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viruses and healing energy forms
Viruses and Healing Energy Forms

Peter: Working on an anti-viral for the times to come, Guidance is
having us go through such experiences to better test our understanding
of what it is we face. As I've said before, viruses are just other
energy forms much like the 'critters' I've had to deal with over many
years in doing this work. They enter in through our protective
shield/defenses in the weakest area much like any invader would attack
the weakest point in the defenses of an enemy. These 3weak spots occur
when we have blockages in our energy field created by repressed emotions
and/or mental attitudes that do not fit our spiritual wellbeing. This is
the basis of all dis-ease and healing. The best book to understand it is
Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life?

The best way to defend one's self against any dis-ease is simply to
and keeps our defenses strong. Hence a victim state of consciousness
weakens our energies and allows us to get sick from any wayward 'virus
or dis-ease'. Chemtrails are designed to invoke a victim state of
consciousness in us all, the 'oh I can't do anything about them' type of
victimhood. If they are not your mission simply bless them and get on
with whatever it is you came here to do. A victim state of consciousness
has much to do with people who are HIV+ and those who 'come down' with
full blown AIDS. See,as with everything I've had to do since day one the
language is the key . . 'come down' as in bring our frequencies down.

The anti-viral Guidance is having us work on is homeopathic, otherwise
it works on an energetic level to both strengthen this defense mechanism
as well as to eradicate the energy signature of the virus.

In Michael Crichton's first novel, The Andromeda Strain(and the movie
made from it), the deadly strain is crystalline (the basis of much of
our work as in crystalline 'matrix' --see Volume 6. It grows and mutates
ONLY at a certain pH or acidity level in the body. Hence a crying baby
and a sterno-drinking alcoholic both have wildly extreme pH levels that
do not allow it to take hold in their systems. This is the very idea
we're talking about here. I have dealt with people whose health focus is
on maintaining a strict pH level in the body and they have a very strong
immunity to critters entering their energy fields. They of course though
can piggback these critters and pass them along without beign affected
themselves, much like a 'Typhoid Mary.'

In working with people with viruses and certain other 'dis-eases' in the
healing room much of what has been neccessary is to get the client to
raise their vibration ABOVE the frequency of the invading organism so
that it cannot in effect survive in their system. Not always an easy
task when someone is facing some devastating dis-ease, but absolutely
essential. Medical research and anecdotal information talks about how
when people are first told they have some form of 'disease' immediately
fall further under its hold. That is the problem with the word 'disease'
as opposed to 'dis-ease.' It has a very negative connotation which only
enhances or serves to lower the vibrations associated with being 'sick'.

As with everything we are trying to do I tell people the first thing you
have to do is change your language and the words you use! "I will'
statements only serve to strengthen 'will-power', i.e. the thymus, seat
of our immune system and our willpower. The word 'try' only weakens the
will-power and sets us up to fail because it gives us an easy out. There
is 'do' and there is 'not do'; there is no 'try'. (Yoda)

As we enter this time of devastating diseases running rampant as the
frequencies of the planet grow weaker and shift their form in
preparation for the start of the new paradigm, a victim state of
consciousness if the firt thing we have to avoid. Everything we face is
just another learning experience and testing or challenging of our
strength in coming here to do the work we have got to do to help this
planet and it's peoples survive in one form or another, and to ascend.

Standing in our OWN power or our connection with Guidance and with
Spirit makes for strong immune defenses.

As in the case related below, everything else just becomes a matter of
listening to our Guidance and following what They say to do. health is
not a mystery as doctors would have us believe. It's a simple matter of
shifting energy and maintaining a healthy attitude and attention.
> In service, Peter

A Healing Experience

I want to share an interesting experience with all of you. On my trip
to Minneapolis I picked up some strange virus [crowded ,cramped planets
etc]. When I went to bed Saturday night after a quick 36 hour trip I
noticed I had a scratchy throat and more than the usual body aches which
I chalked up to the trip and went to sleep. By morning I knew I was
coming down with a viral ˜something or other", only this virus was
acting different or I was now in a different place to deal with it. It
seemed it couldn't get a good hold of me and skipped throughout my body
looking for a weakness to settle into.

Guidance had me get the herbal tincture Lomatium and instructed me to
take a dropper full 2-3 times a day, which I immediately began doing.
By afternoon my body was aching even more but I had no other cold
symptoms. Peter had me smudge my room and Guidance told him what kind of
tea I needed with a dash of Cayenne pepper in it.

This was a very interesting virus as it seemed to have intelligence and
I could almost communicate with it. Several times it seemed to
˜attack" my emotions as I wanted to cry for no apparent reason, as
if it knew a victim state of consciousness would allow it entry , a
place to hang on as it were. After several such ˜attacks" I finally
said, 'This is ridiculous, no crying!" And I made a very deliberate
choice to get back into my Heart and LOVE whatever was going on. Within
one hour I no longer had any symptoms and was feeling good again.

I have never healed this quickly in my life. I am so grateful to
Guidance for guiding me through an illness that I thought would take me
down for a couple of weeks.

With lots of Love and appreciation.