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tyrany and protection
October 20, 2005

Dear One,

We are here to speak with you again this evening. We will speak
about Tyranny

There have been many wars on earth all slated toward control and
possessing of other countries, some of them in the name of religion

In these wars, spirituality didn\'t enter the picture. Those who were
of a different mind were labeled witches etc. - mostly women and they
were murdered. This punishment kept secret the abilities of people
and these people only passed on their knowledge to selected family

Today this type of punishment does not take place openly. Hidden
agendas are prevalent among darker energies. Often times those who
start to awaken may be targeted - either for possession of the body
or to shut down an individual to keep them asleep so they are unable
to become knowledgeable

It is imperative that one be protected before entering any type of
meditation or channeling

Use of the white/gold stream of light/energy from our Creator is one
method....This stream of light/energy enters the crown chakra down
through the rest of the chakras and continues down through to earth

This light/energy may be expanded from center core to whatever size
is needed. eg. expand to fill your body - to surround yourself,
another person or group of people - to fill a room to remove dark
energies - to surround your house/property - to surround your car
when driving - to enclose the planet.

There are many uses of this light/energy. In time of need you can
visualize this at a distance and activate someone else\'s stream of
light/energy even if they are unaware or believe in this source.
Diane, you have seen this stream develope two hands above your head
to envelope and transform a dark energy form from someone else.

Be innovative with this stream of light/energy. Those with inner
vision will see this stream of light/energy at all times.

If you find this is not suitable for you or not strong enough due to
very strong outside factors, then a bit of research will come up with
another form of protection that may be of stronger energies.

Pay attention at all times as to your openness and degree of

Continue to live in your heart and use this heart energy in all that
you do. Your heart energy is the strongest energy available to you
and is one of the fastest ways to increase your frequencies.

Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light