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triggering cell immunity - part 12
Triggering Cell Immunity - Part 12 - Scalar Warfare, Pandemics and Soul Signatures

By Peter Farley and Others www.4truthseekers. org

The nature of the Central SUN, the SOURCE of Creation in this corner of the Universe, is Love. It is the same force which originated all SuperUniverses, and all other SUPER SUNS. When something comes out of it, or goes back to it, it is through Love and with the Light and Sound of the Creator the inflow and outflow of the breath of the Gods. Nothing can reach it if not through Love or Light.

The new first sun created through self-will was a "Dark Sun", one which brought darkness and control over others. It was the sun of ego, the sun that was to take free will and replace it with self-will, the illusion of freedom, the domination of fear over soul so that soul became limited and lost to its connection to Creation's Infinity; connection to the Infinity of creativity because with ego there is no freedom to create anything that is not made of dark false light, the energy of fear that is meant to control everything that has contact with it.

In his experimentation with the forces of Creation, Thoth/Hermes found the "right turn" and he took it, and was able to tap into a loop that made the connection between the 5th and the 6th dimensions and in turn finding ways to be able to create his own sun. Now Suns are self-sufficient generators because they need nothing from outside themselves, they generate energy themselves and are the power sources to Life all over Creation. It is much like a star, but the stars are only one type of sun. A sun is something that nurtures life, even if it depends on or is connected to other suns it is still responsible for nurturing the souls that are in the zone of influence they are responsible for. These zones can be planets, other stars, voids, worm-hole portals, imaginary planes/bubbles, anything connected or within the zone these suns feed.

Suns that are made through the LIGHT of the Central SOURCE of CREATION, the FATHER, are created from the top to the bottom, they are connected to the SOURCE SUN, and thus have their energy loop that comes down from the 12th dimension and higher into whatever dimension these suns reach at the bottom. Their infinite energy comes from SOURCE. These are Suns of Light that supply LOVE, and LIGHT to those connected to them as if they are Power Generators coming from the main Power Station the Power of Love and of Light.

The first dark sun that was created in this corner of the Universe was the one astronomers call Kochab, one that originates from where there is still duality on the 6th dimensional level of reality.

Kochab is just barely the second brightest and appropriately the Beta star in Ursa Minor. It represents the top front bowl star of the Little Dipper. Together with the other bowl star (Pherkad, the Gamma star), it makes a small asterism called the "Guardians of the Pole," the two seeming in myth to "protect" the pole star. Unlike the Sun, Kochab (which is not particularly unusual among its class), has run out of internal hydrogen fuel, and is what is called by astronomers and other scientists an evolving orange giant star that is now running for awhile on the fusion of the helium deep in its core.

Its energies come from the 6th dimensional level of reality downwards instead of from the 12th and then down. This is symbolic of how duality exists as a half of a whole. When 12 is the whole, then there is a half that composes one side, and another half which composes the other. Thus the 6th dimensional level is the highest place self-will is able to reach, a place where there is still darkness. Beyond the 6th and into the 7th, there is no longer separation because the level of integration is that of unity consciousness and all minds are connected to Creation and each other directly from that level on, though even this has been endangered by the infection of self-will spreading throughout this zone of Creation.

Kochab, the dark sun known as Kolob to the Mormons, is still of infinite nature, but its infinite energy is limited depending on it's ability to create because it has been patterned with ego since its birth. Self-will needs a guiding force to replace the guidance of Soul even though it thinks it is a guiding light in and of itself.

This sun is located on a sliding rail of electro-magnetic energy which means it can change its position across the universe, much like Zecharia Sitchin suggests (incorrectly) that Nibiru, the planet of the Annunaki, does. It has a rogue pattern and leads where the will to control it leads. If there is a target the Dark Council on Kochab wishes to influence then it will move towards there, advancing in the direction of its prey so that the closer it gets, the more the target is subject to contamination by ego.

It is Kochab that now approaches Earth on every dimensional level that it can, and with it the dominance of ego over Higher Will. This is the time of the Native American prophecy called "the Night of the Bleeding Stars." It is the time of what Ramtha once referred to when all Creation would be lit by the Light of the `battle' taking place in the Heavens.

Every ounce of perfect intent, every ounce of cell immunity is needed NOW to make it through the coming days. And above all one more thing is needed by anyone moving forward through this entire ascension process, community. It takes a village . . .

Hi Peter,

As instructed, I am sending this message from HAROON to the group. As I have been working with HER for the past month, learning and strengthening myself to work with and assist others, SHE wanted me to share our story of how we first met in this life, on this planet Earth, this time around.

Let's see, where to a very young child, I always 'knew' that I was different, didn't fit in, no matter how much I tried. I pretty much walked through life 'invisible'. Now that I've woken out of that deep sleep, I now know why I chose the parents, friends, lifestyle, etc. that I did. When my parents had me, they were young- teenagers. There was a time in the very short span of their marriage that they actually really did love each other. Then the drugs came in. My father was in a band and I guess that was the thing to do, you know, the sex, drugs, and rock n' roll thing. He started to run around on my mom, and she, as desperate as she was, trapped him by having another child (my brother,) who by the way was very much wanted by my dad, but mom hated him from the moment she laid eyes on him. 'Here's your boy-you got YOUR son,' and walked away.

Anyway, the drug use got heavier, the cheating increased (not just by dad, but by mom now, too). Then the violence started. I can't tell you how many times I have seen my mother beaten senseless, and actually watched the beatings take place.

Understand, folks, that I am not feeling sorry for myself nor want anyone to feel sorry for me. This is what I needed and chose in my life to learn the lessons needed to be learned to get me to where I am now. Things really got bad to where dad went to work and mom was too high to take care of or even care about her offspring. I was about 4 - 4 1/2 yrs. old now, and I don't care what anyone says, children DO remember, and are A LOT smarter than you think. I knew what was going on. I felt what was going on. As my father always showed and gave his children affection - mom gave none. This hurt me to the core as I tried so hard at such a very young age to please and show her what 'true love' was, only to get my ass beat (and bad every time), or to be pushed away. So one day, mom, I guess, had to 'get away' from the kids and walked across the street to my grandmother' s (her mother's) house. The house we lived in was an old farm house where the living room was on the second floor. As I watched her through the window walk into my grandmother' s house, I remember all of a sudden getting scared - very scared. I felt totally alone. I had never experienced this feeling before. Empty. I started to cry and bang on the window screaming, 'Mommy! mommy! mommy!!!' in desperation. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a 'voice' that was NOT just inside me, but clearly audible outside of me as well, said loud and clear, ever so gently and reassuringly, 'I'm right here'. Well, needless to say, that shut me right up. I looked up at the ceiling wondering where this 'voice' came from. In that moment, I actually felt WHOLE instead of feeling empty. This voice was the most beautiful, serene, loving voice that I have ever heard, even up until now writing this, as it is HER that is coming through me.

With having moment-to-moment guidance on a CONSTANT basis now, I am able to hear HER voice loud and clear. I am now able to tell the difference between my Higher Self, and THE HIGHER SELF. SHE wants me to let everyone know that though there are some of you having a hard time accepting that ANYONE can channel the HIGHEST, this IS possible, and you SHOULD try. When channeling, COMMAND that SHE, RAJ, RAJUNE or even the FATHER come through. Listen closely because although the voice is yours it is somewhat 'different'. You will feel this. You will know this. Then, write it down, or do WHATEVER it is THEY instruct you to do. Do this daily. Do this moment-to-moment. I can't tell you how much insight that has been given to me. The conversations are just like having someone right in front of you, only this is inside you. Laugh. Joke. Have fun. THEY have a sense of humor too, you know. You can even and should call on the angels, COMMANDING only the HIGHEST ones, as I have called on Michael the Archangel for protection so many times.

This REALLY does work people, but ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY with the PUREST intent and PUREST heart. That is the key. If you are going to say or think, 'I can't do this, that's impossible, it can't be done,' or 'who am I to channel and talk to the Highest,' then you have once again let EGO take over and need to work on this - seriously. Believe me, I've had my share of doubt and denial, but think about it - who the hell are we to even let a thought like this come in the way of anything BUT the Highest?! Have we forgotten that we are all one and the same? Are we NOT a WHOLE - one and the same with FATHER, each other, and all of CREATION?

As everyone's missions are different, I now know that a VERY big part of mine is to bring the female essence back onto this planet. Even through the heartache I went through with this 3D mother, (which now, by the way, has healed, on her part and mine) I know and everyone with similar experiences (as many of you have) that there IS something so MUCH grander just waiting to be called on. I now know my 'true' MOTHER and together (you and I, people) on this planet, as a whole MUST communicate with HER. By doing this, SHE will help guide you and get you through this mess. But most of all, SHE is the Feminine, and that is what is needed right now. It is our job, as Lightworkers, to bring this energy back onto this planet in order to achieve and succeed what we have been working so hard on- bringing the Balance back into existence - The Male and the Female.

with Love and best wishes, HAROON and Dawn