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Thoth on Father's day - being prepared
6-17-07 through Sue Ann

Dear One,
Good Morning, it is Father's day in your world, but here it is always
the FATHER'S day, a day of LOVE and change. My experience of the
FATHER is indescribable, and the gift of HIS LOVE and Forgiveness
that I have received is so different from the way I have been for so
long that it is difficult to convey in words.

Surrendering to Higher Will, as you know has taken quite an effort,
as I had my own self-will highly trained. However, like you or
anyone else making the change to Higher Will, I knew it had to be all
or nothing for leaving any little piece of self-will was like leaving
a pieced of moldy fruit in the barrel that would grow and infect the
entire contents. Surrender MUST always be made more important than

The darkside is still trying to take back the planet, so you must
keep your guard up at all times. The energy system of the planet is
growing stronger by the hour but since consciousness is the driving
force of ascension and there are so few conscious beings on the
planet to help her through this process many non-physical Beings have
come to assist in her change. Making the changes at Mt. Shasta has
made the arrival of these Higher Beings and Energies possible. Now
the way is clear for them to arrive safely and in large numbers.
Time is also accelerating greatly as the planet prepares for this

You asked about my (Thoth's) involvement with the creation and
development of the Mormon Church. Yes, that was a very successful
darkside project. It was very easy to take it over from Joseph
(Enjliou) as many people were easily used against Him. Every time he
came to the planet to make a major course correction we were one step
ahead of Him. We had spies everywhere as people are so easy to
corrupt with a promise of a little power and self-gratification. WE
always had our own devoted comrades placed in close around him, so
when the time was right, he could be easily eliminated and his plan
used for just the opposite of what he intended.

Religion has always been the most powerful type of organization on
the planet, as it uses the invisible power source of a īgod.' We
just twisted the basic concept of īgod' into whatever was believable
at the time, and used it to further enslave the very people who
thought it would free them.

He actually succeeded this time around because He did most of the
Work Himself and did not try to organize a large group. His focus
this time was to save the planet and as many people in the process.
That way He was less noticeable and appeared to not be a real threat
until it was too late for the darkside to stop Him. His willingness
to surrender and follow Guidance completely this time is what made it
all happen.

I am very happy we are once again communicating, and I look forward
to the renewing of our relationship, this time in the LIGHT.
With much LOVE,

6-16-07 through Sue Ann

Being Prepared

Dear One,
WE would like to urge all of you to get prepared for the drastic
Earth changes that will soon be upon you.

Developing your moment-to-moment Guidance is the number one most
important thing you can do. Also be ready to leave at moments notice
when told by Guidance. And ask which way is the best way to go.

The habit of asking about every little thing can be developed in as
little as three days if done diligently. Ask about everything; when
to get up, what to wear, what to eat, how to drive to work, what to
say to whom and when or not to say it at all, etc.

The secret to making this work for you is to make your wants
secondary. That is the hard part; giving up what you want. But you
must make wanting Guidance and what Guidance wants for you much more
important than what you think you want for you at that moment.

This is hard to do, but that is all surrendering is; asking and doing
what Guidance wants, whether you want it or not.

With Great Love and constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light