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walk away
Walk Away

(for Alicia and Lacey)

\"Sailing up a river in Egypt\" is what I\'ve always known it by. Most othe
rpeople know it as \'de-nial\'. It\'s the simplest way of getting out of
any self-responsibility for one\'s self or one\'s own healing, let alone
for the mission one came here to do.

In the healing room when someone slips into denial and starts saying
what the healer is seeing is their own problems not those of the client,
then the healing session ends because the client is in denial and not
wanting to deal with the issues Spirit is having brought out in the
healing session.

The first of any good 12-step program has something to do with the
patient/client admitting they have a probem that needs dealing with. If
someone does not admit to themselves and to the healer or helper that
they have this problem and are in need of some help with it, then the
healer/helper must walk away because any further effort expended to help
that person will all be in vain, and normally only be to the detriment
of both.

When one is running a bootcamp such as the spiritual bootcamp Guidance
has me running, more people use \'denial\' than any other excuse for not
graduating on into soemthing higher. It\'s rough going but the first 25
minutes of the movie, Full Metal Jacket, are well worth watching because
it allows one to understand that something there is that\'s been built up
in any one of us living so long in the Matrix, in normal society,
something that needs to be broken down before one can see more clearly
where the road leads. Without thsoe old patterns and preconcieved
notions (particularly of spirituality) being broken down or at least set
aside for now, then nothing new can enter, particularly something
outside the realm of what is taught in almost any earth religion or
spiritual path.

The client/patient/\'seeker\' MUST enter into a training program with the
understanding that what they have been programmed with is, for the most
part, a lie, and these lies need to be acknowledged, understood, and
while in that process must also be let go of so that something new can
enter, so thata new foundation based on the reality most people seem to
have tucked somewhere inside them, inside their hearts, can emerge. This
is explained very well in the introduction to Volume 1 of Where Were You
Before The Tree of Life? available at the website or in the Files
section of the group.

As I\'ve said a thousand times over the past dozen or so years, everyone
has at least one little part of the Matrix they wish to place aside and
say \'this is real\' but all the rest of the Matrix is a lie. They do not
see the intricacy of the lie they themesleves have bought into that not
some parts of the Matrix are a lie, but ALL the Matrix is a lie, and no
matter which way we turn while inside the Matrix we are only further
confronted with the inticate web so carefully spun over tens of
thousands of years to do what it has so successfully done, to keep us
all prisoners and slaves of those we call the darkside or the New World

For the most part, the war to save Creation and planet Earth have been
won. Now, as so wonderfully portrayed at the end of the movie,
Schindler\'s List, the mission or task for most all of us is to a) make
sure our own spiritual awareness is preserved and forwarded during this
unique time of planetary ascension; and b) to assist, free up, and help
educate as many as possible during this time of the true circumstances
of what\'s taking place so thata s manya s possible may be given the
opportunity to hop aboard the ascension ferry as it leaves for higher
and higher worlds, leaving behind the old remnants of a dying paradigm.

This is your mission now, this is my mission now, but when the person
you\'re dealing with shows the first signs of denial, save your breath
and save your energy for the millions more who need your help and may be
willing to hear what you have to say and simply walk away. Walk away with Love
and non-attachment because that is their free-will choice and their lesson, no
matter how long it takes them to learn it, but that has nothing to do with you,
so walk away and move on to the next person who needs your energies and your

With Love, in service, Peter