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Understanding The Pyramid and the Sphinx
Understanding The Pyramid and the Sphinx
from Vol 9

Why Awareness has Come at this Time
"This Awareness indicates all present attempts to pursue and
maintain power and control over others are but creating structures
that will inevitably be converted into systems designed to serve the
people rather than to enslave them; yet, it is a matter of when this
will occur, rather than whether it will occur. It is for this reason
that this Awareness communicates with entities at this time, and it
is for this purpose that entities need to look closely at that which
is occurring on their plane, for these energies are a potential
force that may be used for good or ill at this time, even as a wind
may be harnessed for service, or also may wreak havoc.

"This Awareness indicates any good computer programmer can
understand the programming system used in Atlantis and Egypt if they
are also capable of comprehending the nature of psychic forces, and
can comprehend the Pyramid and Sphinx as being likened unto the
pituitary and pineal of the collective consciousness upon this
plane, and the mummified corpses may be understood as human
transmitters, capacitors or other psycho-electro-magnetic components.

"This Awareness indicates this action created great suffering for
many millions of entities upon this plane, and that action from
Atlantis was initiated for the glory and the power of the followers
of Ba'al, the followers of Lucifer, the followers of the mind, and
its structuring system of hierarchy, polarity, manipulation and

Ra Ta's Power Trap for the Dark Force
"This Awareness indicates the Illuminati that began in Atlantis, may
be seen as the Dark Force that sought power through deception,
control and manipulation; and that Illuminati from Ra-Ta actions of
Egypt was designed to create a power trap that led to enlightenment
and a return to the Law of One. We wish to express our love and
gratitude to our Source of Being, our Creator who is guiding us
through our eternal journey in Oneness.

"We also wish to express our love and gratitude to the people of the
Cosmic Awareness Communication Organization and The Aquarian Church
of Universal Service of Paul Shockley, who for almost 30 years have
been dedicating themselves to help people to become aware of Who We
Really Are, without those human efforts this document would not have
been written."