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Tomorrow's God, Earth Changes and Illegal Debt
Tomorrow?s God, Earth Changes and Illegal Debt
The following is an excerpt from a channeling by a time-traveler from the future, named Vajra. While obviously everything in this channeling is not true since events do change depending on the Higher Will and the Free Choices of Mankind, Vajra does confirm some things I have been saying to people for a long time, and some of the aspects of the coming earth changes are definitely correct as seen from what we know now to be predicted events of the very near and present future..
Again, one must realize that just as there are alternative futures depending on our choices, the past can also be changed which shall then affect the present time. A very good movie that address this subject is Frequency with Dennis Quaid. Vajra also mentions this phenomenon.
The work also addresses a popular theme these days summed up in the title to Neale Donald Walsh?s new book, Tomorrow?s God.
The following is an exact transcript of a Tibetan Time Transference performed before an audience of approximately 700 people on Saturday, August 27, 1994 at the Learning Light Foundation, Anaheim, California.
. . . VAJRA: The term as used is a knowingness that all of us have. It is a knowingness of who we are. It is a knowingness of our place. It is a knowingness of never having not known the Creator. Of never having not known the Grandmother, the Grandfather, the Creation and the Great Mystery of all that is around us.
?It is not a question of now; us being separated. The Immanuella is simply the highest manifestation of this force on the planet, but each one of us knows the joy, knows the light, knows the power, of this communion. . . We understand.... the balance of that spirit, and are all striving to become . . . God Knowing Ones.
?We understand that the mind is the builder from the sayings of the past. We understand that that which is created in the mind instantaneously begins to manifest in our reality and so we must be very careful about that which we think, about that which we manifest. Even these trips through time that I have experimented with, I have had to work for many days sometimes to rework my own vibration back to the level of the consciousness that we have achieved **, up from where I have been in the past. I - shock, I fear, I fear....there is a disturbing residue from visiting a time as dense as yours. I have been left ill for many days after such travel.
**This addresses the issues of higher dimensional being coming back to planet earth and instead being caught up in its dense physicality.
DOUG: Okay. Can you tell us a little bit more about the religious structures? Are the same churches carried forward into your time?
VAJRA: That which you call church ...... has little meaning to me. We all live within the Realm of the Consciousness. There are those, however, that do not, who live in the Wastelands. There are those who are more of the ?technical? than of the soul. I have visited these outposts on certain occasions and have not found them pleasant at all.
?There are many now who live beneath the oceans in technical cities. There are many now who live in homes and houses on the Moon, but they are of a technical nature. We represent a spiritual community. Spiritual communities which were formed some 20, 30 to 40 of the old solar years before the Great Recounting - these communities.... words.....shock.... The communities that you speak of.... that I live in.... words escape. They are simply of a knowingness. We understand where we have been. We understand where we are going. We are getting more and more who are raising up to the vibrations; more and more who are joining us every single day as they graduate upwards in the vibration and in the frequency. It is very hard for us here, in many of the places on this now damaged Earth, to maintain the proper vibration in order to make the food grow, in order to make the rains come, in order to do all of the things that we do. We must be very, very careful about our own energies, about the forces that exist within us - and at some points, whom we share this energy with.
?The religions that you speak of are still practiced in many places around the world, but they are very much practiced by those who are still relying on exceptionally crude technical means and assistance in order for them to eek out the survival under which they live. We have a philosophy which we do not voice, but could be called ?The Way,? could be called, or was called in the old times, ?The Keepsake? of that which was many thousands of years ago. It is a deep understanding that All Is One, and we try to live life without the ?Veil? between ourselves and the Creation.
?We have a direct connection and understand that within our bodies is the sun, within our bodies is the air, within our bodies.... our bones are the bones of the earth, that the ocean is the blood which runs through us. And so we are connected very, very steadily with the force and the energy that comes with the earth and so because we are connected with that we see the connection of the Generator, Operator, Destroyer, the ?G.O.D.? that exists within each and every one of us and because of this, we connect with each other. We see the Generation and Operation and Destruction of the spirit within each one of us. We understand that we create the reality in which we live. That each one of us is the center of the universe from our own particular unique point of view - and as such, we act and interact - understanding that we ourselves are God, which creates all reality and we give respect and unconditional love to others because we understand that they, within and of themselves, are also the microcosm of the universe; are also the Generators, Operators and Destroyers of their unique reality.
?Many of the religions that you speak of, the old churches, were shattered with .... with .... Day One. They were shattered with the coming of and the viewing of the ships. We had to adjust much of our thinking to understand finally where it was that we have been. Our children now are born without the ?Veil?. They understand their past lives. They understand where it is that they have been. This is the only thing that makes this type of communication as we are now having possible... my understanding of knowing where I was and who I was.
(Similarly, some understandings given throughout this five-volume set have only been made possible because of my own part in these events.)
?I am here with you now because I honor the memory of my grandfather. I do not do this for any sort of self-aggrandizement. It causes us both great pain, even though it is extremely edifying. My grandfather has requested that I come, and because of my great respect for him I come to you. But I also understand that I have been many other things in the past as well, that many of those who have chosen to incarnate around me now, in some cases I have killed them in a life, or they have killed me. But it is not something that we take .... shock.....word? .... ?personally? - anymore.
?We understand that we are the ?Om-Ma-Ne-Pa?d-Ne-Hum?, we are the Soul Shards. That I am not this form, I am not in essence male or female or white or come from the North American Union. I am an essence, and as such we begin as uncut diamonds, as raw lumps, and it is by the bludgeoning and the striking of that diamond across many lifetimes, that molds us, that allows us to have these many, many facets. And that each time we leave or shuffle off a physical vehicle such as this we go upwards and onwards and a blow is struck that further helps us to reflect the light of that which is the Creation.
?That sun which we see in the sky is very much a tube if you will, a tunnel that leads to the center of the universe, that leads to the center or the Great Omniscient, Omni-Father who resides at the geographic center of all time and space and so our lives become a prayer.
?We gave up the idea - even though we do have gatherings-and they are the most important thing to us- we gave up the idea of being sacred and/or holy in one particular place - although there are places of power that must be empowered. We understand that we must pray in motion, that we must meditate in motion, that we must - in all that we do - manifest the Generator, Operator, Destroyer within us - manifest the essence of the ?Is? within all of us (**within motion - to stop moving (beyond resting) is to be un-creative).
. . . DOUG: You mentioned about population. What is the population at your time in the world?
VAJRA: As I speak from my time it is 1.8 billion, approximately.
DOUG: 1.8 billion. Okay. You talked about Earth changes, and changes in our country. A lot of people living here in California are concerned at this time because there are a lot of people that talk about waters coming in over the land; parts of California disappearing beneath the ocean. Can you tell us has this happened? And if so, when it happens?
VAJRA: Om. I have tried to make a study of this history before I came so that I could be of service to your curiosity. There is no part of your planet from my perspective that remains unchanged. California, however, is still here. It is part of a greater state called Calineva, which is part of what is left of the old country, city-state of California and sections of what was called Nevada, and portions of the lower sections of what in the old times was called Arizona.
?There were great cracking fractures that occurred from the southern part of South America that began to crack the western coast. These came directly after eruptions of many volcanoes. Eruptions of volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest, eruptions of volcanoes in parts of Mexico, which are now underwater, eruptions of volcanoes at the tip of the new land mass where many are settling now, which we call New Atlantis, in the areas that were once called Bermuda and the Lesser Antilles and the areas that are now a chain of islands off where Florida once was. Florida is now a continuation of that island chain. The center part of America is the least changed from these many changes. California is still here in my time. It has broken into three great islands of which there are waterways that exist running across the center part of that country and the great cities that were on the coast, however, were destroyed. The city of Los Angeles still exists in my time. There is no longer a San Francisco on the coast, however, it has moved inland by 50 miles. The city of Old Seattle is now in the center sections of that state which was called Washington, but that entire area now is called Eden, which is a combination of the old States of what was called Washington and Oregon.
DOUG: Okay. Can you remember when the splits started occurring in California?
VAJRA: The dating is hard as the years are different. This is 1994 with 365 days. By my calculations, the great fractures would begin in 1998, in the Northern Parts, Eden ( Washington), with also great quakes in Colorado and Wyoming. The greater problems begin with great flooding across Europe and the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest in the Americas in 38 to 37 B.I., which would be....(thinks) 1996 to 1997. But as I said this is only when it all begins in earnest. The flooding worldwide becomes greater with each year as the rains and snows do not stop! Across the world water rises and great changes in temperature begin to effect the Pacific and Atlantic jet streams and wind patterns. There is more to be feared by this gradual rising of the water than of the quakes. The water rises and simply never returns to normal, as the rivers go back to their ancient courses, regardless of man?s efforts.
DOUG: Was there a lot of death during this process of the breaking up?
VAJRA: Om. Although we do not see it as such. Many were ?Translated? as we say, but they will return if it is their Karma to do so. However, there were great warnings. There was a consciousness, there was a communication, that took place. There were those who were listening to the Elders, and listening to guides who fled to the center parts of the United States, and who fled inland many months before these great fractures and floods began to occur, and so the.... it is hard to explain. There was much loss of life. Yes. And there was much loss of life all over the world. It was here in the NAU that the least loss of life occurred across the planet. There were the two great fractures... in the west of the San Andreas and along the New Madrid fault line in the east. There were inundations of the place of the Shumosh (Washington, Oregon) and inundations in that which was Florida to make way for the rising of the new continent which is called New Atlantis.?
Also, because of the great worry over ever-increasing debt in everyone?s lives, I was also asked to once again add this part of an earlier article to this posting:
From Zero Point Time and the healing of the Human Form:
?Perhaps the number one way in which we are controlled is in our basic day-to-day struggle just to survive. When we are forced into focusing on the small energy-draining events of modern-day life and keeping up with the Jones (whoever we perceive them to be) then often we do not have time to focus on the grander scheme of things or the reasons why we are here. Releasing such worries and attachments is best described here in excerpts from a channeling by Sandy:
?. . . All such enslavement is related to attachment between the etheric body and the person, place or object that one is attached to. Such attachment is gradually released as one lifts up in vibration and ascends, causing the cords to be severed, allowing one to become free. As one is freed, one may not pay the bills any more, or the taxes, or one may leave the marriage, leave the family, and leave the friends that they do not love behind, and move to a place that brings their heart joy. And this all is the result of pent-up change from one?s ancestry. .
?. . . From our perspective, giving and receiving is so far out of balance in the human dance that a radical shift shall occur. Such is the nature of pent-up change, to the degree it has been pent-up, to that degree of extremity the rectification shall be. Your financial institutions are functioning under a false umbrella of seeming wealth. The wealth is sustained only as the masses continue to pay upon the credit, or continue to use the credit, or continue to believe in the high cost of living and housing and pay upon the mortgage.
?What if the masses suddenly refuse to pay? What then? It shall all collapse. And humans shall refuse to pay and leave such homes and debts behind the further that they ascend, as ascension brings about freedom from all that enslaves one?s current life expression.
**Please pay very close attention to the next lines of the channeling for it reinforces what has come through me before about the environmental hazards involving water and the chemtrail phenomena, as well as reinforcing what I wrote recently explaining alien energy forms and their connection to Mad Cow Disease and many other illnesses:
?. . . What if you discover that your governance is adding viruses to the water to make the masses ill and keep them subservient? What if you discover that your governance is utilizing vibration to hold the evolution of the masses down? What if you discover that your governance had information that could heal most diseases, but refuses to share it out due to the desire to control the populace? What if you knew that your governance held blueprints for technological development that is magnetic and in resonance with Earth, but shelved it for their own greed? Think this is not so? Look again. Lift the veils beloved, and look. This is so, and soon those whom know it to be so shall speak their truth and there shall be a mass correction towards those in governance responsible for such things. . .
?. . . Blind trust and faith are related, but not the same. Faith is founded upon blind trust and that in the blind trust of another, one has faith that they shall work in one?s best interest or knows better than oneself. The slave race only knew Gods that were really mortals whom were not God at all, but a distorted human form. In order for the slaves to continue to perceive the mortals claiming themselves God to be God, one would have to have faith that this is so. It is for this reason that this particular thought-form was added to the slave race in their genetic manufacturing . . .
?. . . Expectation is so great in the current human dance that many humans never step outside of the expected norm for their particular life expression. ?
In Service, Peter