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by Peter Farley

About 30 people so far took me up on the offer of working WITH them
on their missions.As usual, Guidance tends to be right one:
"Dear Peter,
You hit the nail on the head, as far as the fence being
uncomfortable! . . . " (and please acknowledge that it is not me
that does this work, I am only the vehicle)

The things expressed in this one request, however, bring up the
biggest problem with almost all spiritual Lightworkers, the state of
victimhood into which we have been bred.

Sue, I don't need to know anything about you to know all about you.
You are victim #1. As with almost everyone I've had on my healing
table you think this life is all about you , instead of what you
came here to do --and that is to assist othe rpeople. Life isn't
easy , and this is maybe one of the worst for any of us, and if you
don't like what you've had then you'll really hate what's coming. So
your only choice is to shape up or ship out. Missions are all about
whatw e come here to do, for highe rlevel Beings sucha s you and I
and most I work with, that's abotu helping others. It is ONLY
through the assiting of others thatw e win our spiritual medals and
gainmthe right to move on , yes, to highe rlevels of service.
That's all there is in Creation, the lesson to Be what we are
alreadya nd to help others also understand that. And to fight off
anything which threatens the sovereignty of another Being.

MY life was miserable for 47 years because it was all about me. Now
it's incredibly tough, but more majic and adventure in one day than
most people have ina thousand lifetimes, and all I do is serve.
Abnd trust me, workign with people is not anyone's normal idea of
fun. They can be a downright nasty bunch of people, espeically those
who call themselves spiritual.

Nothing in your life will change, neither in this lifetime nor in
the infinite ones you have to come unless there is a radical
attitude shift. You are going to exist in eternity and somewhere,
sometime, you have to come to a few simple understandings or else
eternity will eb a very very long time for you. if you're not
enjoying this lifetime, imagine 10,000 more exactly like it.

You're fine as you are. Stop judging yourself and all those around
you and stop judging everything that happens as being so negative.
Listen to your inner guidance and do as it suggests and you'll find
life changing simply overnight, justt in time for the real shit to
hit the fan. But then at least you'll be ready and not simply cannon
fodder that dies in the first wave of the changes.

Paul Twitchell said that all of spirituality revolves around two
simple thinmgs --ATTITUDE and ATTENTION. What is yoru attitude to
what you are goign thru and where is your attention placed that
creates those events brought into your life.

Your choice. Do the channelign exercise and begin takign
responsibility FOR EVERYTHING that happens in your life, because you
agreed to it or your created it by your wrong thinking and poor
emotional patterns of not beign responsible.

And along the way, smile and have some fun. A true spiritual giant
has awonderfuls ense of humor.

Let me know what else can be done for you.

Love and best wishes, Peter

{Sue's e-mail:Hello Peter. My name is Suzanne, but You can call me
Sue for short. I would like to know why I am actually here for,
becasue I am having some seriously difficulkties with a lot right
now, & I ahve in the past seen a real psychic, & I am the type of
person that would do anything for another person, but I would be
lieing to you if I said taht i actually having been havng second
thought about actually being here at all in the first place. My
mother actually had four children taht never made it past their
sixth month of term, & I was almost one of those children. I really
am sad, feel completely alone depressed, & I just went through a
ratehr nasty breakup with what I thought was areal friend, but I now
relaize that she is on a completely different path then I am, (her's
was Love & lust....) And I really could use as much help as you can
possibly give me. I also have a deseased Grandmother, Midred Manns,
that may be helpful to you, for she is alos a angel now, I do nknow
taht becasue i have had vivid dreams & real astral Projection
experiences of my own, which I never really coulod deal with the
emotional component to. Please email me back if You can, & Please do
feel free to check out my Myspace profile so You can get to better
idea of who I am. Thankyou & Please do help me find out what I am
here for & what I am suppse to do next. I would really appreciate it
& if I need to take things one step at a time, I will do my best.
Please help me. Thankyou! :)