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the way of the samurai
The Way of the Samurai

Back in 1999 I wrote the first 4 volumes of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? over the summer-one volume each month, just as each subsequent volume has really only taken a month to write, this last one being spread out because the events of it are still be written in Creation before they can really be pieced together.

At the end of Volume 4 each One of the Spiritual Hierarchy has a piece to say on the events told throughout the volumes, the difficulties that took place in this SuperUniverse. My understanding of the problems of this SuperUniverse has expanded with later volumes and with the changes that have taken place with our Creator Parents and with the darkside in the ensuing 9 years of time and growing evolutionary changes.

The first two volumes of the work are free to download on the website or in the Files (plus Vol 7 and the beginnings of Vol 8 for group members) simply because, as I find out everyday with my interactions with people online and in daily life, spirituality is just a word to them, nothing more than a mental construct that goes around and around in the heads like an old LP spinning endlessly on the turntable of lifetime after lifetime. There is not the personal \'family\' relationship with Creation, with the Creator Parents, with the countless/endless variety of Beings who comprise this SuperUniverse and Creation Itself. They have lost their history, their story in time, their sense of who and what they are and what the heck they\'re doing here. It has been stolen from them purposely and Guidance gave me a task of helping return that story to them. Every day I get people throwing New Age BS at me as if spirituality is something in the mind and not a very personal way of life, of interacting with every level of creation and its inhabitants as if we really are all one. Watching a documentary on the Rape of Nanking, China, last night I was brought back to a conversation earlier in the day with a product of New Age thinking that all those raped and murdered people and children brought this on themselves because they did not know the understandings hidden in The Secret. The idea that we attract to ourselves what we focus on. What simplistic idiocy the New Age spouts and people lap it up because above all it focuses them on themselves, their safety, their spiritual progress, their ascension process, where they will be safe through the coming changes, everything related to their favorite subject - themselves. This is self-will in its purest and darkest form.

I swear to you by everything \'holy\' that your spirituality depends entirely on what you do for others, not upon what you do for yourself. Your learning to connect with Guidance, your awareness of what has taken place in Creation, your awareness of what\'s going on, is all to serve only one purpose, how best you can serve Creation by assisting others and by following the Higher Will. Nothing is about what any of this can do for you. Someone tried to post a piece on Love the other day, a muddled piece that Guidance did not approve for posting. Nothing in it mentioned service or doing for others. All of us want love and wait, and hope and pray for it to come to us instead of being the Love we so want by going out every day and giving it to others first. Gandhi said it, Kryon says it, every real spiritual figure says it, first you must be the Love you so badly want for yourself, and the only way to do this is to give it freely and unconditionally. I work with a lot of people it would not necessarily be my choice to work with but do so because Guidance asks me to, just as others worked with me when I probably wasn\'t very pleasant to work with either. When I am in the toughest situation or in great pain from doing the work I\'m requested to do all I ever ask is \'Does this help others?\" and when They say \'yes\' I shut up and go on with it (yes bitching and moaning but hey what the heck).

Our \'father\' in this SuperUniverse, the Creator Son ENJLIOU took upon Himself a lot of the blame for what took place with the flaw in this SuperUniverse that created a darkness never , until that point in time, known before, even though subsequent volumes are showing it was really anything but His fault. It\'s a circumstance where the \'buck stopped\' with Him, and being the responsible parent he has always been he also took the blame. These are His words from the end of Volume 4:

From Enjliou:

Dear Ones, Know that indeed the flaw was mine, just as the flaw in your own lives has been you. We are one and the same you and I. I do not judge you nor must you judge Myself or others, for to do so is only to punish yourself. The deed is done and all of Creation has learned from what has taken place within this galaxy, within this solar system, and upon this planet in particular. The FATHER has grown from this experience much as you have and will grow from partaking of it some more. Whatever choices you make in the short days to come, know too that I am always with you to care for you to guide you to carry you across the vast reaches of space to where ever it is you may travel, for whatever reasons you go there. In all your lessons here within the magnificent body of Love which is the FATHER I, too, am always with you.


We\'re never alone. We\'re never separated from Creation, our Creator parents, or from the FATHER HIMSELF, yet everything out there tries to convince us that we are in order to make us feel small, to make us feel helpless and impotent, to make us feel \'without\' (the true translation of the word \'sin\' as in Sin-ai \'without water\'). It\'s time to take back your power from the New Age Bs you\'ve been taught. It\'s time to take back your power from the parents who didn\'t know any better than to teach and program you the wrong way. It\'s time to take back your power from the teachers and role-models of a flawed system created solely to imprison you in this Matrix web of lies and half-truths. It\'s time to take back your power so you can be the wonderful perfect Soul you came here to be in order to serve Creation in this its grandest fight for freedom ever to take place throughout all of Creation. BE Who you are. Do not let anyone tell you different. Stop seeking and start Being. Serve and serve well for therein lies everything you were created to be, a true meaning of the words \'the way of the samurai\' - the servant.

With love, wishing you strength in the coming days,

Peter and the Spiritual Hierarchy