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Vortexes, Space, and Genuine Heart or Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
Vortexes, Space, and Genuine Heart or Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth
(For Carolyn, Barbara, Lynne, Maddie, Paul, Robert, Francine and a hundred others?and perhaps most of all, for Peter)
by Peter Farley

?I could see that as love purifies us, it bares in us those areas most in need of growth In this struggle with love, our emptiness and fear are unearthed and pain is released. As we see and accept ourselves in this process, and understand and respect the others, we become more aware of our wholeness.?
Rick and Louisa Clerici: Sparks from the Fire of Time

It is only after having written the first 5 volumes of the history of Creation and of the Darkness, and then having worked on hundreds and hundreds of people in the healing process, that I have begun to more fully understand what Joseph Conrad meant by his allegorical short story ?The Heart of Darkness.?

It takes an understand of the true Creation story told in my book to understand why and how ?genuine Heart? has been suppressed, controlled, brutalized, and even totally removed from the many aspects of Creation in this corner of the Universe. In its place we have constructed the false ?shadow self? heart in a small corner of our minds, a place where we live what be believe to be our emotions while our genuine Heart goes unnourished and ignored almost completely from the cradle to the grave. Those who live genuine Heart are either castigated and shunned from regular society, or held up as icons of creative expression, though usually they are more likely to die in wretched circumstances, mostly unappreciated even after their deaths. This would include many of the worlds most renowned musicians and painters such as Mozart and van Gogh, but many more who largely go unnoticed.

In searching to understand the genuine Heart in my own life and how difficult it is to find, nourish, and then keep open against all the adversity of a mind-driven society, I understand the difficulties involved with the healing process in Mankind for as Louise Hay would say, dis-ease comes from any mental OR emotional attitude we leave unexpressed in a peaceful and natural manner. How can one release emotions when we cannot even find our own true Hearts?

In Jim Carrey?s movie, The Truman Show (perhaps a better representation of life as we are forced to live it then The Matrix), the character?s true love is stolen away before it can even have a chance to blossom, replaced by the tired, boring relationship with a mind-controlled spouse and a cast of characters scripted to be his friends.

In creating an essential oil formula (from Young Living Essential Oil products) to deal with helping to open the genuine Heart (and in emergency a heart attack), my Guidance had me blend equal amounts of Inner Child, Valor (Courage from the Heart), Aroma Siez (a muscle RELAXer), and Geranium (a revitalizer-?bring back life?, used especially in bringing balance back to the hormone system). In giving me this formula that I herewith share with you, They were trying to give me the ingredients to help both myself and other people to overcome the addiction to mind love and instead find in myself and for others the essence of genuine Heart.

Inner Child?To be child-like and heal the inner child of all the past traumas and wounds that ground us down until we have no strength to rise again; a knowingness that we ARE loved beyond even what we can imagine. So many people have chosen to come here to learn the lesson of self-love, that (like Carrey?s family in the movie) familial love is more often a myth than a given. Paul Twitchell once said that all relationships on this planet are karmic. When we have learned this lesson with our families, blessed the situation and then moved on, then it is that we can go out and find the truth about the wonder of our own Beings and the self-love that is mandatory before we can even think of loving another.

HOW OFTEN I HAVE HEARD IN THE HEALING SITUATION THE PHRASE ?I THINK I FEEL? like this or like that, or more often than not just ?I think?. We speak our intent with our words. We also tell the listener from what part of our essence we are speaking.

Valor - ?helps BALANCE electrical energies within the body, giving courage, confidence, and self-esteem.? The way the New World Order or the Darkside has controlled us for all these millennia here on this planet is by stealing from us our self-esteem, that confidence to go forward centered in our innate power and strength of being Loved and Approved of by a God of our own Hearts that does not judge us but loves us more than we can comprehend. This is where the false God that works only through Mind (the male side -the patriarchy) shows itself to be the false God steering us away from that God of our own inner selves that knows us and loves us. This dark god?s presence is evident in all the teachings of the religions and New Age and men like Deepak Chopra who speak of love from the shadowside of Mind while those who speak from genuine Heart get drowned among the crowd.

I spoke once at a Heart of the Heart-sponsored seminar that later went out of business, mainly because people are afraid of the word Heart. It makes them shudder in their boots to think about dealing with genuine emotions. They will attend seminar after seminar, workshop after workshop dealing with Mind and learning and the shadowside little heart all the while thinking they are becoming one with the Universe, when truly the biggest part of themselves is missing. Even the New Age mantra of Body, Mind and Spirit carefully avoids that most feared of all words - Heart.

Balance is the key word here. It takes both Mind and Heart to get into Heaven. The Native Americans believed Man had two minds, one in the head and one in the chest -the Wisdom of the Mind and the Wisdom of the Heart. The Eastern tradition of Yin and Yang, the balance of the feminine and the masculine energies is not a 50-50 split. As with the alkalinity/acid balance in the body, the balance should be two-thirds Heart (female, alkaline) to one-third Mind (masculine, acid). Heart without Mind is a doormat. Mind without Heart is cruel and ?heartless?.

The war going on in this corner of the Universe is all about the control of the Female energies of Creation (written out in at least one major religion). The Darkside knows that if it controls or at least suppresses this energy, that it will be able to control Mankind and all the other aspects of Creation for Mind is so much more easily controlled and programmed. Heart is too spontaneous to be regulated. It is the chaos factor, the flapping of the butterfly?s wings that can topple governments, nations, the New World Order, or even the Darkside itself. This is the simple message to be found in Madeline L?Engle?s classic children?s fantasy novel A Wrinkle in Time. It is not mind love that overcomes the Darkness in that story, it is the unconditional love of a child.

Aroma Siez and geranium -relaxers and revitalizers. The number of times I have to use the word RELAX in the healing room is uncountable for we live in a tense, mind-driven world where to relax and just be is unheard of. People tell me they ground by being out in nature but looking at what they do shows that they only run through nature or walk through nature, never stopping to just BE one with the nature which surrounds them. It is REVITALIZING to do that. It refreshes the Spirit and allows our Heart and our tired Mind to regenerate.
What I did to achieve so much of what I have come to in the past few years is just to surrender, to stop, relax, and just be who I already was. As long as we are seekers after wisdom and truth and knowledge and learning, we never will be all those amazing things that already lie within us. The Mind is a wonderful tool and without it I would not be a healer, a writer, a speaker, or much of anything else, but it was only because I had let Mind lead me for 47 years and screw up everything it tried to do, that I finally came to the point of one day surrendering. Since that day I have not read anything, been to any workshops, not prayed, or chanted, or meditated or done anything of a quote ?spiritual? nature for I already am spiritual, and nothing can ever make me less than that. And so are you.

(It is appropriate that this is my 50th personal article since beginning this phase of my work. I thank you all for your involvement with me in Life and this grandest of all adventures. And I thank the Hierarchy which has led me to this learning to be able to write this article with such understanding.