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thoth s bright new day‏
Thoth the Scribe, wrote the story of our reality then placed it
into grids for us to experience and learn through the alchemy of
time and consciousness.\"

An interesting site as we figure out the new place for Thoth in the
Creation story and the changing of the worlds:

An addendum to Volume 9 of the book Where Were You Before the Tree
of Life? will now have to be written for at its writing he was still
the Darth Vader of this whole thing, and as this site explains,
responsible for just about every aspect of the Creation of the
Matrix Itself --the Grand Geometer -- th architect in the Matrix
movies. With his default back to the Light, the Freemasons as wellas
the Mormons will lose their biggest supporter.

\"Reality is myth, math, and metaphor. It is a consciousness computer
experiment in time and illusion created by thought consciousness.
The name Thoth means \'Thought\' and \'Time\'. Thoth was the master
architect who created the blueprint of our reality based on the
patterns of sacred geometry or 12 around 1. The program follows
binary code 1010101 [ON OFF ON OFF - Matter Anti-Matter] and repeats
in cycles called time.\"

Shannon: \"Thank you for this Peter. I can understand now how the
timing of Thoth\'s healing and final rebirth into the light is in
synch with my own because of the strong connecion I have had to him
and what a difference this will make for us all now that he on our
side. I can really feel his heart you know. I can feel his pain and
I can feel his guilt and remorse and also can feel his dedication in
doing all that he can now to do undo what has been done. I can also
feel the cleansing relief he finds in the love of Father who does
not judge him and only loves him. I am so greatful for this.\"