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vril in the amazon jungle
Vril in the Amazon Jungle

The Vril generator is a terminology used widely by energies
connected to the Luciferian forces. It is a power source vastly used
to work on rituals and auric improvement during the work they have
developed here on Earth [such as we recently diffused in near San
Diego , a vril weapon which threatened to destroy the female
vortexes of the Notrth American continent]. The energy is not dark
at all, but it was and still is easier for them to connect and to
work with or through.

The maleness of Vril resonates grandly with the male aspect of
Lucifer that has been causing the disruption of harmony throughout a
vast portion of the Universe.

In the Amazon Forest there are powerful establishments, as yet
undiscovered, from the times of Atlantis, and they remain to this
day in both a physical and non-physical sense as well. They work and
are mainly aligned with the Vril energy form, having establishments
in the underground, in cities and outposts on the pathway to Inner
Earth, and on the inner plane itself.

Vril is well used by the serpent people, and they are very present
in the Amazon Jungle, working on the Pyramids that remain there,
intact and out of reach of common men. To those who travel there in
their astral form, they usually mask themselves in a non-serpent
form so that they are associated with the New Age\'s friendly

There are also Grey bases there, some under serpent command and some
in an independent state - rebels to the serpent domination or from
their own space dominion. There is more than one strand of grey
beings there, and also some other species working with them that are
not aligned to the serpents.

The serpents, however, are the ones that hold control over the
powerful pyramids and ancient underwater temples of a very advanced
nature on the Amazon River.

There are the pyramids on a 3rd and 4th dimensional vibration
standing on the ground, and 4th/5th/ and even 6th dimensional level
pyramids above ground - floating on plasma surfaces engineered by
Atlantean scientists, connected to the ground network and working as
a transmitter from the World grid to ground level pyramid
facilities, much as Andre has drawn them existing on Kochab.
There are also pyramids on the inner plane that are linked to these
on the outer plane. There are research facilities underwater on the
Amazon River, working with dolphins and hybridization, along with
dolphin-consciousness exploitation. Exploitation so as to gain
knowledge from their advanced connection to the higher realms, and
their spiritual functions and how to emulate them in hybridized
organisms or newly engineered strands of biological races. The
underwater facilities belong to the Greys and there is little
reptilian presence on the river\'s depths. The greys\' facilities are
3rd dimensional, with some limited functions on the 4th dimensional
level [much as is the San Luis Valley facility]. The Reptilian
facilities are empty in the 3rd dimensional aspect - they are used
only on a 4th dimensional level, and are temples built underwater,
now filled with water as there are no more bubble shields to keep
them dry and operational.

The Blavatsky connection to Vril was complete on all levels of the
Brotherhood\'s work, they used this technology\'s energy as ground for
their spiritual activities.

When the Nazi\'s fell, they used their Vril -powered Saucers to come
to Amazon Vril facilities. After a while, some of the men and women
higher within the hierarchy – those with more Anunnaki blood - even
moved into the inner realm of the planet - their promised land of
the Aryans [as mentioned as a being a widely held theory among many
metaphysical groups—Peter]

They are able to contaminate the Grid, and control the energy around
the area where they have facilities, but they cannot control the
Inner Earth\'s heart. They can only influence it, but that energy is
usually healed and has only the cumulative effect built up with
other energies also sent to the Heart.

There is a Sphinx that was transferred to the Lizard hierarchy after
the Atlantean Sorcerers left. It is an energetic dome that exists on
a 4th through 7th dimensional frequency, and has a Crystal Merkaba
Heart within it.

On the 3rd dimensional level there is only a circle of stones above
and a little under the ground, in the forest. It has some stone
structures inside its circular area and in its middle. There are
very thick woods surrounding it, but almost no plants inside it,
though it is still covered by a ceiling of leaves from the trees
around it. It is considered by natives as a sacred ground which
holds within it the wisdom of the ancient Gods. Their wise men can
feel the energy of the place and some have traveled to other realms
with their physical bodies, even disappearing from the 3rd dimension
on occasion.

This sphinx is able to collect wisdom from the forest and transmit
information to the trees and animals, even to \'mind control\' them,
controlling their consciousness at a certain level. The wisdom they
keep can be used on so many levels that are still unknown even to
these lizard groups. The greys have no access to the Sphinx, they
lack the spiritual means to retrieve the information from it.

Many New Age prophets and organizations are now touting the vril and
Vril generators as the keys to all our problems, but it is terribly
unbalancing as it is simply one aspect of the Creator\'s energy, one
which, like the merkaba workshops designed to harness the innate
energy of this light-space vehicle, few humans can, at their present
level of spiritual growth, know how to handle. It is the old
Atlantean raping of the higher dimensional worlds all over again.
The following is for one such device and instruction:
\"Today people are looking for a path from their mortal capacity to
that of infinite immortal capacity. The VRIL generator provides a
link, a bridge, the conduit to a reality of higher supernatural
awareness, victory over self, and tappable source to the infinite
supply of positive energy - the very current that directs and moves
the planet Earth on its path through the universe.
\"The magnetic energy that is revealed through the power of the
connection of the VRIL Generator raises the electrical current of
the body\'s norm to a higher frequency allowing the user to
experience levels of exaltation and wisdom. The energy, the light
energy coming into the body through the use of the VRIL Generator
enlivens the constitution and awakens the cellular activity,
consistently opening the body to higher and higher levels of the
VRIL power. VRIL power is the essence of hidden energy in each and
everyone. It is the Shakti, the Kundalini refined, the essence of
Mother Earth – Gaia [untrue—Peter]. The Doorway to Shiva.
\"By the simple contact of the three fingers and thumb of the hand on
the VRIL Generator a transformer coil, an electrical connection is
formed. This transformer cycles and recycles life giving light
energy (VRIL) into the human body, awakening, realigning, balancing,
re-tuning and healing the physical at the deep chemical and atomic
levels. Through continual contact with the VRIL Generator the
amperage of light energy is increased over and over again. The body
human and the VRIL Generator coordinate a frequency that harmonizes
with the user, and allows the user to enter realms once
undiscovered. These realms we describe as the Subterranean Kingdoms
of Light, deep in the Crystalline Grid surrounding the Earth\'s Core.
Wherein lays the Supreme Center of Self, which coordinates, controls
and inspires life throughout the planet and to the Central Sun,
center of All Self Awareness in Immortal Consciousness. The Doorway
to Immortal Consciousness, One with Shiva, the mulit-dimensional

\"This contact of the three fingers and thumb is amplified by the
practice of deep breathing and concentration of the body on the
Third Eye Chakra. Also with the use of the practices described in
the following pages [here abbreviated to show the imbalance as
happens with many people lifting their kundalini unnaturally or at
a time when they are incapable of handling this life-changing force—