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War of the Worlds and the Coming Ascension Process 2006
War of the Worlds and the Coming Ascension Process 2006
By Peter Farley

War is not a human trait. It is a trait of our reptilian and alien
overlords, and like the Sicilian night of the Vespers, it is quickly
coming time for Humanity and its strange bedfellows to tell our
overlords ?Enough!
Even President Eisenhower tried to warn us of the potential
catastrophe awaiting Mankind should things continue on as they were
going from his 50s viewpoint, though it is obviously not to the
academics, the scientists, and the military or political leaders
that Eisenhower thinks we should turn for some solution:
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired
signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are
not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
"This world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the
sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of
its children. The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern
brick school in more than thirty cities?We pay for a single
destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than eight
thousand people.
"This, I repeat, is the best way of life to be found on the road the
world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true
sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging
from a cross of iron?"
Hanging from a cross of iron, sacrificed to the desires of the
Sirian-Orion and reptilian minority, we now wait . . . deciding once
again should we fight for our final freedom or remain enslaved,
servants to those who stripped us of our rightful spiritual
The scientists are those whose research is supported by grants from
the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and chemical industries, and in
turn supports the alien agenda of control upon the planet,
destroying the very environment that supports us. It is also not to
the military-industrial complex that we should turn, those
warmongers Eisenhower warned us about in his final speech in office.
This is the same military-industrial complex that has now
metastasized into a military-industrial-educational-governmental
complex that spreads its hydra-heads to oversee and control every
single aspect of our lives.
Should things be allowed to continue on the way they have been going
but at an ever-accelerating rate as has been happening over the past
thirty years, this planet will not be inhabitable for human beings
at any level of existence in the very apparent future.
But who is to blame for our lethargy and malaise? Are we? Having
been in the healing field now for a number of years I have seen the
many ways in which people are controlled through implants and
thought-forms, and even by such methods as alien energy forms in our
food. Along with these go the all too familiar and also very
effective means of peer pressure, media programming, and government
No one knows better than I how difficult it is to go up against
thousands of years of programming, thought-forms that span an eon,
and a society that makes it acceptable to have free sex and do drugs
or become legally addicted to alcohol or prescriptions.
I know none of it is easy, and to make matters worse, most of us
don't even have much of a choice anymore since our higher self isn't
even in our bodies anymore, as the Nine explain here in The Only
Planet of Choice:
"How could you ever be expected to understand your own duality...the
fact that you are split? There is a part of you that does not reside
(in you) right now. There is a part of you, which we call
the ´higher self' which is stored elsewhere...Now they are stored in
the grid system [of the planet] itself.
"The energy of your own essence, which is your higher self, is
represented as liquid light...flowing into your humanness as you
take your permission is granted for you to do so...and
you pull on the energy of the grid system...The more enlightenment
you allow yourself to have, and create for yourself, the more you
draw from the grid."
It is all a struggle but it is a struggle we all must make or perish
through lack of trying.
Learning a divination skill is one thing I have found that helps
until one rescues their Higher Self and fuses the entirety of one's
Being back together again. This understanding of divination becomes
absolutely essential for the attainment of mastery or to be able to
follow one's guidance at the kind of moment-to-moment level that
will get one 'safely' through the coming days and create the
necessary changes.
Listening to one's guidance, surrender to one's higher self (as one
is able to access it) and to the true spiritual powers who work with
Man, can lift a person's vibration incredibly--'lighting' it up and
allowing that person to enter into a whole new space/time continuum.
Density is the key to actual measured mass and dimensional
existence. This is the secret behind the alchemical reaction of the
drug used by the Illuminati?monatomic gold?which,
while 'disappearing' in the reaction created, releases great amounts
of Light that can either heal a person's Lightbody of its dis-eases
or lift it into higher dimensional states of Being. This is why the
pursuit of gold has been at the very heart of Mankind's history for
so, so very long.
Most of the Universe is made up of elements that support a simple
size/density ratio. This is what is meant when discussing the
compactness of the atoms within an element. Our observations,
however, are restricted to our own time-frame and our own
mass/density ratio or vibration. Hence the inability of most people
to see extra-dimensional beings and energies which exist on a finer
or even much denser dimensional level.
Soul and the spiritual ascension process, both of the individual and
of the entire planet, is based on just such small particle
mechanics. Creation works on strict principles that cannot be
ignored but certainly can be manipulated with an understanding of
how vibration works through the power of intent.
Electricity and Magnetics, the male and female aspects of the
electromagnetic energy of Creation, play a critical part in
determining the real attributes of a mass. It is the magnetic
variables?the feminine or heart principle?working within the very
small particles which creates the density of an object and also its
time frame as well! So too is it with each and every cell of the
human body and its etheric energies.
Polarization of the atoms of the body through the balancing of
frequencies of these male and female aspects can make all things
possible in terms of healing since it brings all the various aspects
of our Being into alignment with our Higher Purpose. This is what is
termed the power of intent.
Can you imagine an object with zero density?no matter what the size?
Very little in the universe exists in this condition except Soul,
though an artificial state such as this can be created.
A truly massless object no longer obeys the laws of our time-frame
physics, just as a highly developed Soul is able to manipulate its
own circumstances and surroundings. Therefore, as we 'lighten our
load' so to speak, we can move into and through the ascension
process any day we choose. Wild starts and stops, speed and turns,
are all well within the realm of a massless object, since it creates
its own energy influence.
Because of the very slight time displacement created, a massless
object also tends to change the number of electrons within the atoms
directly in contact with it. This is how to detect a massless
object, even if you can't see it, and explains what people see as
shape-shifting reptilians David Icke describes. My friend Lindsey
sees these energies surrounding dimensional Beings in her presence
rather than the Being Itself.
This should also now explain to you the magnetic anomalies
surrounding the UFO experiences that have been documented. It also
helps us understand how it is we feel the energies of other
dimensional Beings even though we may not have extra-dimensional
Darkness and denseness are one and the same?but have little or
nothing to do with the color of a person's skin. A Black Hole allows
no Light to escape its confines precisely because it is so dense. A
person who is spiritually aware is by nature 'lighter' or less dense
than one who is of a lower level of awareness. They walk more
lightly, they 'feel' lighter to the touch and to the energies in the
room surrounding them?precisely why we use the terminology 'light'
to also apply to weight as well as to brightness. This is how we may
perceive the people with whom we interact and more particularly, how
we can determine the true nature of the men and women with whom we
work, and those we choose to lead us, both now and in the future,
Dark people just feel dark, even if we do not fully comprehend why.
As Mildred Mann says, "If your intuition is strong enough for you to
get that feeling, then you know what is the truth." We must all
learn to trust and enhance this natural God-given instinct.
Things that create darkness and a heavier density are the things
that will keep us out of ascension.

"In mastering the addictions in the ascent, one must be willing to
cease drinking or smoking or utilizing the drugs associated with
addiction. This may be difficult for many humans, and yet such
substances continue to kill the form when used in an addictive
manner. Smoking either nicotine or pot in particular causes the
combustion of the lungs. The lungs must modify themselves through
ascension to ingest greater and greater amounts of oxygen through
the breath to be converted to blood sugar to support the crystalline
form. We have seen initiates fail to master anything due to an
unwillingness to give up smoking. Such a cease-ascension is simply
due to the lack of development of lungs that is required to support
an ascending form. Cease to smoke and the ascension is much more
likely to come forth."

Lighten your load and you will ´lighten' your life. Ascension will
then be here and now beneath your very feet as you walk the path of
spiritual service and illumination.