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v is for valor
V is for Valor

through S.

Dear One,
You have just finished watching V for Vendetta. We want to talk about Valor, Courage, and Conviction. In the scene where Evie, the heroine, says `Then take me out back behind the chemical shed, I'm not giving you what you want" she would rather die than be a slave to fear for the rest of her life, and give them what they want, obedience. To be a true spiritual warrior you must have this attitude, the willingness to give up everything for Freedom of the Self.

Valor means having the courage to fight for the highest values--the courage and wisdom of the Heart. She had lost everything; the only thing she had left was her life, something she was willing to give up for what she believed was right. In that willingness to sacrifice
everything she gained her SELF; a fearless SELF, the only self really worth having.

That is the kind of courage you need to get you through this transition from one world to another -- willingness to lose everything -- for that is what is going to happen. Everything that you are attached to now will disappear and be replaced with something else, something new. You must have the courage to let go of everything to be able to enter into the new world. We strongly recommend you start now to detach yourself from everything that you think you cannot live without because you will soon be living without it in some form or another. All things and people must be allowed to change as they are going to change. You will not be able to organize their change according to how you want it. They all have a life of their own. Release them into the Loving Care of the Father, thank them for having
been in your life for whatever reason and allow the new to come in.

Valor in this case means having the courage to let it all go and let the unknown begin. Valor is the courage of the Heart.

WE are with you always no matter what.
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light