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Today's timewave - Oct 22 2006
Today's timewave
by Peter Farley

I experienced the new timewave coming through Florida about 11 AM. If some of
you felt some effect from it in your own area Guidance would appreciate your
sharing it.

All I could do was cry. Don't know yet how it effected things but
with every new timewave the future is changing, particularly as more
and more work gets done in shutting down the defensive machinations
of the NWO along the grid. Hope it all helps lessen how bad this is
going to be for everyone but that too is belongs in the realm of
individual choices. I would not trade one moment of the pain I go
though in mys ervice for all the w3ealth I see aroudn me here in
Florida. It's just things and things have no future for anyone,
especially for these miserable reptilians down here.

Like no other place, SE Florida makes me feel like I'm livin a scene
from the mini-series V with all those in power and with all the
wealth the reptilians in human disguise or humans in a reptilian
wannabe state or too, those who are their mentors --the Orions and
the like.

We have one more grid point down here to do after ones I did in Las
Vegas, Denver International Airport, Oklahoma City, eastern
Oklahoma, Hot Springs AK, Biloxi MS, and five specific ones around
the center of the old Atlantean capital located off the coast of
Jensen Beach , Florida.

I don't know fully yet what the results will be but anything right
now will help with what is about to take place. Again a warnign for
those living in or around the cities of orlando FL and Portland OR.
These two towns have little or no future to speak of in the not too
distant future.

L and BW, Peter

And Happy Spiritual New Year . . . October 22nd.


Hi Peter. I wonder if what you felt is related to what I went through today. The main reason I have doubts is that it happened almost an hour later. I was up all night so I was sleeping in. It was noon, Eastern time, and I woke with a churning stomach and sense of dread. It's possible the feelings from the preceeding hour built up to cause the stomach upset and I only felt it enough to wake me up an hour later, I don't know. But there was also a night last week that was really bad. It was early in the week, Monday or Tuesday overnight. The feeling of despair and dread for an upcoming event was deep and awful. I don't know if anything is occuring in Northeastern Pennsylvania or if these feelings came from elsewhere but they were strong and foreboding.

Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for though art crunchy and taste good with tomato sauce.._,___


Thanks for the update regarding your continuing efforts for us ALL.
After getting home from work yesterday afternoon I experienced a level
of physical fatigue/lethargy/dis-ease that resulted in my going to bed at
6:30 P.M. and not getting up until 6:00 A.M. this morning.
I held the thought in mind that I would not become ill and that this
would pass as it seemingly has.
I actually had a very relaxed(physically and emotionally) weekend and
could not attribute yesterday^s reaction to fatigue or emotional stress.
I will go within to gain more understanding regarding yesterday^s


Hello Peter,
I am curious to know more about the warning for those in Portland, OR.

Natalie Dart

Natalie, I've just passed thru Portland a lot lately and spent most of December
there working and resting up and Guidance just kept saying 'this is the most
dangerous city on the contimnent." Wakeing up each morning to a view of Mt Hood
I can only suspect the activity of Mt St. helen's is just an idication of what
is taking place below that area. One good pyroclastic flow would wipe out much
of that area along the rivers. Strangely enough Seattle seems to be a safer
place in Their view, though so much is going to happen sooner or later to every
place along with gerat changes in every aspect of our lives. perhaps someone who
is doing their daily channeling can get something more specific right now until
I can give it some focus. L and BW, Peter


Re: Today's timewave

Here's something we lived to experience approximately on the other
side of the globe and approximately 1-2 hours before.

It was about 10pm-11pm in Melbourne, Australia when a tremour of 2.7
occurred right near the neighbourhood. We were discussing with my
wife about people and how cruel some mothers can be. We are a very
peaceful people (me,my wife and 2 children), we never gossip, we
never do any harm to anyone, we love everyone that is in contact with
us, and we love all children who are around us. We send everyone
energy of love etc. But, for some unknown reason we are always
attacked (non-physically) either verbally through gossip or the way
of the old evil eye (spiritual attack). At exactly few minutes
before the treamour I was discussing with my wife on the reality of
the whole matter of life (karma, spirituality, your outside world is
a reflection of your inner world and so on) and that you are being
attacked because your inner world is not letting go of it. So the
next few minutes were unreal. I wish I had a video cam to record the
whole situation.

My wife is one who is kind in heart, a really great soul to be
around. Always and always will treat everyone with respect. On this
occasion she was emotionally building from inside (heart) like a
volcano ready to errupt. THe energy in the room intensified so high
that I just decided to listen her heart out. It was so emotional I
never saw her like that, she is so hurt from negativity that is in
the air from around. Anyway, the energy was so intense that I just
let her go on, it was almost a full minute, when she was ready to
errupt, bang! - we felt a tremour 22nd of October, 2006, (didn't
record the time, but it was after 10:30pm close to 11pm - the
children are in bed by 10pm) , the tremour was unreal - I almost
thought she was the cause - but whatever anyone says the tremour was
precisely the moment of erruption (emotional) of emotions I have
ever witnessed and to feel the aftershocks at the same time.
Increadible, a coincident, Peter?

mind yo our spiritual new year did start with a bang.

Melbourne, Australia is 10hours plus from greenwich mean time.
Florida, US is -5Hrs

So when its 11am in Florida 1am in Melbourne. Close Time. We felt
it at about 9am florida time. If you look at the globe - Melbourne
is approximately on the opposite end of the globe from Florida. Just
some thoughts. It may seem that the wave could have originated from
this end of the globe(?).

Peace and understanding to all.



A testimonial from the other side of the ocean...

Reading your words, I had to put under a different light
an experience I had the night between 21 and 22 october
here in Italy.
I was sleeping after an evening of good eating with friends
and suddenly I woke up in a bath of sweat.
I thought it was the effect of eating but it was too strong,
I tried to keep calm and "listened" to this wave of heat
that was crossing my body.
I precisely felt it rising from my feet and coming up to my head
and my hand fingers. It was not a bad feeling, but quite strange
and repeated more times. In the morning I was both exhausted
and charged with a new kind of energy.
I must say that being 50 years old I could be in that part
of the feminine cycle that brings experiences such as excessive heating
and hunger of air, but this time it was really impressive.
In these days in Italy we are experiencing an extraordinary wave
of warm, temperatures are very high, almost if we were in end
of summer time.
And personally I often feel strange vibrations under the skin
(like a bopdy earthquake...) and an increased urge
of letting all things (Job, house, town) go...
Again, it could be the end of a cycle,
but I think it's something different,
and greater...

hugs to all of you