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UFOs, Chemtrails, and the Bubonic Plague
UFOs, Chemtrails, and the Bubonic Plague
By Peter Farley

Despite the oppression of the Inquisition, Europe in the 13th century was beginning to recover from the economic and social disruption caused by the Crusades. Signs of a European renaissance were visible in the widening of intellectual and artistic horizons. Trade with other parts of the world did much to enrich European life. Europe was entering an era in which chivalry, music, art, and religious values were playing greater roles. Hardly a century of this progress had passed, however, before a disastrous event abruptly brought it to a temporary halt. That event was the Bubonic Plague, also known as the Black Death.

As Bramley states in his work The Gods of Eden, a great many people throughout Europe and other plague-stricken regions of the world reported that the outbreaks of the Plague were caused by foul-smelling ?mists.? Those mists frequently appeared after unusually bright lights were reported in the sky, far more frequently and in many more locations than were rodent infestations.
?The first reports (of the Plague) came out of the East. They were confused, exaggerated, frightening, as reports from that quarter of the world so often are: descriptions of storms and earthquakes: of meteors and comets trailing noxious gases that killed trees and destroyed the fertility of the land . . . Sightings of unusual aerial phenomena usually occurred from several minutes to a year before an outbreak of Plague. Where there was a gap between such sightings and the arrival of the Plague, a second phenomenon was sometimes reported: the appearance of frightening human-like figures dressed in black. Those figures were often seen on the outskirts of a town or village and their presence would signal the outbreak of an epidemic almost immediately.?
Bramley further suggests that it is significant that foul mists and bad air were blamed for many other epidemics throughout history. During a plague in ancient Rome, the famous physician Hippocrates (ca 460-337 BC) stated that the disease was caused by body disturbances brought on by changes in the atmosphere.

Historian Walter George Bell, drawing on writings from the period of the Black Plague, summarized:

?Late into dark December nights of the year 1664 London citizens sat up to watch a new blazing star, with ?mighty talk? thereupon. King Charles II and his Queen gazed out of the windows at Whitehall. About east it rose, reaching no great altitude, and sank below the south-west horizon between two and three o?clock. In a week or two it was gone, then letters came from Vienna notifying the like sight of a brilliant comet, and ?in the ayr (Air) the appearance of a Coffin, which causes great anxiety of thought amongst the people.? Other terrible apparitions were also seen, and listeners detected noises in the air, such as the sounds of cannon and musket-shot. The report ran that one night in February, hundreds of persons had seen flames of fire together for almost an hour, which seemed to be thrown from Whitehall to St. James and then back again to Whitehall, whereafter they disappeared. In March there came into the heavens a yet brighter comet visible two hours after midnight, and so continuing till daylight. With such ominous portents the Great Plague in London was ushered in.?

Bramley suggests that this kind of information provides evidence that UFOs, what he terms the ?Custodial society,? have bombarded the human race with deadly diseases before now ? the modern era of chemtrails. This evidence, he says, is particularly intriguing when one takes into consideration the claims made by a number of modern UFO contactees who say that they are relaying messages to mankind from the UFO society.

?Some of them claim that UFOs are here to help mankind and that UFOs will eradicate disease on Earth. The UFO civilization reportedly has no disease. If the Custodial civilization is indeed so healthy, perhaps it is only because it is not bombarding itself with germ weapons. If UFOs truly intended to bring health to the human race, maybe all they needed to do was to stop spraying infectious biological weapons in the air.?

Bramley?s assumption that this was all caused by UFOs and aliens, is however, essentially incorrect. It is, however, true that the Brotherhoods, the secret societies, comprised as they are of many of the scientific elite, and in possession of ancient knowledge of biological and bacteriological warfare, were responsible for the outbreak of these diseases, much as they have been responsible for the outbreak of many of the current diseases such as AIDS, and the different strains of influenza (flu) and pneumonia that have swept the world killing millions. The epidemics of measles and other such ?curable diseases? in the West which have swept Africa, again killing large numbers, have been a further outcome of the Brotherhood?s extermination program?a process of culling. Much as the basic premise of The X-Files movie and series suggests, the elimination of various ?undesirable? groups of people on the planet using any form that works, will only make their ultimate goal of world domination more practical and easier to achieve.