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understanding love and power
Sat Nam continued: \"Many times during Soul\'s journey to the Golden
Kingdom and beyond, Soul is asked this same question: What is love and what is
power? Soul\'s answer is a reflection of its growth and state of consciousness.

There is no judgement upon the answer. The answer simply manifests
one\'s state of consciousness.

Therefore, from time to time, ask yourself, `What is power and what
is love?\'

By manifesting the answer in your dream journal or diary, you help
solidify any spiritual growth achieved. Do this periodically, and look back at
your answers several weeks, months, and years from now. I can promise you will
be amazed as you see growth chronicled before your eyes.

Gradual unfoldment allows for a balanced awakening to Soul\'s
spiritual destiny.

Looking back at your viewpoints of love and power that you recorded in your
journal is an easier way to recognize your own unfoldment than reading through
your dreams or spiritual experiences.

Dreams show experiences and can offer guidance. But the actual
unfoldment can be better recognized by your evolving answers to the
question I have posed.

Spiritual awareness should unfold continuously, with periodic great
awakenings to speed you along. During an awakening, you may feel almost out of

Yet your life is held together by the love of Spirit as long as your heart
remains on the spiritual path.

Sometimes you may feel you have failed all your lessons and made mistake after
mistake. Ponder the question of power vs. love; let Spirit show you the
rightness amidst the wrong. You have indeed learned something of great value. As
you listen, It will suggest a reason and a way for God\'s presence to enter more
fully into your life.

You have been shown the invaluable growth opportunity of mistakes
already, but it bears repeating.

Excerpted from Beyond the Light by Ginny Katz