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thoth - on shasta‏
(through Sue Ann)

Dear Former Wife,

During our lifetime together in Egypt a while back we spent much
time together at Mt Shasta using the portals and doorways of the
Grand Canyon. In fact it was you and I that set up the
interdimensional doorway that is located there. It is much like an
airport but much much more sophisticated.

There is an opening on the north side of the mountain that onlya
few beings are aware of, one that takes you into inside where there
are crystal rooms that transport people, physical objects to other
places or dimensions. This too is the secret Peter has shared with
people about the power of the area surrounding Rennes le Chateau.

Energy is transported in and out as well, but not to be stored
there. This is not a time machine per se, it is more like a stargate
with interdimensional capabilities as well. This is one of many
places we would go to be transported off world.

As we set it up, we also know how to close it down. I will download
what Peter needs to do the work during this week.

Many galactic groups are using this portal for free access to the
planet and closing this off will stop much other worldly agendas.

I appreciate the work the two of you did at the temple yesterday. It
has accelerated my own healing process as it has your own.

I will do all that I am able to do to help you and Peter. Just like
you I want to help right the wrongs I have created.

With much respect and gratitude,