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thoth on denver
Thoth on Denver


The Denver Airport site is the Heart of the New World Order\'s plans
to have the old Phoenix which was Atlantis rise again both in the
physical and in the consciousness of Man. This is the power center
and where all the knowledge is stored. Right now there is no energy
going in or out of the place. It is an island of darkness. The
darkside is scrambling in trying to find a way to reconnect the grid
system to \'fire\' it back up.

The \'Fire The Grid\' day did not have enough organized focus to make
that all happen. They are consolidating as much energy and as many
holding stations as they are capable of getting together trying to
jump start it into functioning. They are unaware of how complete the
damage done is.

Concentrating a large amount of energy in one place will cause it to
back flow into the earth\'s energy field and cause it to blow at its
nearest and weakest point, in this case the Yellowstone caldera.

This is the same type of thinking that caused Atlantis to sink after
much experimentation with the grid and with surges in powering up the
central Atlantean crystal causing massive changes in all of
civilization for such a long time.

This is not going to happen again. This planet will ascend this time.
This repeating pattern will not repeat ever again for the planet and
its neighboring star systems. This hold the darkside has had over
planet Earth will be broken this time.

With much love and admiration for those who choose to serve,