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thoth s redemption
Thoth’s Redemption
by Peter Farley and Sue Ann Mikrut

Before dealing with what you will now be getting as more and more
information from a 'healing' Thoth about the changes taking place on
the planet, it would be good to understand that He Himself, along
with Lucifer, is/was the very foundation of that hydra-headed beast
known as the New World Order:

From Volume 9 of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life?

"Thoth was inserted in many tales as the wise counsel and persuader,
and his association with learning, and measurement led him to be
connected with Seshat, the earlier deification of wisdom, said to be
his daughter, who invariably became his wife (Alizcia). Thoth's
qualities also led to him being identified by the Greeks with their
closest matching god - Hermes, with whom Thoth was eventually
combined, as Hermes Trismegistus, also leading to the Greeks naming
Thoth's cult centre as Hermopolis, meaning city of Hermes.

"Thoth is the winged serpent. While Lucifer was the leader of the
Darkside, Thoth was the scientist, counselor and main corrupter—the
Darth Vader, if you will … He was the intelligence that hid behind
the throne waiting to make things happen. He took the spiritual form
of a serpent shaped in the form of a ring [the Ouroboros]. He is a
mantis-like man with many thorns on its arms, and the face of a
bird, and wings. But his energetic pattern is that of a serpent that
eats its own tail, consuming itself. It forms a ring that
contains "power"—Tolkien's Ring of Power. The power is of
articulation through information and having "good" connections.
The relentless search for more power and control by unwary men takes
them into the trap of the serpent. The trap is that they put the
ring on. The information is closed within it and only reveals itself
to those who are trapped within its coils.

"Exactly as in Tolkien's Lord of The Rings - he who wears the
ring of power gains control over all others, yet he is under the
control of the ring and knows no escape from its corruption.
Such is the way of Thoth, he who is the most dangerous corrupter of
all seeking to trap others into darkness, enslaving them so that
they create an army he can manipulate into doing his will without
ever exposing himself to the battlefield or to those he controls.
Thoth, as the Ring of Power role that he plays in Creation, is very
controlling and hard to take out of anyone's hand. Many have died
trying to lose the connection, led into an abyss by their search for
power, trying to break free but without letting go of their
attachment to the wanting of that power.

"Using the ring lets in the power of self-will. It breaks the
soul of the person, the reality of self and that of others as well.
It gives a person connections that are able to control others in the
most terrible manner. This overflow of power is the channeling of
dark energy of the darkest nature and it destroys freedom
completely. It consumes from the inside out, from that place where
greed is in residence.

"In Lord of The Rings, when Frodo used the ring of power he was
rendered invisible. It is an invisibility in the way that the person
is out of reach. The only force able to interfere then is the savage
and powerful self-will. The Eye of Sauron was able to see those who
wore the ring.

"The one that wears the ring rises above others in the level of
power, but then they are under the spell of self-will - equivalent
to the Dark Lord's Eye. The eye is self-will itself. The one with
power is not powerful, he is the channel for the power, he is
controlled by it, and the results are not from his own will but
rather from others of an even darker nature.

"The corruption brought by Thoth's knowledge is the same as what
happened to those that sought to wear the ring. It is an all-
consuming thirst for knowledge that brings power. The ever-existent
Mystery schools that when opened to dark intent were able to create
the darkest images and evil masters to ever walk this planet."

". . . Thoth never wanted to build things that would bring him to
a higher ground spiritually speaking; he only wanted to build those
things which gave him an illusion of power due to his growing
ability to control the various parts of the Universe. This has no
end, and if there is ever one, those who follow him will become
crushed and completely suffocated by the darkness they have created.
They cannot control it, for like the Ring of Power they are instead
controlled by it and believe that it is power, but really it is LOSS
of power. This, they cannot comprehend because of their attachment
to this energy."

Sue Ann's channeling of Thoth yesterday(06/13/07):

What is the most important thing you want to say?

Dear One,
I want all of those who have had a channeling relationship with me
to know that I was masterminding the darkside's plan to enslave all
of Mankind and keep the ascension of the planet from occurring. I was
simply conning them into believing I was working for the betterment
of Mankind, but I wasn't. I was at best wasting their time but most
of the time my instructions were ultimately directed for the
continued enslavement of the planet and her people.

I regret using these simple and trusting Ones, but in my own defense
they should have looked a little deeper or at the very least
questioned my motives. If they had questioned me to any length I
would have backed off and gone on to those more gullible.

It is very important to always insist on the highest guides you can
get and be very aware of any undue flattery or 'specialness' they
attribute either to themselves or to you. Your Guides can Love you
and guide you with gentleness, but be very wary of any Guide that
feeds your ego in any way, shape or form.

It is important now that everyone who wishes to develop their
Guidance do so with much discernment so as not to be fooled and
waste precious time going in the wrong direction.

With much love, Thoth