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The War Begins
"The greatest predators are those who disguise themselves as the prey."

The hardest thing for some people to understand is how someone who
talks about LOVE and LIGHT and all those type of things can actually
be the heart of darkness.

We see this everyday with our politicians talking about peace while
only planning for war. We see this in every aspect of the New World
Order. They say one thing and do the other.

Every significant Lightworker has those who have been sent to control
and/or handle them. President George Bush has his handlers, most
significantly in his bed at night in the form of reptilian Laura. Most
high-level femeales have their 'controller' husbands or boyfriends who
they are convinced are 'angels' or if not that, are certaily
too 'controlled' to even think about being able to leave them. This is
the levl we are at after tens of thousands of eyars of programming.
One lady I have worked with for a number of years, every time we free
her up from one level of control, she immediately runs into another
one. We are programmed to want and accept control as the general
status of our lives.

In one of my articles it had the plaintive cry of one high level
female Lightworker who knew and had seen her husband's abilities to
shapeshift into many forms; had seen the yellow slit eyes when 'making
love.' But, when told what she should do about the situation, she
stayed anyway. Last time I saw her in person she looked much like an
aged memeebr of the Freemasons or other such groups where they are
grey and ashen, drainedof almost all their lifeforce, kept alive only
for the simple act of not even allowing those people to have their own
freedom to die.

This past weekend, gerald and I nullified the influence of one of the
major grid weapons of the Darkside, Mt. Soledad down in La Jolla,
California. If this weapon had been used against Mankind, it would
have shut down all the female portals bringing in Light and Love
energy to this continent and this entire part of the world. deppak
Chopra was with us. David Icke didn't call and say he wnated to help.
Archangel Michael was nowhere in sight.

There are those who speak of love and of light, and there are those
who do something to see that these two Soul needs are still available
to all of Mankind. One makes money out of the deal, the other is often
lucky to survive.

Now, after 7 1/2 years of doing this work, a change has occurred. With
the defusing of the grid bomb and the nullifying of the 'grid cannon',
two of the darkside's major weapons have been neutralized.

Yesterday, after completeing the work I felt . . . empty. Kind of like
one thign had been completed and now was coming the time to move into
another phase. Ia sked Guidance, "Are we moving into a new phase now?"
The answer I got was not one I wanted to hear. "No Peter, it's not a
new phase. Now starts the real war to be won."

We have been given the warnings for more than a decade now. All the
channeling's from Erica, from Sam, from Will, from Kaayla, from those
who are connected to true Spiritual Greatness, have told us what is
coming and that we need to prepare. Well that time is now at an end.

Stop for one moment during the day today as we move from January into
February and feel the changes happenign in the frequencies of the
planet. Feel the armies marching upon one another to the beat of the
drumms much as we witnessed in the Battle for Helm's Deep in the Lord
of the Rings trilogy. the war is at hand and most of you are not
ready, but the New World Order is, even stripped of two of their major
weapons, thay are in control. Their forces (upon the planet) outnumber
us two or three to one. And things look bleak for the Forces of the
Light. So what are we going to do about that fact?

The onlyw ay to fight a dimensional Spiritual war is for yourself to
eb multi-dimensional? Are you? All weekend at every grid point we had
to work on we had to fight off what we liked to call, Squiddies --
after those thinsg which attack the ships in the Matrix movies. Theya
re the Orcs of Lord of the Rings; little sentient energy forms
assigned to guard the grid from intruders tryign to do exactly what we
did. And we won, just the two of us against countless numbers o these
things because we were in the Right.
MAke your choices. if you need help with getting multidimensional
that is what I and the others in this group who are doign their work
are prepared to help you do. If you are thinking about yourself, if
you are in fear, then you are not ready to fight and win this battle.

Make sure tyou are still putting away a little extra food and jerky
for the immediate future when the shit will hit the fan. Go out and
rent Cinderella man and understand what the New World Order can and
will again do to the economy at the drop of any hat. And then be
prepared. Not for survival, though that will eb a first line of
defense. But be prepared to assist others. To fight am war so big it
was rightly called by Gene Roddenberry --Earth: Final Conflict.

if you need help, ask for it. First from your Guidance, second from
those surroundign you sent here to help prepare you as the best
Spiritual Warrior you can be. And then wait, your time will come very
very soon.

And continually say to yourself as you begin this greatest of all
battles, that which RAJ gave to su as the onlyw ay to get through the
comign days, "I have what I need for today, I will have what I need
for tomorrow."

And always remember, no matter what choices you make in these comign
days, you are always so grandly and dearly loved, and never never

In service, Peter