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War update
Tue Apr 4, 2006 11:38 am
Subject: Peter on the East Coast/update on the war

Dear friends, Yesterday I arrived in Washington, DC and all points
East after being chased by a few tornados through Kansas and Missouri and
Indiana and a blizzard here in PA today but all is well. Especially all is well
because I got to shut down the beginning triggering of the New Jerusalem template (at the St. Louis Archway) which would have begun April 4th (my b'day *Smile) and gone on for the next year ending with the Mormon Temple in Salt
Lake City about a year from now. Along the way, and in DC, Newark NJ,
and other major grid points along the way there was also grid work that will
help the forces of Light. Since the mind of mankind (and womankind) will not
change the grid system may be the only way to help us all through. The next article we have readying describes the effects of the opening of these portals and the New Jerusalem template should it not be defused or turned toward use
by the forces of the Light.

With this event the chances for the survival of planet Earth shot
up from hovering between 20-30 % to about 60 %. Still there is much
more work to do and all of you are needed. I CANNOT do this all
alone. Please . . .

Also in the apat few weeks I got to free up a soul that had been
trapped for eons by the darkside, the bravest soul I have or will evr know.
Leaving San Diego this weekend I felt the pain of all warriors leaving behind
something they love and cherish to go off and fight a war from which they do not know if they will return, or if that thing they cherish so much will be there when and if they return. I blame no one for not getting up to fight, the pain is too great, but if we can save our loved ones from one more day of imprisonment and pain, I will fight with every last ounce of Light and Sound I have to make that event happen. What about you?

Don't forget Alllentown PA this Saturday, Atlanta April 23-24 and
hopefully many other places very very soon including back to San Diego.
Love you all, there is amazing work taking place. Peter