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turning back - lot s wife
Lot's Wife

Every step along the way there are things and people in the old paradigm trying
to suck us back in, those who do not want us to be free if they cannot be. But
of course they do not want to have to do the work to be free and certainly do
not care to expend the energy to help others to be free. Many of these people
are family whose sole purpose it often seems is to keep us from being who we
truly are in Spirit, or who, because of their own poor choices, are often used
by the darkside to put obstacles in our way and weigh us down with guilt and
peer pressure so that we cannot keep up our forward struggle in stepping beyond
the veil of Maya and serving others who also want to be free.

This is when we turn again to look back at the old paradigm, sometime with
longing for what we think could have been, or the illusion of our lives created
though denial, or out of longing for the blissful ignorance we once had. It is
then, as we turn to look back and reach for something of the old that we become
the proverbial Lot's Wife, stopped in our tracks and turned to a pillar of salt.

Anything and everything we are attached to or look to the old paradigm to
provide for us in terms of comfort or support is a weight to pull us back down.
That is where the spiritual skill of living in the world but not being of the
world comes in - the non-attachment to people and things around us. This does
not mean we do not love, for we only love more passionately when we are detached
from the end results. This is giving others the freedom we want for ourselves,
the freedom to make and live by our own choices and Guidance. Freedom can ONLY
come to us when we grant that same freedom to others.

It's a shame to have to say it, but the more one knows about the nature of this
world, of this prison, of this war taking place throughout this corner of
Creation, the more one can see the nature of family and its deleterious effects
on people -- both as the cause of so many issues in our lives brought up by
unhappy childhoods, and then as a reason for not allowing us ever to grow up and
be the people we can really be in our very own hearts.

Any healer worth their salt will tell you the major issues of adult life all
seem to stem from childhood. Now since we are the ones who, for the most part,
choose our own lives and parents and even siblings for certain spiritual lessons
we wish to or need to learn in this lifetime, why on Earth would we choose
people so out of character with our own?

For exactly that reason. Because families in general are such a limiting factor
it makes us strong to overcome that resistance. That is what resistance training
is in physical workouts, pitting one muscle against another in order to make
them both stronger. If they will work at it, that is. We chose our families for
ceratin lessons and the major lesson I have seen in the healing room is that
people one day need to step up and say to themselves, "As of this day I am what
I make myself, not anything or anyone that has come before in my life." This is
the day we grow up and become responsible for our own selves instead of blaming
all our limitations and weaknesses and suffering on others.

This is the day we truly become adults, and believe me, so very few ever reach
this point in life --at least from my experience with others.

As said so many times before in articles and in talks, family is the number one
reason I have heard over the years for people not getting up to do their
missions. And yet if it were truly about love would we not want to do our
missions, at least for their sake? What good is saving your family if you do not
save the world?

Lot's wife is a good metaphor also because it relates to people's limited view
of their spouses. How can one say this is love if one's spouse does not support
you unconditionally in what it is you need to be doing -- both for your sake and
for their sake, and for the sake of Creation. How can this be love if because of
them you do not get up and do what it is you came here to do? Where is the
unconditional love this life and these relationships are supposed to be teaching
us? If we do not demand it for ourselves and give it to others, then Groundhog
Day will persist indefinitely, for us and for all those around us as well.

Love and best wishes, Peter