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triggering cell immunity - part 7 - scalar warfare, pandemics and soul signatures
Triggering Cell Immunity - Part 7 - Scalar Warfare, Pandemics and Soul Signatures

By Peter Farley www.4truthseekers. org

The biggest part of being kept as slaves by the New World Order and the alien powers behind it is not so much the `invisible' prison fences we're all surrounded by in terms of the grid manipulation, energetic weapons, and political and religious programming, it is the lack of truthful education we all find ourselves a party to.

Yes, the information is all out there somewhere. The 9-volume history of Creation and the New World Order my Guidance has had me put together is just that, lots of pieces of information gathered from so many sources and all put together into one master puzzle that shows the biggest picture available.

It is our own lack of curiousness (inbred into us through DNA programming and passed along from parent to child) that keeps us prisoners to those who feed off our human, or otherwise, energies as The Matrix series of movies so well portrays.

Why do we continue to tolerate this manipulation and control over every aspect of our lives? Why do the media and the school system supposed to educate and inform us, people who are supposed to debate these ideas, surrender to such suppression? It is because we have lost our true history, and because of the grooves and patterns that have been dug into our minds and those of our forebears for untold millennia. It's simply as Christof says in The Truman Show when asked when asked why Truman doesn't `wake up' to the situation of his controlled matrix, "We accept the reality of the world as presented (born into)," he replies.

Those of us who have chosen to live at this time are the forerunners of almost a new species. It is human, yet we are or will be at the same time actually manifesting heaven here on Earth. We are receiving extra help from masters and extraterrestrials, angelic beings, and learning to go more inward for our answers because we are so used to the lies and propaganda when seeking outside ourselves. The more we are able to go in and listen to that still quiet voice within us, the more we will be in tune with the changes that are taking place around us on EVERY dimensional level. The New World Order's Great Plan for ultimate control is, to say the least, `fizzling', though because we are such a lazy, self-willed and uncurious bunch of slaves, the new paradigm is having a hard time getting off the ground.

As one writer puts it, "These INUTTERABLE CRIMES have been committed in the ludicrous notion that MAN HAS DOMINION OVER ANYTHING. . . So I ran the gamut of feelings from sad to mad to sobs of pure pain."

Yes we are to blame for our own situation and that of the planet and NO, we are also not responsible for our own situation and the current plight of the situation and Creation in this corner of the Universe. It's been a paradox of trying to set ourselves free against almost overwhelming odds. As described in my work and so many others, our DNA, the light-processing CPU of our Beings, has been stripped down so that we would not be able to function as anything more than slaves. Until recently our Higher Selves have also been held prisoner `outside' our bodies with only the thinnest line of communication between the two halves of our Beings.

Many Beings have been `incorrectly' manifested into this corner of Creation with insufficient Light –and certainly a total lack of Sound – so that they had very little chance of even having the potential to help themselves ascend - along with the currently ascending planet.

A few years ago the Spiritual Hierarchy had me create and do a process called Sound Encoding in order to help people restructure their DNA and their Soul energies in order to have the freedom to make choices without so much interference and without so many difficulties. Along with crystal imprint removal and the new procedure of removing `self-imposed' past-life programming, a few people have been able to lift themselves out of a situation of being so controlled and influenced by outside sources. Still the past has made us all lazy. The peer pressure to conform makes even these people fall back on the laziness of habit instead of lifting both themselves and those around them into the higher dimensional realms to which even the planetary consciousness itself is striving to attain.