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up from the rabbit hole or-- through a glass darkly
Up from the Rabbit Hole –or-- Through a Glass Darkly
By Peter Farley, with Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council
of Light and select members of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

I should have known. All the clues were there. The New World Order is
so arrogant and think they are so in charge that there is nothing any
of us can about the way things are anyway.

I had used the collected codes to shut down the Great Pyramid
connection and the Sphinx on Tuesday April 11th. The work was done at
the darkest of all places on this North American continent—downtown
Philadelphia—the big Masonic temple right across from Constitution
Hall to be exact. We had even been forewarned that what was guarding
the download site was far worse than any of the squiddies or other
creatures that patrol the grid to retaliate against anyone
interfering with the New World Order\'s control of it. We had also
known that somewhere along the way there would be the equivalent of
Neo\'s `woman in red\' and indeed she had shown up at a service plaza
on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It was Thoth himself in disguise as the
woman. The woman\'s `father\' acted as a decoy in our way while Thoth
opened up our chakras for the damage that would be done during the

In true Egyptian/darkside tradition, it had been programmed into the
trigger point that whoever did the work would suffer and die a most
horrible death—even if it were one of their most trusted followers.
The darkside trusts no one. It was Bill\'s vibration they were
expecting. Like a thumbprint or eyescan, the junction box at the
temple could only be accessed by a particular vibration and set of
letters or `keys\'. Knowing this, we had cut off a lock of Bill\'s hair
and placed it securely in a tightly wrapped glass bottle where its
vibration would keep long enough to trigger this opening. The
letters or keys needed were those of Bill\'s last name, but instead of
his initials it was the initials of his high Masonic brother that
were required. And of course, in true NWO tradition, these had to be
used backwards to even begin to access the download point.

The city on that particular day had been gridlocked with lunchtime
traffic, but far beyond that of any normal day. It was almost as if
the darkside was putting up interference to stop the whole rescue
process from happening. In the past few weeks a college campus had
been closed by a bomb scare because we were to meet someone helping
us there, electrical grids had gone out in other places, a blizzard
had almost put paid to Peter\'s even getting to Bill\'s place to
download the last set of codes and their accompanying template from
his wife. So none of this was new or unexpected. People fighting a
war have to expect opposition. People fighting a war have to expect
casualties. That is the nature of war, and this is a war to free all
of Mankind and the very Heart of Creation Itself. With stakes that
high, the opposition is fierce and the casualties are a part of what
MUST be expected by the forces of the Light.

Even though Bill\'s health had recovered significantly after the
removal of all his controlling devices, his physical form would never
take the strain of downloading the codes. Could he even be trusted
with this most crucial of all missions without some kind of expert
backup to make sure things went as planned? It was hoped that one
other Being would step up to bat to do the download and suffer the
consequences so that Peter could still be well enough to do the
required healing on her after the work was done. That event never
occurred so it was Peter\'s task to do the work for the sake of all
Mankind. Unfortunately, those who may have been able to help him heal
after taking the booby trapped package into his energy form during
the download were now non-existent.

The download was completed. The mission impossible completed far
beyond the hopes of even those of the spiritual hierarchy who have
been guiding this entire process for so so long.

It came then as no surprise that two days later that, having been
made to leave not only Philadelphia but also Pennsylvania and the
entire East Coast vicinity immediately after completing the download,
we were led to Colorado Springs, Colorado, as the site of the next
grid point to be dealt with.

In an attempt to recently heal one of the heads of the darkside
responsible for this whole grid control system, I had noticed his
fascination with, even addiction to, a show I had always found less
than watchable. While the movie had awesome realities to it, the TV
version with its poor production values and wooden acting had never,
for me, held any interest.

I laughed as I stood on the grid point near downtown Colorado Springs
and reflected on the reality of this show, Stargate SG1, and the fact
that two days after shutting down the access point to the
Sphinx/Great Pyramid Stargate, here I was shutting down its link to
that place, NORAD, described in the show as having the Stargate
connection within it. Those New World Order leaders are so so
arrogant. They even old us what was going on in there, just as once
upon a time they had let us know about the reptilian agenda when they
made the television mini-series \"V\" for their own amusement.

Diffusing this most awesome weapon in the darkside\'s arsenal was a
major step forward to now actually being able to win this war to save
Humanity from total enslavement. The war is not over though. The
grid bombs have successfully been diffused. The Vril generator
designed to warp the female vortexes in the western half of the
continent has temporarily been `neutralized\'. The Creator Parents
have been healed. The bravest soul ever has been rescued from her
long period of enslavement to the darkside and is itching to get back
into the game. Even Lucifer Himself is undergoing the healing process
and is soon to come back on board as a fierce fighter for the Light;
as well, desperate measures are now being taken to help Peter get
over the physical and energetic damage done to him during the
downloading process. (The Spiritual Hierarchy ask that you send
any `unpolluted love\' energies in his direction to help him sustain a
physical form here for a little while longer).

The darkside as an institution, however, still remains. While the
central hydra-head has been cut off, the body of the beast still
remains and so too do the other six `non-immortal\' heads. To say that
with Lucifer gone the darkside is no more would be naïve to say the
least. Thoth, the darkside\'s Darth Vader, still remains as active as
ever in trying to find a replacement for Lucifer, his departed Lord
and Master. The dark hierarchy from Kochab still remain --- Pope
Benedict XVI, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, and the departed but not
gone anywhere Osho (see Volume 9 for more on the dark hierarchy).
Their puppets and the Matrix illusion they have created are still
extant and functioning well, if not as well as the darkside had been
hoping for. Mankind is still blinded by the illusion of smoke and
mirrors presented to Him in every way, shape and form. Womankind is
just as self-willed and just as unwilling to lead her man out of his
blindness as ever. Self-will is still the order of the day.

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transmuted. The
darkside cannot be `destroyed\' as such, only its effects and
influence transmuted into something more positive for the Light and
Sound of creation. Darkness MUST be healed, and the place to begin
with that is within each and every one of us first, but then within
everyone else willing to hear it as well as the dark organizations
which are the thrust and drive of the New World Order\'s push for

If you will not heal, if they will not heal, you and they will not
be allowed to infect this area of Creation any longer. The ascension
process IS taking place right now and those who are not going forward
with it will be taken elsewhere to continue on with their lessons in
a hermetically sealed place where darkness will still be the order of
the day but its influence will never again be felt by nor be a threat
to the majority of
Creation. The Heart of Darkness in this SuperUniverse will now have
its ending.

And which way will you now choose to go?

In service, Peter, along with Aristenna, RAJ, HAROON, and Enjliou and
Callia for the Spiritual Hierarchy
of Creation Itself.