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To Serve Man - Aliens and the New World Order
To Serve Man - Aliens and the New World Order
by Peter Farley

Now that we pretty much take the existence of aliens for granted, one question still remains: Are the aliens friendly and in service to mankind? Or is it a case of the classic Twilight Zone episode How To Serve Man where the aliens taking the humans off to their home planet under the guise of friendship actually intend to cook them and eat them?

The classic TV mini-series ?V? is probably the most archetypal example of publicized human interaction with aliens. In it the ?friendly? aliens arrive, appropriately enough, from Orion, and gradually take over the government and eventually the whole planet. Zecharia Sitchin?s work supports the idea of the Master race aliens using human beings as nothing more than a slave race. L. Ron Hubbard?s 1980s book and the recent movie from it, Battlefield Earth, echo this same sentiment, much as the X-Files movie and the early series episodes also did. We have gotten away from 1970s idea of the Close Encounters and E.T. kind of friendly alien, the benevolent The Day The Earth Stood Still kind who are on a mission to save us from ourselves.

In a world where news media is king, and every second person a news junky; where every restaurant one now goes to has CNN staring them in the face 24 hours-a-day, it is difficult to focus our thoughts on anything but the negative aspects of life. It is also difficult not to see the comparisons with George Orwell?s vision of Big Brother in his work 1984.

This dark scenario is compelling when one reads of the startling new(old) technology of implanting microchips in humans and everything else to keep track and even control them. The following is a description from the makers website at The italics are mine:

The Digital Angel? transceiver can be implanted just under the skin or hidden inconspicuously on or within valuable personal belongings. When implanted within the human body, the transceiver is powered electromechanically through the movement of muscles. It can be activated either by the ?wearer? or by a remote monitoring facility. The device also can monitor certain biological functions of the human body ? such as heart rate ? and send a distress signal to a monitoring facility when it detects a medical emergency.

Although still in the early developmental stage, we believe Digital Angel? could have an array of beneficial potential applications: provide a tamper-proof means of locating and identifying individuals for e-business and e-commerce security; locate individuals, including children, who are lost or who have been abducted; monitor the medical conditions of at-risk patients; track and locate military, diplomatic and other essential government personnel; determine the location or the authenticity of valuable property; track the whereabouts of wilderness sports enthusiasts (mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, etc.)

The implantable transceiver sends and receives data and can be continuously tracked by GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) technology. The transceiver?s power supply and actuation system are unlike anything ever created. When implanted within a body, the device is powered electromechanically through the movement of muscles, and it can be activated either by the ?wearer? or by the monitoring facility. A novel sensation feedback feature will even allow the wearer to control the device to some degree. The ?smart? device is also said to be small enough to be hidden inconspicuously on or within valuable personal belongings and priceless works of art. This technology is now being dealt with in terms of microns?so small as to be unnoticeable in whatever way it should be given to a person.

The late U.S. Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) Philip J. Corso, co-author of The Day After Roswell, stated that our government has seeded alien technology into the US business community and that he knew because he was the person who helped accomplish the task. This same technology has. However, been used since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis as chronicled in my forthcoming book Where Were you Before the Tree of Life? Both these ancient civilizations were seeded from other planets. This kind of technology came from Orion as a means to reduce the Earth?s populace to a controlled mass?much as it had been used on other planets in their systems in the past, and on the now defunct cultures on Mars and Maldek, the one-time planet which is now the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

Subliminal messaging over our TV screens, recently excused as being ?accidental? by CNN, and over our computer screens, has also been around since the early days of our human existence. Watching people becoming more and more addicted to the cyber-reality of the internet can only be construed as the NET of negative alien and New World Order control closing in on mankind and his future.

That is not to say that there aren?t so many other forms of alien life who aren?t more than willing to be of true service to mankind and the spiritual hierarchy. We, however, have been conditioned by the media, the press, and out government to follow their lead and focus only on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive. We have given up our free will to serve our masters and give our loyalty and our attention to the Dark rather than to the Light. When our governments were offered the opportunity to work many years ago with the Pleiadeans, those who wished to help us, as usual they took the alternate course of making a pact with the Sirians and Orions and those know as the Grays who meant only to mine us as labor and energy sources much as was shown in the recent hit movie The Matrix. Thus we are becoming (or have become) another and infinitely vital power-base for them in the galactic struggles that have been going on for untold millennia.

What can we do? The New World Order is here and now. There is no doubting that. The technology which has been pandered to us as being for our benefit is only serving to capture and enslave us. And we, as a species, have accepted it blindly and willingly?not wishing to be responsible for our own decisions or to lose some of our ?god-given? creature comforts. Where has all this led us? It has given us all so much more free time that we can only work harder and longer hours to fill it, often in an effort just to meet the bare necessities of life. Or, on the other hand, it has freed us up to sit like zombies in front of some type of screen?TV, movie, computer, or even windshield screen?and be intravenously fed with messages which take our basest human desires and use them as an element of control?offering to fulfill even our most perverse and unnatural desires.

E-mails speaking of feelings of impending change, or of doom, or of coming difficult times pass across my computer desk every day. And they are right. Something big is about to occur. Like the famous words from the prophetic movies 2001: A Space Odyssey and its subsequent sequels ??Something is about to take place?something wonderful.? But this something will also be very terrifying should we not let go of our old worn-out ideas of security and normalcy. The old ways have not worked and have, to use an appropriate metaphor, only been a screen or fa?ade anyway. The new world will not support such out-moded ideas anymore, and though the New World Order and their Masters think they have won this battle ?it is only a temporary reprieve from eventually losing the war.