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There is no other time but now
This is ongoing work as we start to build a fuller picture of what it
is we face in this ongoing war taking place. More and more you need
to understand that you, your family, your friends, and everyone
around you, are a part of something so big that it is taking over
control of this entire corner of the Universe and will take very bit
of help available to overcome. Simplistic beliefs in a God or a
religion or a personal self-help awareness taking care of things all
will only serve to further enslave us all. Cowards are those who fail
to live up to their own self-responsibility and the need to help
others in such crucial and overwhelming times. All the nice articles
I have been led to write are menaingless now in the face of the final
battle now taking place, That future is now here, and as we work to
expose more and more of it now with the help of the Spiritual
Hierarchy's Council of Light, the fences we have all been sitting on
no longer will exist. Failing to stand up and do your part (as so
many of us have already done in the times of Atlantis) will only now
mean we are choosing to serve the darkside through collusion. There
is no other time but now.

The San Luis Valley?Alien Control Central
Part 1

by Andre Gonzatti and Peter Farley

Dear Peter,
About the San Luis Valley in Colorado: It is a base of operations
that is being brought up as a massive independent centre of research
made by the NWO/dark reptilian hierarchy for the development of
anything related to enslavement patterns. These facilities will have
more of a meaning on another dimensional level as a place where
people will be taken and "played" with by these agents of dark side
when in a sleep state.

There are already underground facilities there. The aspect that will
further be developed there is the dream state manipulation and auric
implantation on the population to complement it, work to be used
later on with 3rd dimensional chip implants.

It is just another centre of darkness that won't be destroyed anytime
soon by all those people trying to get enlightened through self-help
rather than by serving Creation as a Whole.

There is there an underground research base, and on top, on a 4th
dimensional frequency, another facility intimately connected to the
physical one.

Again, the purpose of these is research and practical appliance of
implant methodology, including dreamscape implantation on people that
is within the reach of NWO dark agents. The implants will take place
as conductors of more negative thought propagation and further
limiting people who came to work for Light.

The nature of the research and development there is bringing about
more ways to control how people sleep and what they do while they
leave body during sleep. As people are reached, then they are
implanted with new methods that now allow them to be further
manipulated through their thoughts during the day. These methods are
far more effective than what has been researched and used through
satellite radiowave transmitting to manipulate human group
consciousness until now.

These dream and thought implants will help enslave more souls, not
only to create aberrant thoughts during the day, but also to work at
night, to help create slaves. The dreams will also be a great loss to
people because they will lose a major part of their own personal
experience while they are implanted and controlled during sleep time.

Many are already implanted in this form from long ago. This new
technology allows for greater and farther reaching operations. For
example, it will now be easier to get to people not only in the U.S.,
but also in Australia where they also have established underground
facilities and dream-monitoring facilities. With old technology they
were able to implant and control some people, but only to the level
of bringing them to places and forcing them to work. Now they are
able to manipulate not only their presence in dreams but also how
they will behave in an entirely new ways due to wave-form
manipulation and the new ability to fully implant "memories" in situ.
They will now be allocated to a certain scenario and hold in mind a
new program which will "remind" them of the role they are to play
during that dream. Like hatching a robot and having the program
already in its memory, the people will now receive
instantaneous "jobs" during their visit to sleep realms.

This also allows them to trap people in dreams and make them
officially `dead' when they are needed, or put them into a coma and
later on change them into other bodies altogether through
reincarnational technology.

The only way people would usually have to protect themselves against
these methods would be the usage of guardian services by familiar
spirits, or by constructing energy forms to keep the bodies and
umbilical thread (link of soul to body during travels) secured and
connected to soul in order to transmit what the person programmed him
or herself to do before sleep. The person is then allowed to gather
enough strength to resist the manipulation and lessening of vibration
to the level where the slave areas are located.

When this fails, the person then has that intent being suppressed and
then their resistance rises to a level that causes great disruption
of the soul's will. This causes a tremendous level of unbalance
within the person's will to be free. If one is not allowed to be free
while he fights, great sorrow or hatred is generated and that feeling
destroys the interweavings of Love the person had protecting the
balance of the soul. As one fails to release the will to resist and
is continually forced, then, the rejection and feeling of being
powerless makes their Self-love affected as well. If the Self cannot
protect Itself, then it feels less than good enough, and begins to
feel resentment, causing a split between awareness and self love.
This makes the person "leave self alone", splitting from the soul
Love connection to Source, and then following on other paths to self
protection. This will strengthen ego measures and close up their
acceptance to outside or Divinely inspired protection through Love.
This method of control will cause self-denial and a will to dislike
self, to wish to split in order to be free. The developers of the
technology know about these consequences and will rape freedom
nonetheless, with great joy in doing it.

Then the process will unfold in a way that besides the massive work
force put at their disposal, these manipulators of divine energies
will also be able to make the souls reject themselves as a bonus to
being enslaved. This will happen because the soul's will, after being
forced into the slave working areas, will have obviously failed to
protect their self freedom, their free will to do other things during
that time. This is a source of great lessening of soul rest during
sleep. The person will still be physically rested to a certain level,
but they will feel somehow fooled and that their sleep was not good
enough. As this builds, frustration also increases, and loss of
belief in a sleep-escape ensues. Then it will feel like there are
less and less options to run to since sleep is no longer a way to
take rest or a small vacation from life. Then it is that people will
begin looking to other options - very often the ones plainly offered
by the New World Order and the darkside itself. The options offered
by the NWO are not the best for anyone's health, or for accomplishing
their life mission on Earth, thus more distress is generated, further
lowering Earth's vibration and diminishing its Love capacity.

The only way to reach through to or rescue these people would be to
also connect them to Angelic rescue teams, to Creation in their
personal connection, so that they will be able to draw on further
help to succeed in their sleep safety measures. The people can't
reach out for other options like the New Age troop because those will
only serve to close their sight during personal "work", and cause the
lack of perception to the need to act against the New World Order.
They are only anesthetics to close that awareness. To overcome this,
it is needed to establish a connection to the people, linking them
with Source and to whatever level they will notice it and reach out
for it within themselves, instead of outside.

From Aristenna from The Council of The Light