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triggering cell immunity addendum and cd offer
Triggering Cell Immunity – Addendum and CD Offer
by Peter Farley

If you haven’t got the inner message yet, Guidance is asking, suggesting, pushing people to get healthy right now in preparation for what’s about to happen worldwide.

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010
“I feel like I need to share with you what it is guidance is having me do. They are instructing me to practice energy manipulation everyday; to sit with the FATHER's and Mother Earth energies and to feel them flowing, and to explore my personal energy grid in order to open, repair and release anything stagnant, to heal all connections, and to bring up my entire grid to fully functioning capabilities that this practice will lead to being able to do this while engaged in other distracting activities.

“There is the sense that this is mostly for practice, that I need to be very good at it for future needs and to be able to do it for other people. Oh, and to HU while doing it. That being fully aware of my personal grid will enable me to better identify outside interferences to it and knowing this should be better able to help others.

Love, Light, and Sound, Betsy

Peter: Before I was led by Guidance to write this series of articles on Triggering Cell Immunity, before I had even read Mr. Richman’s work, Guidance had already had me use certain types of music to assist me with getting rid of energetic forms that attached to me throughout the day. They then had me create a CD of 14 songs in a very specific order that would, THEY said, trigger the opening of my own individual cell immunity. The music is from 9 different recording artists and lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes.

Upon first using the CD and listening to the music - out loud – so that my whole body was exposed to the music’s vibrations, I felt very uncomfortable and it was difficult to stay in its presence as I felt so many different things going on in my energy field, particularly around my chest, my thymus (seat of white blood cell immunity) and heart my chakra.

Each time I listened to the ENTIRE CD it got a little easier and of course I found myself even singing many of the songs in quiet moments. The rare blood poisoning I had contracted is not yet ‘healed’ so to speak, but the evidence of it on my skin as appreciably improved and there is a definite strengthening of my gums and other areas of my body.

Ann was the second person to use the music CD Guidance created and sent me the following e-mail after a few days of using it:

From: ann m. (
Sent: Thu 6/03/10 5:37 PM

Peter, this is fascinating and exciting , with such a lift of Spirit. Thank you for sending these to me.

Day 4 listening to the Triggering Cell Immunity CD:

Today the experience was felt more holistic-whole body/mind/spirit
Previously sensation and feeling and emotion moved around in locations. This separation of anything wasn't experienced today except as openings. The Sound is a balm of healing. Can you imagine if this was radiated out through the aethers?

Each day, I am strengthening. I thank you/Guidance .
It was wonderful to share and be with you again. Will be in touch, love, ann

No, I do not own the rights to the songs, but Guidance would like me to make copies of the CD available on a limited basis for those who cannot use their Guidance to create their own.

Here are Howard Richman’s suggestions for creating your own healing CD, but the power of what the Spiritual Hierarchy have created for me and others is the Highest available at the time and under the current circumstances. Some of the songs are ‘surprising’ choices but the effects they have appear to open up the body’s energy field, do whatever it is they do, and then the final songs close things up and repair what has been changed about the auric field. That’s the best I can describe what appears to take place, with each subsequent listening strengthening the entire process of body immunity triggering.

Guidance suggests you listen to the CD fully as Richman describes with the ‘entire body’ at least 6-7 times ALL THE WAY THROUGH over the course of a week long process of healing. In the car while driving is NOT recommended as the mood is not conducive to whole body participation. Partial playing of the CD do not count. Subsequent listening only reinforces what has already taken place by then.

The cost for the CD is $25 which includes snail mail charges to any place in North America. Payment can be made through the Donation section of my website at or if done by mail you need to e-mail me for a snail mail address and instructions at

Howard Richman’s 11 free tips to Using Music for Transformation & Healing

These 11 tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing and to support recovery, meditation and spiritual growth. Most particular to triggering cell immunity through the use of selected musical pieces is sequencing, what Richman calls ‘entrainment’ - “All music can be healing especially when it is played in sequence using the entrainment principle.

1 - Select Appropriate Music.
Most of us choose music that we “like” but will this give us the best results? In fact, often the music we are least attracted to will have the greatest benefit (when played in the right sequence). Let’s say you are very angry. So your first instinct is to put on some really angry music. Does it really help, or does it kind of perpetuate how you feel? Yet, on the other hand if you play some light and happy music, by comparison to how you are currently feeling, it will probably make you feel angrier! As you see, selecting music is not a simple one-shot process.

2 - Consider Music Sequencing.
Sometimes it is necessary to first choose music that totally matches your current mood rather than the mood you wish to acquire. Consider arranging a series of different musical compositions in sequence that are customized just for your needs. For example, if you are dealing with depression, select a composition which represents depression in its extreme form, to you. Follow this with one that is only mildly depressing. Then select a neutral composition, and end with a composition which is clearly uplifting and motivating. Listening to music in a sequence like this allows for your current stress level or mood to be first honored and then to be gradually transformed.

3 - Speakers Are Ideal.
It is ideal to listen to the music through speakers rather than headphones so that the cells of the entire body themselves may “listen” to the sound.

4 - Prepare Yourself to Listen.
Take off your shoes. Stand relaxed, sit or lie down and breathe.

5 - Listen All the Way Through.
It is preferable to listen to the musical composition all the way through, without interruption. This allows for the optimum response to the transformation process.

6 - Foreground, Not Background.
We all have the tendency to use music for the background of other activities. Try developing the technique of just listening to the music, not doing anything else. This way, you will get the best benefit.

7 - Your Response is What is Important.
It is through your response that the emotional/cellular memory may be released. Do not think that you have to just stay still and concentrate on the music! In fact, if the music inspires you to get up and do something or your mind begins to wander, allow, allow, allow! Allow all responses without judgment. On the other hand, do not begin listening to the music while you are already doing other unrelated activities. The important thing is to let the music embrace you totally.

8 - Listen Actively, Not Passively.
Allow the music to reach your inner feeling, and respond freely to it. Everyone has a different manner of expression. You may experience visual images, thoughts, movement, an intensification of emotion, physical vibrations, sleep, or nothing at all.

9 - Observe Mind/Body Connection.
A lot of research has been done recently showing that there is a definite connection between the mind and the body. (Actually this refers to the emotions too but it sounds succinct to say “mind/body.”) Even though music healing is often related to relaxation and emotional issues, there is the likelihood that this indirectly could have a benefit on physical illnesses as well.

10 - Enjoy the Silence!
When the music stops, it is suggested that you bask in the silence for many moments. This will help integrate the feelings.

11 - Use a Journal.
If you wish to record your progress in a journal, it can be helpful, but not necessary.