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Understanding Grid Points
Through Sue Ann:

Dear Ones,

WE want to talk about some of the different types of grid points you
have encountered in the grid work.

There are the simple female ones that have been shut down by the dark
side to create less Heart energy to the planet. Then there are the
many male points that have been cranked open to flood the planet with
mental energy. These male points are protected with a variety of
energy sucking critters that infect people who happen upon them or
attempt to change them. These `critters' eventually sap so much
energy from their host the person gets sick and can even die from
them. Also, if these male points are really important ones they can
be booby-trapped with meaner and more deadly energy entities.

Some of the points WE have you work one are male/female grid lines
that cross creating a unique grid point. This point has to be dealt
with by both a physical male and female. Here WE have you balance
the energy by shutting down the male line to the proper level and
opening the female line the appropriate level.

These are important points in the grid system as there is a meeting
and exchange that actually creates a synergy in the system plus a
ramping up of the newly balanced male/female energy at that point.

WE want to extend our deepest LOVE and gratitude for all the work you
have done.

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light.


Dear Ones

WE want to talk about the work you have just completed. There was a
huge imbalance and misuse of female energy in this area of Florida
(South Beach - Miami). The misuse of female energy is much more
detrimental than the simple closing down of a female grid point.

The dark side takes the female energy from that point and suns it
through a series of distortion devices plus infects it with the most
current viruses and other things. This polluted female energy is
then pumped into the entire system to corrupt it and pass on whatever
the dark side wants.

They use female energy for this purpose, as it is a better absorber
and carrier of these imported and sometimes artificial energies.
This is a hideous use of female energy and WE are very grateful to
Peter for shutting these diseased points down.

With Great LOVE and Gratitude,