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Understanding Thoth -- The New Power
Thoth ?The Darkside's Darth Vader (from Vol 9 The Origin of All

IN esoteric history, Thoth was known to be an Atlantean Priest-King
who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the
mother country. He was also the builder of the Great Pyramid of
Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops.

Of Sirian origin, he was known as Hermes in Greek mythology and
Mercury in Roman mythology. Renowned as the messenger of the gods
[or god?Lucifer] and the protector of travelers, thieves, and
merchants, all Masonic references. Hermes Trimistegus (Hermes thrice-
born or thrice-risen) was the Greek Neoplatonists' name for the
Egyptian god. Thoth was also revered as the founder of alchemy and
geometry, in this case, sacred geometry?the structure of the
Universe. He is also the one worshipped or honored throughout
history by the many orders of the ancient mysteries, of which he is
said to be the founder, the forerunners of today's Freemasonic
orders and other dark brotherhoods.

Thoth is the winged serpent. While Lucifer is the leader of the
Darkside, Thoth is the scientist, counselor and main corrupter?the
Darth Vader, if you will.. He is the intelligence that hides behind
the throne waiting to make things happen. He now takes the spiritual
form of a serpent shaped in the form of a ring [the Ouroboros]. He
is a mantis-like man with many thorns on its arms, and a face of a
bird, and wings. But his energetic pattern is that of a serpent that
eats its own tail, consuming itself. It forms a ring that
contains "power"?Tolkien's Ring of Power. The power is of
articulation through information, and having "good" connections.
The relentless search for more power and control by unwary men takes
them into the trap of the serpent. The trap is that they put the
ring on. The information is closed within it, it only reveals itself
to those who are trapped within its coils.

Exactly as in Tolkien's Lord of The Rings - he who wears the ring of
power gains control over all others, yet he is under the control of
the ring and knows no escape from its corruption.

Such is the way of Thoth, he who is the most dangerous corrupter of
all, seeking to trap others into darkness, enslaving them so that
they create an army he can manipulate into doing his will without
ever exposing himself to the battlefield or to those he controls.
Thoth, as the Ring of Power role that he plays in Creation, is very
controlling and hard to take out of anyone's hand. Many have died
trying to lose the connection, led into an abyss by their search for
power, trying to break free but without letting go of their
attachment to the wanting of that power.

Using the ring lets in the power of self-will. It breaks the soul of
the person, the reality of self and that of others as well. It gives
a person connections that are able to control others in the most
terrible manner. This overflow of power is the channeling of dark
energy, of the darkest nature, and it destroys freedom completely,
it consumes from the inside out, from that place where greed is in

In Lord of The Rings, when Frodo used the ring of power, he was
rendered invisible. It is an invisibility in the way that the person
is out of reach. The only force able to interfere then is the savage
and powerful self-will. The Eye of Sauron was able to see those who
wore the ring.

The one that wears the ring rises above others in the level of
power, but then they are under the spell of self-will - equivalent
to the Dark Lord's Eye. The eye is self-will itself. The one with
power is not powerful, he is the channel for the power, he is
controlled by it, and the results are not from his own will but
rather from others of an even darker nature.

The corruption brought by Thoth's knowledge is the same as what
happened to those that sought to wear the ring. It is an all-
consuming thirst for knowledge that brings power. The ever-existent
Mystery schools that when opened to dark intent were able to create
the darkest images and evil masters to ever walk this planet.
Although present in the area of the San Luis Valley prior to Thoth's
arrival on this planet, the technology of the multidimensional
facility there mirrors that used by other locations set up for
Thoth's purposes elsewhere on the planet. The most dangerous of all
is the experiment-ation going on with what is known as merkaba
technology, harnessing the power of Creation to help enslave

"Thoth never wanted to build things that would bring him to a higher
ground spiritually speaking, he only wanted to build those things
which give him an illusion of power due to his growing ability to
control the various parts of the Universe. This has no end, and if
there is ever one, those who follow him will become crushed and
completely suffocated by the darkness they have created. They cannot
control it, for like the Ring of Power they are instead controlled
by it and believe that it is power, but really it is LOSS of power.
This, they cannot comprehend because of their attachment to this


New Understandings:

03/13/2006 06:04 PM

Dear Andr?,

Sophia was right when she mentioned the holy symbolic verb of MA'AT -
It is the symbol for the heart that Thoth incorporates in his
physical form and density of the lower multidimensional realms when
he tries to relate to physical incarnated soul creatures.

These beings of Light that chose to serve him in the past still
retain in their vast majority the same connection that they had when
they were not physical and worked only on the higher dimensional
realms of infinity, where time was not a problem, or even an issue
to be dealt with.

These connections are far too dangerous and powerful to be taken
lightly even by an ascended master, for they hold the power greater
than anything else to corrupt the heart of people, creating within
them the core of an egoistical self awareness capable of completely
destroying a connection to the Central Universe and their Higher
Divine Selves.

This connection has the power to spiritually disconnect someone
through the patterns of fear and lack of perception of what the
Final Truth really is - and living it.

The ego is based on self-awareness, and not a real perception from
the point of view of The FATHER. It is the feeble yet powerful (when
allowed to be so) perception of a veil of wonderland - a fake
painting instead of the infinity that is True Reality.

This power to envelop Multidimensional Beings within a blindness of
sorts is what connects them at the same time to the Heart of the
Ultimate Manipulator and Illusionist, which is Thoth.

If Lucifer is the Wizard of Oz, behind that veil and magnifying
himself with that combination of fog and lights then it was Thoth
that was created with the purpose of developing the technology of
the Fog and Lights themselves, so to make his master appear as the
giant of will that the Wizard seemed to be.

At the same time, you can let go of these connections, and of the
power of being manipulated, by simply choosing to become cleansed,
and to be once again, truly connected to FATHER and your Highest
Conscious Aspect - your Highest Self.

Drunvalo Melchizedek displays himself as a spokesperson of Thoth,
and displays some apparently "miraculous" and "wondrous" teachings
that are incomplete without the correct use that they have to be
given in order to work properly.

These teachings of Merkaba and Heart ascension to Light Frequency,
are nothign but a bunch of BS without the proper reconnection to
FATHER and its Highest Healing Frequencies.

To ascend as a dark being is simply to become a winged and, most of
the time, blinded serpent, who will attack out of fear and be
excessively blind, even in the higher realms of Multidimensionality.

Gary Smith, the other, most powerful teacher, is the blinded
serpent. He has ominous amounts of energy at his command, but an
almost complete blindness to what FATHER really is, and of what LOVE
really means. Without that meaning, there is only an eternal search
for something that cannot even be perceived.

This is the fate that you walk to if you keep looking for power
before LOVE. It is the fate of all Power Madmen, of all that seek
infinite power, without the HEART that is required to counter
balance and be Perfect as an Ascended and Limitless Truly Divine

It's what Peter has and so many others have little interest of