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updating ascension
Updating Ascension

Guidance had Sue Ann take yesterday off for reasons not yet quite clear
but we do know our energies were used for something and all I could see
was like a stage of a space lift off, something like a booster rocket,
falling away from a steadily ongoing shuttle.

And damn were we hungry.All day long we had to eat and it hasn't quite
subsided yet *S

They say we will know soon enough what is going on. As Julie's Master
says,a great battle and a great cleansing and rebuilding our energies
for what is about to take place. Relax and rest in the moments you have
left to rest, Debi, the work will be here soon enough and you won't be
rested unless you take this opportunity and every opportunity that
presents itself to do so. Trust me, been doing this too long and I know
that the downtime is the hardest part of it all. But when the work
comes the downtime is all you willc rave. and certainly appreciate.
BW, Peter