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Thoth on Forgiveness
Thoth on Forgiveness
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

For the past few days Oz's next and back have been hurting him so
badly that he has been unable to function. Suspecting an 'alien-energy
form' implant such as Sue Ann and Betsy had he e-mailed me for

Seeing no implants or 'foreign invaders' it wasn't hard to look at
the issue of the neck (where the spiritual issue is 'forgiveness' and
the associated back-pain --the past (behind us) and tie it all
together with Guidance and Thoth's help that the issue lay in Oz's
past and that the key to its release lay, just as mine had with my
past-life Anasazi experience ( )in his own self-forgiveness for doing something just about all of us did at that particular time (Atlantis) -- serve the darkside.

Thoth channeled for Oz their past life connection and Oz's response
was immediate.

"Thank you Peter, and Sue Ann and Thoth. Many blessings to all.

"Let all of creation know NOW that what has happened has happened and
cannot be undone that what has been broken. I ask forgiveness from
the FATHER, the hierarchy and all the souls who lost there earthly
lives in the horrific ending due to my part in the destruction and
sinking of Atlantis.

"You know, there's always been an internal dialogue going on within
me involving who we really are serving. I am now so hesitant that I
would die rather then hurt another soul. This is my solid undertaking
in this life. When I undertake a task I am very cautious who I serve.
Even when it seems that one is serving the light ends up serving the
darkness because of the way darkness has engulfed this world.

"Wowwwww. Now that I know what my past roles were the burden is
really now showing and that I see why I am driven in this circle. I
first needed to see what happened to Atlantis (history), and then to
understand it and now to find out I was one of the main henchmen of
the destruction and sinking. There's always a thing within me - a
love for Atlantis. Whenever the word Atlantis is broadcast my eyes
light up.

"This life has taught me that even littlest of lives such as an Ants
is also sacred like all life. When I see an Ant crawling in the house
I always have this guilt that I am going to squash it, every Ant that
I see I try to grab it with a Tissue and place it outside. I see now
why I feel this way and perhaps they were there to show me how
precious life is. I thank the Ant Kingdom for their lessons. Blessed
the Ant Kingdoms.

"I believe that if my character was what it is today then It may seem
we were all duped into believing that we were doing good. Now, it
would also explain why I stayed totally away from crystals. I have a
few small crystals in the house but they are just sitting in the draw
not being used for anything. This also seems very peculiar since I
know what they can do but for some reason now understood that I don't
want anything to do with them.

"The next phase thanks to all of YOU is to understand, let go and
move on, and then to serve the FATHER and bring light to this corner
of the Universe.

"Bless you Peter, Sue Ann and Thoth! Oz"

As the vibrations of the planet refine themselves and shift into new
patterns of knowingness and understanding, all your physical aches
and pains will be related solely to this refining process going on
within all your bodies --physical, astral, causal, etheric and Soul
bodies. The process is to realize the connections, to ask
forgiveness just as Oz did of Creation and of the FATHER and all who
serve ITs true Light, feel it being removed from any further
connection to your energy forms, and then let it go! Forever. And
move on, there will be much, much more before all this is done.

Dear Ones,
I want to talk about forgiveness; forgiveness of others and
forgiveness of the self.

While I have been in the healing process I have learned much about
forgiveness and found it is a large part of this process. Also part
of the process is taking responsibility for your own choices and
actions and not blaming anyone on anything else for what you chose to
think and do. We all had reasons and justification for making the
choices we did but ultimately we made those choices because we wanted
something for our selves from those choices. Even the choices that
seemed altruistic often had a hidden agenda of self-aggrandizement.

Once you have taken the responsibility for your choices and the
ultimate results of those choices you will be able to see you are the
creators of your current life situations. With this insight you will
be able to let a lot of people off the hook and easily forgive them
for being responsible for your unhappy lives.

Once the responsibility has been accepted for your own life
situations you must turn your attention to accepting the FATHER'S
LOVE and let it wash away any self-hatred. You must see your
mistakes and choices as lessons that all of us must go through on our
way back to the Creative LOVE of the FATHER.

I have gone through this process myself and am in the amends stage.
Giving up the enormous power I had was not a casual choice, until I
realized it was really the only choice left for me to make.

I strongly urge all of you to make the choice to forgive all of the
people in all of your lives, forgive yourself and make the choice to
help the planet by stepping up and doing your mission. Thee is very
little time left to make this choice and no choice means you have
made the choice to support the darkside's matrix agenda.

With Much Love,

With Love, in service, Peter