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too much heart . . .Points of Light 1
Points of Light

Everyday as Guidance has me work with various people new little things come up that are endemic in people´s quest for true spirituality and therefore need to be addressed either for the first time or again and again as new people start their search. Here are some of the recent points that Guidance wants to address:

· Too much heart . . . In a world where the mental is accentuated and the quest for the balance of heart and mind in true spirituality seems to be ignored, the problems facing those who are too mental are obvious. Since people with ´too much heart´ are rarer to encounter, their problems with finding balance are not as readily noticed, nor dealt with to any extent in the spiritual literature. Too much heart, without the balancing male factor of a 1/3 mind mix, means a person usually lacks the discriminatory aspects of judgement that tell a person with whom and when to share those heart energies. It also makes it very difficult to get much done in a positive direction because one tends to lack the essential ´will-power´ to get one moving in a positive direction and keep them moving forward, using those qualities of heart in a positive, balanced fashion. Many of these people with ´too much heart´ tend to be doormats for just about anyone in their lives, and particularly for their handlers and controllers from the other side of the fence.

Having ´too much heart´ is not a lesson many of us have to deal with in this lifetime, but strengthening the Will (centered in the thymus – located directly below the throat chakra in the center of the upper chest region) takes more work than simply thinking more. It takes a concerted effort to make a decision and stick with it and not to waiver in the face of all the odds aligned against one holding firm to this decision.

Tough love is directed heart, doing what is best for the other persons involved even if it does not appear to be the gentlest, kindest way of dealing with their issues. A Master always gives the student the lessons he or she NEEDS, not the lessons he or she WANTS. Thus many of these lessons may appear on the surface to be ´unkind, hurtful, mean, or simply very, very tough´ on the person. They are however done out of the highest type of love available, true spiritual love that wishes only the best for the other people involved and the type of love that wishes to see them strong, healthy, balanced, aware individuals.

Achieving directed heart energy can be helped by using ´I Will´ statements, by making concrete statements instead of the maybes and perhaps´s that tend to dominate a wishy-washy person´s vocabulary. Just as a mental person needs to work with ways to learn to express the spontaneity and emotion coming from their heart, so too does the heart-centered person need to work with stick-to-itiveness, the art of making a decision and sticking with it against all odds, providing it is the right decision.

The easiest way for both the mental and the heart-centered person to find that perfect balance of spiritual qualities is to connect with their own Guidance and follow that Guidance as it leads them to making ever stronger decisions and giving them the strength to follow through , in spite of all the forces lined against them.