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triggering cell immunity - part 11
Triggering Cell Immunity - Part 11 - Scalar Warfare, Pandemics and Soul Signatures

By Peter Farley www.4truthseekers. org

Much like the Star Wars scenario it mimics, it was after the Mars-Maldek wars that Earth finally fell fully under the grasp of the darkside. The scenario we currently face here on Earth was prepared over a long period of time through many events, on other planets and in other galaxies. The Orion-led invasion led to dominion over Maldek (the current asteroid belt) and the beginning of this solar system's enslavement.

As the Orions came to the planet Maldek, its population easily gave way to the seduction of Orion men, and so the planet's alignment shifted to that of the Dark Side.

The original Maldek population was of Sirian descent, free people in the Light, partially isolated from the Orion-Sirian alliance that had been taking place in their own home system. This time they were quickly converted to both technology and control by Self-Will energy. They chose to give up their freedom in order to gain power. Greed to take dominion over the rest of this system also played a great part in their decision, that and the fact that they would either help the invaders or simply be pushed away by their more powerful and advanced brothers.

Maldek became dark, and a great jump in terms of technological advancement turned the once clean and peaceful planet into a war machine.

The inhabitants of Mars, who were of Pleiadean descent, were aware of the Orion-Sirian occupation of Maldek. They attempted to make peace treaties but the Sirian Dark forces made it plain that they had no intent to become allies. The Mars planet was to surrender its territory and its people immediately or they would be conquered, with the possible total destruction of their civilization.

Mars had no war technology but they were connected to their Pleiadean parents and brothers. Mars called out for Pleiadean help, and the Pleiades sent 3115 ships to help with what was then taking place in the Solar System. The Pleiadeans already knew that this was going to be far more than just a two planet war.

Tensions built up and then came the Mars - Maldek war. Using merkaba technology, Maldek created a higher dimensional structure around itself like a shield, and used it against Mars. This resulted in disruption of the planet's auric stability and brought even more imbalance to its darkside inhabitants. Maldek was now a dark planet with big guns and no one on the helm.

They managed to destroy Mars' atmospheric balance, making it impossible to live in. They used bombs that caused chain reactions, turning the atmospheric breathable gas into toxic air. It was a quick process and many Martians died. Pleiadean ships were forced to take action in destroying Maldek as there was no other way to stop the war for next they had aimed to take over Earth and this could not be allowed to happen.

Maldek's Dark Army proceeded to further magnify the energy they were able to create using its merkaba reactors. They did this in a first desperate attempt to beat the Pleiadean star fleet. Before they knew it the planet became shattered on a multidimensional level and became what is now known as the asteroid belt.

Maldek's Dark Commanders did not summon help because they had been arrogant and confident of their success. Those of Maldek who survived would be chased by Pleiadean inter-dimensional forces, and took shelter on the Sirian bases present on Earth.

Before being destroyed, both planets had built bases here on Earth for collecting resources and having escape route options.

Most of the Pleiadean fleet returned to their home system as the war was done with and the nature of the conflict no longer required such a large military presence.

While Pleiadean people developed above ground civilization on Earth, Sirian Maldek people took the underground as their home and began the hidden presence that remains to this day on many deep caverns on different continents, especially Africa.

It is easy to see the connection now. The Orion-Sirian alliance turned Maldek into a war planet, pulling Mars into its dark storm. Both planets were `destroyed' but there are dark energies now surrounding every asteroid present in the `Asteroid Belt.'

This brought further colonization to Earth beyond that already told of in the volumes of Where Were You Before the Tree of Life? These destroyed planets that once served as a route of Light seeded the ground for the ultimate conflict on Earth.

Arthemenn Sondar of the Pleiadean Star Council

How does this story relate to the subject of triggering of cell immunity? A lot, for it was during these Mars-Maldek wars that biological `organic' implants were created to be sprayed on the `enemy' populations much as we have suffered for so many years with the chemtrails being sprayed upon us now.

The full details of these biological `organic' implants are described in my books and in the articles I have written available at my website www.4truthseekers. org . In one article titled The New Alien Organic Implants it speaks of how these implants were used and how theyw ere

"We've seen it in enough movies before, and more and more we should be coming to understand that what we see in the movies is just a partial truth of something far greater already out there.

"From the work we are doing with the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Council of Light on 'alien central' located in the San Luis Valley of Colorado/NM:

" . . . Those implants were made by crystals, matter tech as Peter says in his books, they emanated a vibration that would somehow bend light and give it special properties in order to create the intended effect, shaping energy in a particular way.

"The implants now in use from San Luis are not crystal tech, they are of an organic nature. They use organisms that will create fields and link these fields to a central portal standing on the top of the base, connected to the orbit portal base, and to their home planets. The link will be good enough to control them and create the fake memories or programs they wish to implant in humankind, but not to fully monitor the experiences here from the other planets. The link is still not developed enough for that, they will have to enhance the synchronicity to further be able to align the signal to a more refined reception. But if they accomplish it, then they will be pretty much joining realities as this will be a window showing them there what happens here."

Pictures of such organisms(now known as Morgellon's Disease) are available for viewing at the groups photo albums from a patient I worked on once, knowing she was a 'portal' for these alien energy forms
to enter in through this dimension. When told how to stop the phenomena and destroy the creatures she would not, having already named each one and looked at each and every one of them which infected
her body and the surroundings of her house as "her children". She told us that at least 20 people in each state 'suffer' from this phenomena:

A recent outbreak of this 'disease' in Socorro, NM was covered this way:

El Defensor Chieftain Reports - http://dchieftain. com/news/ 54456-09- 17-05.html

Health officials dispute infectious disease report - Malady reported by family is not infectious and isn't recognized as a disease, state department says

Socorro County commissioners received many calls of concern from county and city residents worried about a San Antonio family reportedly infected with a highly contagious parasitic skin condition named
Morgellon's Disease.

In response to commissioners' inquiries, Nelson R. Powers, from the New Mexico Department of Health, met with Socorro County officials on Tuesday and informed them there is no public health concern. . .

". . . With respect to Morgellon's Disease, described as a skin disease caused by a parasite, there is no medically recognized literature giving any credibility to Morgellon's Disease," Baumbach's release said. "Nor is there any medical evidence that supports the hypothesis that the disease is caused by an unknown organism that co-infects people with Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme
disease. The tick associated with Lyme disease has never been identified in New Mexico."