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To Serve or not to Serve - and How?
To Serve or not to Serve -and How?
by Peter Farley

?Subtle influence in its negative sense?collusion?holds restrictive limit cycles together, but in its positive sense is vital for keeping open systems renewed and vibrant. The metaphor of chaos gives us a new subtle way of thinking about the difference between beneficial and malignant influence.

?The subtlety begins with the fact that butterfly power is, of its nature, unpredictable. We lock into society?s feedback loops in so many different ways that it?s as difficult to guess the long-term effects of our actions as it would be to predict next month?s weather.? (Seven Life Lessons of Chaos?Spiritual Wisdom from the Science of Change, by John Briggs and F. David Peat)

Even the ascended Masters have given up prophesying what will happen over the next few years because of the very fact that there is so much free will coming into play as people make their choices (or not) during this current time of change, that even the Masters cannot give definitive answers as to what will take place. I know with my own guidance (the true Spiritual Hierarchy), a common answer to many of my questions lately is often ?It depends . . .? What happens depends on what the individual and group consciousnesses decide to do, the group consciousness being made of so many butterflies that even it can change over a very short period of time.

One thing is for sure, the ascension process is going forward. Creation cannot be allowed to be endangered from this process not continuing. Some of my other articles speak to the issue of what is taking place here on planet Earth and how it ties in with not only galactic and Universal changes, but changes in Creation, in and of Itself.

Even the fact that the ?general consciousness? of this planet has decided not to go forward with the ascension process has been changed recently as the bar has been lowered for the ascension process, and the general consciousness has been uplifted by the work of just a few individual people here on the planet Earth.

The true secrets of surviving and being of service here in the coming days upon the planet rest with three simple premises:

1) Make your own inward choice as to which ?God? you serve?the ?God? of your own heart which tells you IT is limitless and nothing less than pure Love; or the God of earthly religions with all its guilt trips and fear mongering (the round peg or the square hole).

2) Build your faith in that God of your own heart and in yourself. Know that it is a bountiful Universe. Use as your personal mantra, ?I have what I need for today, I will have what I need for tomorrow.? Since we cannot predict what will happen down the road, if we know to take care of the work today, then we have done our best

3) And in having done our best, we will know to let go of attachment to results, that we have done what we were called upon to do, and the results are then left up to Spirit and the Higher Will to resolve. Anything we are attached to in the 3rd or 4th dimensions will only delay the process of ascension. Let go and let Spirit do the rest.

Remember you came into this lifetime with all the skills you need to complete your missions. You have only been honing those skills in your current lifetime for the moment coming sooner than you think when you would most be called upon to do the true work of this lifetime. Know you are so dearly loved and cherished and honored for your commitment to serve here, in this Creation?s hour of need. Do the work and have faith that all else will be added unto you. You may not always have what you want, but you will always have what you need. Do not block that flow.

You are so dearly and grandly loved, and you are never ever alone.
The end?And a new beginning.