued ascension.

As civilization is restructured, new laws and a new form of
governance shall emerge. It shall emerge out of the paradigm of unity
and harmlessness, as only those humans remaining shall have ascended
into such a paradigm. Harmlessness does not seek to control another,
but rather allows. In a state of harmlessness, one allows all others
their dance in the greater understanding that life is a spiritual
journey with many lessons, and often such lessons are best learned in
the experience of the dance. It shall be in the dance of ascension
that the remaining humans shall remember unity, and out of unity,
shall not harm another again. Most laws outlaw harm of one sort or
another, and therefore shall not be required. In so being, a new form
of unity based law shall emerge.

There are other laws in the current paradigm that keeps the rich rich
and the poor poor. These too shall require alteration as ascension
brings forth balanced giving and receiving along with a state of
abundance. In a state of abundance, only that which is needed is
received, and all else is shared. Those that hoard to an excess such
as the extreme rich shall perish or transcend, and in transcending,
shall learn to share their resources to assist all others. For this
is the unity paradigm in action, and in so doing, the poor shall
cease to be poor and the needs of all shall be fulfilled upon.
The laws that hold the rich rich and poor poor shall likewise cease
as humanity evolves out of such a paradigm. In so doing, new laws
shall be founded that shall uphold the right of each human to be fed,
sheltered, nurtured, honored, and to contribute to the whole of
civilization in whatever manner that they can. Moving from the
paradigm of control to honor shall not be an easy journey, for most
humans have only remembrance of control, for so lengthy is your
history of civilization based upon control that humans have forgotten
the unity based law founded upon honor. In the forgetfulness, there
shall be struggle to find a new way of relating and a new form of law
that works and serves the whole. It may take close to a century for
the new unity paradigm to be reflected in all areas of life
expression, but this we see coming beloved.

There are some races that inherently remember unity-based law. These
nations shall rise when the time is right and become living examples
of a new form of community and law that honors. In paying attention
to what works for such nations, the new law shall spread and become
global in nature. The ascending nations shall lead humanity home to
such a new state of relations and the new paradigm of honor. This
shall occur as each ascending nation creates their own sovereignty
from the world powers that be and are allowed to express their truth
in full.