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Think you're having a bad day? --The war heats up . . .
Think you're having a bad day? --The war heats up . . .
Posted by: "peter farley" peter6264
Tue Jan 23, 2007 3:03 pm (PST)

Some lessons to be learned here from what Paula is going
through, particularly after the 07-01-07 shift; lessons for all
of us about the nature of the true war taking place on all levels
of Creation right now, and the true nature indeed of what life on
planet earth can be all about. Peter

From: my self
To: peter farley
Subject: RE: Healing Work
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 13:10:58 -0800 (PST)

Dear Peter, You were very busy stabilizing major changes, so I
didn't want to burden you further. I read with much interest
regarding your daily struggle to overcome forces against what you
are trying to achieve. I know many trying to help in any way they
can, including myself, most are attacked financially first and
foremost, since without a way for basic survival it is often
difficult to help anybody.

I am doing my part with others in utilizing positive energies to
stabilize the grids around the world, in addition, my work has
led me to begin to find practical answers that would be utilized
by anyone looking to survive financially as they continue to
implement the energy work, since as you know, it is very
difficult to do energy work or help anyone without having food or
a roof over one's head. Also through "coincidences" I have been
led into a possible future way to provide anyone with adequate
nutrition, regardless of whether they can "pay" or not.

Yes Peter, you are exactly right. I know what I am doing is
correct, I have known from birth, and I am not worried about
myself...but I do see it being detrimental to those I love. I do
feel as if I'm fluctuating in and out of this realm, I have
almost completely lost all sense of earthly time, I have to force
myself to eat, and it feels as I am in another dimension parallel
to this one.

As far as knowing where my home body is in the universe, I think
that is what I am searching for. Almost 3 years ago I had an
experience, it was not "out of body" I can only describe it as a
"no body" experience. I was in a complete void, there were no
references to anything in the void, not even feelings of bliss,
just an ultimate state of being. This initially seemed to be a
permanent state, but then I felt like I was suddenly made to
re-materialize into something on the earth plane. This created a
state of panic in me, I truly did NOT want to come back to this
plane. In what seemed like an instant and at the same time took
an eternity, I had to think of what I was to re-materialize as.
First whether I was a thing, such as a rock or plant, then
whether I would be an animal, then it progressed to a choice of
human, then male or female, then specific place, time and
physical location such as house, room, furnishings around me,
etc. With each stage of re-materialization I had to mentally
acknowledge what each stage was, this created the panic, because
I had lost the understanding of any of these things, so I
basically had to start from scratch and create this world.

After this event many things started happening in my life at an
accelerated pace, for instance, I was led to go to a bookstore,
literally told which isle to go to, and ask for authors and books
previously unknown to me. When the clerk was having trouble
finding what I needed, I could tell her what other shelves these
books where in, without ever having seen them. The knowledge
started to accelerate at such a rapid pace that sometimes I felt
my head would explode, this hasn't stopped yet. What's more, with
my input of this knowledge, my whole family started to "wake up"
at the same time at an incredible pace.

I learned to just follow my instinct without ever questioning,
many more "coincidences" followed on a daily basis. I was led to
see a "doctor" who has an energy machine which reads the body's
energy to balance dis-ease and prevent future manifestations of
it. Although I looked perfectly healthy, on a scale of 1-10 with
10 being imminent physical death, I was found to be about a 12,
with every organ compromised. The machine also read my state of
mind to be in "Intense Grief", which I attributed to the incident
in which I was made to re-materialize on this plane. Mono-atomic
gold was suggested, among other homeopathic remedies.

Within 30 days, the new machine reading jumped by six levels,
which shocked the doctor. He said that he had only seen this a
few times in thousands of patients, and since he is aware of many
different types of people, he proceeded to test my kinesiology
reflexes. Then he turned to my husband, who was also there, and
told him that both of them were certainly human, and he was sure
of that, but that he was also sure that by what he had seen with
the kinesiology, I was not human. He saw no chips or implants,
but he said that it seemed I may have negative entities attacking
me,he felt they didn't appear to be greys but other entities,
perhaps reptilian. He also saw that one of my sons (I have 3
sons) was being attacked and needed energy healing. When I asked
him what he thought I may be, he told me to research the
Arcturians, which I did, and all of my personality and physical
traits seem to point in that direction, but as far as being
sure...I do not know.

I was introduced to alchemically empowered energy focusing by
aligning with the source, to help rid myself and my son of these
intruders. Initially this worked so quickly in realigning my
energy that I was floating out of body on most days, and even
became unable to drive, because I was not grounded to earth at
all, and could literally not connect with the car. Eventually I
was able to manage my energy a little better and ground myself. I
immediately had a lucid dream, in the dream I saw an entity with
green feline eyes...I was not allowed to look beyond his gaze,
he seemed to be seething about something, then I slowly looked at
his other facial feature, and although blurred, I remember
thinking: "He is not reptilian, he looks exactly like a lion, has
soft fur on his face". I firmly told him "No" to whatever he was
demanding from me, and he instantly disappeared. This happened
only a few more times, once with three entities cloaked with
black robes and hoods so that I could not see their faces, but I
"knew" it was something called "The Council of Three". In all
these instances these parties seemed to be upset that I was not
giving them something or cooperating, and that they had lost
control of me. I always felt that it was an exchange of
information of some kind, since months earlier (prior to seeing
the doctor) I had another lucid that dream I could not
see any particular entities, but I felt as if all these files
(like computer files) were being viewed in rapid succession from
my mind...basically my whole life's knowledge, and my energy was
being completely drained by this process, until I firmly shouted
"Enough, you are taking too much!" at which point it stopped. To
this day I question whether knowledge was being given to me or
taken from me...I felt like it was being taken, since I was
drained of energy, but I am not sure.

After the dream with the "Lion" entity, I did some research
online to try to find what that entity might be, since I had
never heard or seen anything like that before. I found a picture
of a "Nubirian" online and it looked exactly like what I saw.

I have always had guidance, since I was born, and it's only
recently that I came to realize that not everyone has this same
experience, I always assumed everyone had these voices
instructing them. My memory goes back to the day I was born, and
at any given time I was instructed (not by my parents) as to what
I should be doing, or feeling, or thinking. These were always
"labeled" as lessons for future use and knowledge. The voice
instructing me, always seemed "adult" and benevolent in nature,
almost like my future adult self, giving my child self
instructions. The main point was always to remember that
particular point in time and the lesson learned so that I would
not need to repeat that lesson. One of my earliest lessons was to
learn how to walk, I was one...I was told to follow the light.

This all came back to me as an adult, when I fell and bruised my
lower back. I went to see a chiropractor, who had to take an
x-ray to make sure nothing was broken. When he looked at the
x-ray he was very puzzled...he said that I actually was born
with Spina Bifida, which means the base of my spinal column is
not closed and he didn't understand how I was ever able to ever
walk, since kids born with this congenital defect can't walk.

As far as where my home body may be, again I am not sure, but I
think that's what I am searching for is to help me complete and
accomplish what I am doing to best benefit my purpose, since I
feel I am at a turning point in my work, so this is a crucial
point in this life. We have had such negative influences
recently, that I can't take a chance on this turning point being

In looking at your listing of services, I am drawn to the basic
crystal implant removal process. I can send the $100 for this
right now, and we can begin the process if you feel this might be
best for me and my family given what I've told you so far. Or
perhaps, if you feel that the basic session would be best, let me
know. I am not so much looking to shield myself from the negative
forces, but I need my work and purpose to be shielded as well as
my family, and negative blockages removed, since as I said I feel
this is a crucial turning point in my work.

I know we would also benefit from the sound encoding process, but
I don't have the $500 right now, so I need to work on manifesting
it first. Do you need one of the people involved in this process
to physically meet with you, or is it sufficient that at least
one family member be physically located in the US, this is
unclear to me. If meeting with you personally is necessary, than
the expense of travel has to also be added to the overall cost,
so I would need to keep this in mind.

I hope that I haven't taken up too much of your time, please let
me know how I should proceed according to your time-frame, when I
should send the donation, etc.

Thank you,