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Thoth on Different Types of Beings
Thoth on Different Types of Beings
7-06-07 through Sue Ann


I am very happy to share my knowledge of the different types of Beings and how this is possible.

There are almost as many different types of people in holographic human bodies as there are species on the planet. There are mammals of all kinds, birds of all kinds, reptiles of all kinds, fish, shellfish, even plant type Beings.
These Beings (other than natural Humans) either take over a human body, with or without permission, or are assigned at birth a human body designated for this purpose. Plus there are those such as the more advanced reptilian beings that can shape-shift their original form into a human form. However this takes much knowledge of rituals and black magic.

Many Beings are anxious to spend time on Planet Earth for many different reasons. Some are sent here to spy, or simply observe and report back to their home planet -- a type of being Peter has already has much experience of. Some come specially to help with the ascension process, some are here to forgive and be forgiven and to make amends; and some because they have nowhere else to go. Each group and individual has their own reasons for being here.

The process for most alien beings in a human form is one of merging the energy of the original form with the human cells. This is why so often the features of the person take on the look of the original form (morphogenic energy form), such as Elvin-type people will have pointy ears, and Bear people will have a solid frame with short limbs and a lot of body hair, etc. This merging actually takes more energy to accomplish than if the person was just Human through and through. Sometimes those who have been sent from another planet on a special mission will receive an energy boost from their home planet to help with this process. This process is holographic in nature though much more complicated then your simple understanding of earthly holograms.

To become fully human one must have accomplished what they came here to do or at least get permission form their own Planetary Council to not finish their mission and be allowed to take on a new form. They must have the old one removed and the new form inserted. They also must want this and ask to have it done. There is only one Being on the planet that can assist with this (through the Light) at this time.

The heaviness of the third dimension is what makes this all possible. All of what you see is the matrix, which is a holographic projection. Seeing only human-looking people is part of that holographic matrix. Plus you are all brought up to see only that which is already seen by your parents. As you move through the fourth and into the fifth dimension and as the matrix collapses more people will be able to see more of the alien form in themselves and in others. This will be one of the things that will make people think they are going crazy.

The technology behind this process is really quite amazing but as I said earlier it is the merging of the alien energy into a biologically formed human; sort of like squeezing a malleable substance into a less malleable mold, and then the operating of that form with alien energy and programming.

Many times this combination is not a good fit and is uncomfortable or downright unhealthy, a sbest exemplified by what you term 'mongoloid' peoples. Often their lifetimes are short as they are biologically incompatible. This is really not a very good system, but so many wanted to come to the planet and not lose their place in their own society by becoming fully human that this was the only way it could be accomplished. This way Beings could remain their own type and at the same time get as close to being Human as possible. They wanted the vicarious experience of being Human without actually becoming Human. Some simply wanted to try it out first before making the final decision, while others had a mission and never intended to become Human.

Many of those who came to the planet for another type mission or for simple observation will be leaving soon as they have no vested interest in the upcoming planetary healing processes. That was their intention all along, simply to observe and report back home. Others have either completed or failed in their missions and will be taken off by their superiors. So many of those that will be leaving the planet in the very near future are not necessarily being banished to another third dimensional colony but simply returning home.
I hope this has been helpful in understanding the complex issue of alien life forms in human bodies on this planet.
Much Love,